Bill Cosby Asks Reporter to Edit Out His Response to Rape Allegations

The Associated Press released a Bill Cosby interview conducted on Nov. 6 in Washington D.C. where the reporter asks him about “long circulated” rape allegations and recent criticism from comedian Hannibal Buress in his stand-up routine. Unlike his NPR Weekend Edition interview where he remained silent and shook his head when asked about the claims, Cosby does respond to the question. “I have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding this comedian,” the reporter says. “I just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all as to whether any of that is true.”  “There’s no response,” the 77-year-old Cosby Show star says in the footage released on Wednesday. “There is no comment about that. And I’ll tell you why, I don’t want to compromise your integrity, but I don’t talk about it.”

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Mel B heading back to her roots as she lands a special cameo in Coronation Street (again!)

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Mel B has signed on to America’s Got Talent (Picture: PA)
Mel B is returning to her roots by heading back to the cobbles for a cameo role in Coronation Street.
She first starred in the ITV soap 21 years ago – just one year before she shot to fame in the Spice Girls.
Playing shop worker Amy Nelson, Mel had the brief role in 1993 but this role, for ITV’s charity appeal Text Santa, will see her in a very different role.
An insider told The Sun: ‘It is a cameo but she will be playing a character who isn’t connected to her personally.
‘It will be Mel — but not as we have seen her before. It is fair to say there will