Sandra Bullock in Talks For New Speed Film?

January 8, 2009 by dino

Sandra Bullock is being tempted to make a new Speed movie, according to reports.

The Hollywood superstar has reportedly been approached by movie bosses to reprise her role as Annie Porter in the high-octane film franchise.

A source says, “Producers are looking at a lot of old franchises in order to secure box office hits and Speed is just one of those.

“Sandra is still a popular star and another Speed movie is there for her should she want to do it. It would be a modern twist on the old theme.”

But the chances of Bullock being reunited with her close friend and former Speed co-star Keanu Reeves seem unlikely. “It doesn’t look hopeful but if anyone could persuade him it would be Sandra,” the source said.

Speed was released in 1994; and was followed by Speed 2: Cruise Control in 1997.