OMG! Prince Harry Has a New Girlfriend — And She’s Older and Richer Than he is!

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PRINCE Harry has finally bagged himself a new girlfriend… and she’s a little bit older than the British royal.

And, unlike the 30-year-old’s previous conquests — students and social-climbers — this lady is a VERY successful businesswoman.

But they’re keeping the whole thing on the quiet, because the lady in question — she runs her own company — doesn’t the romance to bring attention to her business.

“Harry has a new girlfriend,” said one insider. “And she is no dumb blonde.

“She’s a smart, successful businesswoman, who’s slightly older than Harry. She’s 31.

“But they’re keeping the whole thing under wraps. And it’s her choosing. They’re seeing how things go; she doesn’t want any unnecessary publicity should the romance fizzle out.

“Harry has really grown up, and this lady is giving him a real run for his money!”

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