Pattinson: 'Stewart is an Amazing Actress'

January 19, 2009 by dino

Robert Pattinson has heaped praise on his Twilight costar Emily Stewart – insisting she is an “amazing” actress.

The hunky British actor – who plays Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer novel – says Stewart was one of the reasons he wanted to star in the vampire franchise.

He explains, “I think Kristen is amazing! She’s going to be the best film actress.

“I think she’s the most exciting actress of her group of actresses.

“She’s pretty much the main reason why I wanted to do this [Twilight].”

Asked what vampire skill he would love to have, Pattinson, 22, said, “I was thinking I’d like to have a suit for jumping.

“That’d be quite cool if I could jump really high.

“I’d be jumping around all the time. I’d probably get bored of it after a while!”