Joan Collins discusses rape aged 17 for the first time

Joan Collins has frankly spoken about her rape attack for the very first time [Splash]
Dynasty actress reveals she was drugged and attacked in new documentary, Brave Miss World

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Reporter takes a flying skateboard to the head on live TV, lives to tell the tale

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We all know live TV can be a risky business, but this particular clip takes its perilous nature to a whole new level.
It sees Australian reporter Mike Amor – who is US correspondent for the country’s Seven network – broadcasting live and direct from a skate park in Los Angeles.
At first everything seemed to be going fine as he launched in to a report about skateboarding – with one boarder showing off their moves in the background.
And then this happened:

Ouch. With bells on.
Fortunately – after the initial shock – Amor wasn’t seriously injured, suffering only a bit of a bump.
Presenters on the Sunrise show later pointed out that he was simply clonked on the head by the skateboard rather than its rider – although their