George Clooney Eats in Bed — And His Wife is Furious Because It Isn’t Her That He’s Eating

The actor, who you wouldn't kick out of bed for getting crumbs between the sheets, likes to chow down in the middle of the night.. but there's nothing fishy about it, and that's why his wife is not amused. NOT AMUSED AT ALL

GEORGE Clooney has been eating in bed — and his new wife, Amal Alamuddin, is furious.

She’s furious, I’m guessing, because it’s not her that’s being eaten.

“Like lots of guys, George loves munching tasty treats at bedtime,” a source said.

“But he’s whining to pals that Amal’s acting downright appalled by what she calls his ‘nasty habit.’”

The source says Clooney is hiding snacks in the bathroom cabinets and closets!

Meanwhile, Amal is said to be jealous of George’s friendship with Cindy Crawford.

“Amal wants to know she’s the only one in George’s life and will be forever,” an insider dished.

“Part of it is his notorious life as a bachelor, part of it is how close he is with Cindy and part of it has to do with Cindy Crawford herself.

“I mean, what woman wouldn’t be at least a little threatened by someone like her?”

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  • party animal – not!

    What a load of lies written by His Nibs’ incompetent PR.
    He never even sleeps with the castrated Arab horse, let alone share beds with her. His Nibs spends more time with his gay Cuban hairdresser eating greasy burgers & drinking beer than the ugly anorexic beard hired to be the “wife.”

    • sillybilly

      It all seems to be getting really low level and sadly these days whatever you read always has some truth in it.. this is not the PR one would expect for any sort of serious political career surely the trashy stuff comes after not before entering office..PR people you all need the sack..and not one filled with Christmas presents..(unless of course there is a hidden agenda which will as always unfold)..

      • Way2Old4Dis

        He’s not going into politics. The whole purpose of this ridiculous marital arrangement to the grotesque tranny Amal Alamuddin was to promote the fake Hollywood liberal narrative that a cultural icon like George Clooney habors no bigotry against Islamic Arabs.
        IOW, “Americans have no problem against Arab Muslims,…yet ISIL attacks Americans.”
        His handlers decided to find him a PR bride.
        Just like Tom Cruise had his fake marriages.

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