Robert Pattinson's Date Struggle

November 29, 2008 by dino

Robert Pattinson struggles to find dates.

The British actor – who stars in hit new movie Twilight – says he is not making the most of his celebrity status and dating hundreds of hot women that fancy him.

He explains, “I am single at the moment but I read stories in the magazines and papers that I am dating so and so or I am dating so and so. But it’s not true. But they are very good guesses because I always fancy the girl they pair me up with.

“I’m hoping it’s the girl herself who has made it up – then I’m in with a real chance. Maybe I should start getting in contact with them.”


  • Ramona

    He needs a girlfriend who he can be friends with first and then intimate.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…he cut and washed his hair.

  • lina

    Wow! He looks really good! I think its realy sweet nthat he’s not taking advantage of all he frenzy, seems like he’s an old soul…

  • 2BFree

    He seems genuine, sweet, deep, honest, talented, mysterious, and everything a girl would dream of, but… is he the real deal, and is all of the fame eventually going to ruin the “real” Rob, going to his head, becoming arrogent, and snobbish, wanting nothing less than the best, and lots of it, like most actors that experience this kind of fame, . Especially since he is so young yet. I surely hope not, honestly, but we will have to wait and see, but I wish him happiness.

  • pinkcandles

    that is an older picture of Rob. it was taken a few years ago when he filmed the tv movie, “The Haunted Airman” for the BBC.

  • she runs wih vampires

    He’s only 22 years old. Is it so important that he is dating or not? Maybe he is comfortable being a bachelor, it has to be the biggest turn-on to know that women of all ages, shapes, creeds are oggling and dreaming about him. He’s been so busy promoting this movie, then he’s got the Salvador movie right after and the Dennis Hopper thing and finally if…. New Moon will start filming. So When would he date if he was dating?

  • Anonymous

    He seems like he would make a good boyfriend. Stephenie mentioned that Rob wouldn’t be a good boyfriend and Rob knows what she meant by that. However, it takes a lot of work just to find the right type of girl to date these days. Rob being busy as he is, where does he have time to date? I do hope that one day he does find his soul mate to share in his success. I give him ten years, I’ll check back in ten years.

  • J.

    Robert write to me

  • Casie Layne

    I will date you Rob!!!! Give me a shout and we will give it a go…
    There is a plus I am nice, sensitive, hot, shy, though I am not a big partier so I don’t know how that will go I hate alcohol and smoke…..But other then that we are all good…..