Moss Wants to Give up Smoking

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kate Moss wants to give up smoking.

The British supermodel is keen to ditch the cigarettes now she’s turned 35 – and is looking into alternative therapies to help her beat her addiction, according to the Sunday Mirror.

A source says, “Kate’s worried about getting wrinkle lines and she’s so determined to kick the habit she has banned all her friends from smoking anywhere near her.”

It was recently claimed that Kate – who is currently dating The Kills rocker Jamie Hince – was planning to launch an acting career alongside her modeling.

A source said, “She’s always had dreams of acting. Kate’s nervous but feels, with the right backing, she can make the transition from supermodel to Hollywood star.

“[Director Michael Figgis] and Kate have been discussing possible projects and he is helping her work with the right people.

“She will combine her two careers. She won’t give up modeling.”