‘American Idol’ — Racial Suit Dismissed, You Snooze You Lose, Judge Says

“American Idol” is NOT racist against Black contestants — the lawsuit filed by 10 former Idol wannabes who claimed they were cut over race … has been dismissed, but mostly on a technicality.TMZ broke the story … the contestants claimed “Idol”…


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Here’s to you…Mike Nichols, director of The Graduate

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Probably no film in the long career of director Mike Nichols was as beloved as The Graduate, made in 1967.
It was almost the very first film he ever made.
But, as the news spreads that Nichols has died age 83, it is worth remembering that he directed a number of classic movies, Catch-22, Primary Colors and Working Girl among them.
Without him, the cinema of the last 50 years would have been very different…

Escape from Germany
Born Mikhail Peschekowsky to a Jewish family in Germany in 1931, the future film director’s life was in danger from a very early stage.
In 1933, Hitler came to power in Germany.
Facing persecution, like many Jews, the family fled Nazi Germany, settling in New York in 1939.
Like many future