Robert Pattinson's Acting Embarrassment

January 30, 2009 by dino

Robert Pattinson is “embarrassed” to admit he’s an actor.

The British star -  who plays hunky vampire Edward Cullen in the recent Twilight film and its upcoming sequel New Moon (it has a tentative release date of November 20, 2009) – admits he lies about his profession in case people think he’s cheesy.

Pattinson explains, “Acting is something I’m very serious about, and that’s why I chose it

“[But] I’m still embarrassed to say I’m an actor because it’s kinda cheesy, so I prefer to say I do something else.

“I don’t like the word ‘acting’. I prefer the word ‘creating,’ because I want to build a character with an idea that turns into something that people will remember.

“In every job that I’ve done, I’ve put something of my life into it, I try to add my life into the movie. Every period of my life in which I’ve played a different character, I’ve been a different person.”


  • bella

    rob i think you are a fantastic actor and you played the part of edward amazingly. you must have studied the character really carefully to play that part so convincingly! i cant wait for new moon!
    good luck and god bless xx

  • lolawoodfield

    i totally agree with everything that person said and i think that if one star stood up for themselves a lot more stars would back them up and agree so then maybe these mad fans would have to think a bit about how they have been and would re consider their behaviour

  • talya

    i have like ten of your sites bookmarked and have pictures of you everywhere well that sounds kind of creepy…… but what ever. The point is how can you not like saying your an actor, we all love you and iv seen twilight 2 and want to see it again your awesome at acting plus you are perfect for Edward you are what i pictured for Edward and your my favorite actor 2 i cant wait for new moon! i want to see how go it will be good luck rob

  • Jes

    alot of these people are right. acting and being a star might sound galmourous but all we see is the good side. we dont see the screaming fan and the teeny boppers whp claim to be in love with you because often or not we’ve been one of them. i think that in some cases its a good thing to lie about this sort of profession it all depends on how you look at things. rob i think you are a brillent and amazing person. you’ve been blessed with many gifts and a great personality. you should never be ashamed of what you do or who you are. who cares if a small group of people dont like you? its gaurentied that millions of others do.
    ciao Jes

  • Anonymous

    You are such a good actor Rob! I am so glad that you played Edward Cullen. You portrayed him exactly as I had imagined him. I can’t wait to see some more of your Twilight works and some of your other films. Even though you don’t consider yourself a role model, I just wanted to let you know that you are my role model. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see your creation in New Moon! :D

  • Kiwi Twi Fan

    Robert is so inspiring, and I love how he puts everything into a role. He literally makes me speechless.

    Lost of love from New Zealand<3

  • imarryedwardcullen

    i think tht is really deep. its cool to know tht rob is a real person and no some actor trying to b something he is not. its really amazing tht he is not afaid to b himself and tell people straight up who he really his and where he comes from.

  • chloe k

    Rob i think you portrayed the carachter edward better than anyone could have! you were made for the part, so keep up the good “creating” as you would say and ur very talented so i hope too see you in some other upcoming movies! especially new moon (im a massive twilight fan!) good luck for the future. ~chloe Kerlidi

  • Dan

    u r amazing and fit

  • Jaza

    Hey Rob u dont have 2 be embarrassed if ur an Actor i mean what’s so embarrassing about that? FYI i luv u and im a big fan of u

  • Laura Uley

    i love you!!!!! you are (literally) the <3edward<3 to my bella. and the cheese to my macaroni, the peanutbutter to my jelly, the spots to my cow, the pepperoni to my pizza,the romeo to my juliett, the hole to my doughnut (hey i spelled it all british-like) and the center of my world. I LOVE YOU, SPUNK RANSOM!!!!! i think you're amazing for 'creating' your character with a bit of you in it, it's pure genius. i used to be obsessed with harry potter, but when i read twilight, i got attatched. and then when i heard that you were playing my favorite character, my crush beyond belief, someone my current boyfriend gets jealous of, i screamed and jumped and bought tickets to the premere. you're an amazing role model and im naming my kid after you!!!!!! i watched goblet of fire over and over again. do you know which part i watched over and over? the part where u (cedric) jumped out of the tree. my friends and i all screamed. then when you put ur name into the goblet, we froze the scene right when you smiled and were real real happyful. then when u died, we all cried. i literally burst into tears and rewound the movie so u would be alive again. and u know what? i have a twilight fanfic and my character is laura uley. it happens like eighty years after twilight takes place and i have a bf. his name is russel. wild vampire people come to forks and the cullens tell them to back off. they dont and the cullens battle and burn them and then russel stumbles into the fire. bella runs back to save him and finds out that he looks exactly like edward, with the green eyes he had had and everything. then edward saves him because bella cant bear to let him die and laura goes to the cullens to ask for help because russel went 'missing' and then she sees hes a vampire. she lives on the quileute reservation and then the shock of seeing her love as a vampire and because the vampires are in town she turns into a werewolf. then russel barely doesnt kill her and they move to alaska so that edward and bella can eat penguins. lovely. except they dont, they move to san fransisco. then they meet a chick named macie and she's all 'SUICIDAL> SUICIDAL! (ya know the song? ya whatevers) and then carlisle saves her but the HIlarious thing is that her name is Macie Addison Carlisle. haha funny rite? ha ya so yep. and edward doesnt like russel. but ya. and im majorly jealous bcuz i also have a hp fanfic with my two friends and one of the characters is named Alex (she’s the minister’s daughter) and she gets to date u!!!! and the friend (different one) sitting next to me has a character named madelyn and SHE gets to date u too! (if you couldnt tell im talking about u as in cedric). and im like rly mad bcuz i want to date u as in cedric but my person isnt rly ur type. her names katie and she plays quidditch!!!! she runs into u in the match u guys won in the storm, remember? i mean, it ddnt happen that she ran into u in the movie, but the stormy match thing was there. and she ran into u in my story and ur muscular-y-ness gave her a concussion. it was funny. ur hawt.

  • Andrea

    Rob I think you sound like a great guy and a great actor. You bring alot to your roles and I enjoy them . That is why I think that is why you have the fans you do . becuase your really in who you are and what you are .
    xoxox may you have all your blessings

  • Small town girl

    I agree completely with the above comment. I think that is hilarious to say that you are in-love with someone that you have never met. While your favorite actor or actress may be a great person. You really have no idea, bc like the comment above states, they are strangers. You know what their publisists wants you to know. Lets all remember that the human beings that you are so “in-love” with acts for a living. They could say anything in an interview and most people would believe it b/c it came from that actual person. Actors lie too..

    If I was famous I would be very private about my life, even if that meant lying to protect myself. They have to be nice to fans. When they say that they don’t mind you interrupting their evening with friends or family. It’s most likely a lie! Marshall Mathers is the one person that I have actually seen proof of saying that he doesn’t owe his fans anything, and do not come up and ask for his autograph when he is out with his little girl. Kudos to him. More stars should be that way.

    Poor Robert Pattinson had a stalker basically living outside of his apartment. I would be freaked, no wonder they have so many body guards. People are crazy and note to all Twilight fans: Give them a break, they are only human. While, yes the book series and the movie is truly amazing. The actors are very talented, but that is not why they have such a huge fan base.

    Anyways, I have said all of that, which brings me to the conclusion of this. We all make the common mistake of beliving the actor is the character they play. While Robert Pattinson is extremely dreamy, but he is not Edward Cullen. He did play Edward Cullen well, brought him to life on the screen. The truth is that Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson are totally differnt. Robert Pattinson is an actual human. He lives, breathes, eats and goes into the sun, I’m sure. While, Edward Cullen is a fictional character Stephanie Meyer, God Bless her, made up. Plese seperate the two, And leave the cast to rest in peace. PLEASE! Be mindful and put yourself in their shoes.

  • Anonymous2

    I adore you and am looking forward to watching you in other movies. PS I think you have a reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllly sexy voice.

  • Angey

    Just tell people you’re god: you know a Creater/Creator! Haa I’m still the smartass!

  • Cristie Carlisle

    Dear Rob, I think it is soooooooooo cool that you try to create the character you play by adding things from your life.And honestly I think your method works Briliantly, because the way you played Edward was very convincing. love you, Cristie Carlisle

  • Future Mrs Pattinson

    wow your really professional! Fan of twilight!! Good luck 4 the future

  • Midori

    Just the thought of putting part of you in everything you’ve done is a brilliant idea. In years to come, you would have compiled your life’s work. Good luck to your future!

  • Mackenzie Meredith

    I have never known such a creater as you like to put it.honsetly,I’ve never known somome to put so much of how they are into their would be amazing to
    meet you. To see your whole personality and see how much you are alike to your charcter. I wish you the best of luck for your future,I hope that all your movies can be as big of a success as Twilight. Maybe not all the screaming girls,it may be a little loud.Good luck,and may god be with you.

  • Mackenzie Meredith

    I have never known such a creater as you like to put it.honsetly,I’ve never known somome to put so much of how they are into their would be amazing to
    meet you. To see your whole personality and see how much you are alike to your charcter. I wish you the best of luck for your future,I hope that all your movies can be as big of a success as Twilight. Maybe not all the screaming girls,it may be a little loud.Good luck,and may god be with you.

  • ummm….

    Imagine sitting with one of your best friends at dinner in an ordinary restaurant. You are gazing over the menu, casually chatting when all of a sudden you hear an atmosphere piercing set of screams. Out of the corner of your eye flashes of colour start to descend onto your once quiet booth. Your table is nearly knocked over and glasses slosh their contents all over the linens. All you can hear now is a repetitious sound a bit like water falling over rocks in a constant high pitch drone. The sound makes no sense except for the occasional uncontrollable laugh or sob. You finally focus your eyes and realize it’s happened again. Sighing, you sit back as far as your bench will allow and wait for the pandemonium to end– but deep down you concede that your meal has just been ruined. All you can do now is wait for the raging wave of hormones to ebb so you and your friend can quickly take your leave. It will be take away for supper yet again.

    On another occasion imagine walking with the same friend down a fairly busy Manhattan sidewalk on a clear Sunday afternoon. Knowing your chances of being unnoticed are slim, you constantly sweep your eyes from side to side waiting for the onslaught. Your friend feels your tension and tries to comfort you, but it is useless– you both know its only a matter of time until someone realizes… until someone makes the connection. You reluctantly stop at a corner news-stand for a newspaper and no less than four magazines line the racks with an all too familiar face. The same face that is standing beside you. You breath heavily remembering a time when it wasn’t so hard to just enjoy a Sunday afternoon with your friend. Then it happens. “OH-MY-GA!!!! IT’S HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH-MY-GA-OH-MY-GA-OH-MY-GA-OH-MY-GA!!!” Suddenly you are violently pushed to the side as five girls start to scream and throw themselves at your friend while he grudgingly, yet politely, tries to keep them calm by signing autographs and taking photos– all the while protecting you with his frame. It’s another hour before you make it back to his flat just around the block.

    It’s a battle- a struggle- to not let fanatics ruin your friendship. You can go nowhere, do nothing together where you aren’t bombarded with screaming- albeit adoring- fans who will ‘just die if they don’t get a picture with him’. Often they go to such extreme lengths just to make contact that you honestly question his safety… and your own. Sometimes, the truly observant fan will realize you are company to their object of desire and jump to the “obvious” conclusion that you are in some way a hindrance to their master plan of love, life and happiness with your friend. They cast their eyes over you, with venom in their stare, and if looks could kill you would have been turned to dust a hundred times over by now. You know from experience this is why your friend nonchalantly guards you with his body or makes as little eye contact with you as possible when he is accosted while you are together. It just makes it easier to deal with masses. Then there are the rare, but truly frightening, fans who follow your friend’s life so closely, through fan sites and obsessive blogs, they often know intimate details about him. When they “happen” upon him some place, they speak as if they have known him all their life. They are suddenly members of his gym, frequent the same coffee shop as him or even go as far as to move to the same part of town he lives in, literally just down the street. It really sobers you as you realize overly-obsessive fans are a reality and whether they intend harm or not, their presence puts you on a constant edge of worry.

    “Well they’re the star. If they don’t like the spot light, then they shouldn’t [insert verb here].” “They need to appreciate us fans; we are who puts them where they are.” Is this really how such fans rationalize their behavior now days? Is it because they can’t fathom putting themselves into the places of their idols? Have they lost all comprehension of personal space or public behavior? Or worse, were they never taught these essential skills in life? Instead of admiring from a respectful distance, these fans have taken it upon themselves to invade the personal spaces of strangers at any given chance. It’s an epidemic. A disease of inconsideration and blatant disrespect. To sugar coat it any other way is to dilute its reality and allow for more and more brazen attitudes to develop.

    At one point I’d hoped this phenomena had run its course. After years of invasions and intrusions, my friend, thankfully, doesn’t get mobbed like he once did. His life is some-what easier for him now; he’s even started dating again. Since I was only touched with such insanity through my friend’s life, I allowed myself to believe fan frenzies were just a temporary laps in collective judgment; that these types of fans were a fluke. It was not until I read a head-line story about a mob of Twilight fans stampeding a mall for a meet and greet did I realize how dreadfully wrong I was. I had no idea this type of over-zealous behavior spilled into all forms of entertainment. I now see no star is ever really immune to such obsession.

    I’ve since read other accounts of such “fan devotion” and I can’t help but remain abjectly horrified. I truly feel pity for the Twilight cast. Every movement of their lives is up for scrutiny and not a public breath can be drawn where these actors aren’t mauled either by fans or for the fan’s benefit. Where is the line drawn? When does common decency and public decorum become propriety once more? If the tables were turned on them, I am most sure such fans would quickly change their tunes about invading the lives of people they really don’t know. If their lives, or the lives of their family, were to be constantly assaulted by strangers, how would these same fans feel? Would they demand the respect and consideration they deny their beloved idols? I am sure most would be quiet put out to be considered nothing but meat on display by people who don’t know them. No, dedication to a craft is one thing. Admiring someone for their talent is another, but it really is none of your business if Rob Pattinson is dating anyone or if Kristen Stewart is getting enough sleep. Accosting these actors on the street for photos and autographs while screaming and crying is unacceptable behavior. Tracking them down to hopefully “run into them at a club” is just as creepy as conversing on a message board about whether or not Rob would date [insert random fan-a-tic here]. Now, Lord knows I’ve camped out for my fair share of concert tickets and I’ve traveled the world following music tours of my favourite bands, but never in my life would I invade the private life of a complete stranger: and lets face it, these people are, in fact, complete strangers to their fans.

    What will it take for this madness to end? Will someone have to be severely hurt, or worse? Who will step forward and demand respect for these peoples’ rights? It is no wonder so many stars turn to isolation or become apathetic toward their fan-base. It doesn’t surprise me in the least when I eventually hear about a star losing interest in public appearances– would you put yourself under the same scrutiny? It is time that fans get a hold on themselves. Exercise a little restraint and respect. If you want to see your favourite star, go to the cinema or open a magazine. Just because your idol happens to be walking on the street or sitting in a restaurant, that does not give you the right to force them into contact with you. By doing so, in the end, you only give yourself a bad image and are made fun of viciously once you’ve gone; and really who wants that?

  • Anonymoussssssssss

    He’s so adorable. I love Rob.

  • Ragina

    the message above is correct. you shouldnt invade someone’s privacy like that. i dont think this is fair to the stars that we love. By giving them their privacy, you can make their life a lot better. Screaming and freaking out when noticing a star is not the right way to go and it just makes them hate their fans more. honestly, i dont want to be hated by the once i love, so please give them their privacy. By the way Robert, what you said about creating your character from your personal life is a genius idea. This gives your acting another dimension to who your character is. I think you are very talented and i love you for that. You are doing a great job and keep it up. i hope that you obtain success in whatever you do and may god help you.

  • Nina

    Robert – I thought you were fantastic in Twilight. You made Edward’s character truly believable. I was stuck by your aura and felt saddaned when the film finished. You are a natural. Good luck with everything you do. Best wishes Nina x