Robert Pattinson: 'People Want me to Kill Them'

December 20, 2008 by dino

Robert Pattinson is freaked out by his newfound fame – especially when his fans ask him to bite them.

The British actor plays Edward Cullen in new vampire flick Twilight.

But Robert isn’t always comfortable with some of the attention he receives.

He says, “I have been propositioned by all ages, which is a little freaky. A lot of older women especially, which I am definitely happy with. I mean, people want me to kill them and are asking me to bite their neck.

“I was with a whole bunch of teenage girls yesterday and they were saying ‘Bite me please!’

“I’m still waiting for the snuggles. I just constantly get people saying ‘Bite me, bite me, bite me’ and I have to tell them ‘Look I can’t bite you because it will hurt.”


  • lvtiggr26

    I’m not interested in being bitten, but would definitely be interested in snuggling!