Lynne Spears' Movie Memoir

October 15, 2008 by dino

Britney Spears’ mom is in talks to bring her controversial book to the big screen, according to reports.

Lynne Spears believes Through The Storm — which details Britney’s troubles with drink, drugs and teenage sex — would be a box office smash.

Scary Movie star Anna Faris has apparently been lined up to play Britney and Lynne has Julia Roberts in mind to play the part of her.

A source says, “She’s pitching the book around to studios.

“She even says she wants Julia Roberts to play her. It’s insane!”

But Britney — who is due to release her sixth studio album, Circus, in December — is said to be furious at Lynne’s plans — and has accused her mother of cashing in on her problems.

The source added, “Britney is telling friends, ‘That woman doesn’t even seem like my mother any more. She will do anything to get herself more famous and make more money off my name. It’s just unreal. If I could cut her out my life completely, I would.’”

A rep for Britney was yet to comment on the reports as Fame went to press.

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