Aniston to Meet Pitt's Twins – With Jolie's Approval

February 11, 2009 by dino

Jennifer Aniston is set to finally meet Brad Pitt’s twins – with the approval of his partner Angelina Jolie, according to a new report.

The Hollywood couple welcomed Knox and Viv – their fifth and sixth children – in July last year.

And they have finally agreed to let Aniston – who Pitt was married to for five years – see the cute tots in person, in a meeting that’ll likely take place sometime before the Feb. 22 Academy Awards, reports the National Enquirer.

“Brad and Angie agreed the timing would be perfect,” an insider told the tabloid. “Brad decided to talk to Jen about it before the Oscars so if they come face-to-face on the red carpet it would be a lot less awkward.”

According to the source, former Friends star Aniston has asked Pitt to bring the twins to her Hollywood Hills home – as her Beverly Hills mansion is still undergoing renovations.

“She feels the smaller house is the perfect setting for her first meeting with the twins, cozy and private,” the source adds.

However, Pitt won’t be going to the house alone – he’s set to bring is mom, Jane.

“Jane will be in town to help watch the kids, since Brad and Angie will be so busy,” adds the insider. “Brad asked Jane to come with him to Jen’s house. He knows his mom loves Jen, so it was perfect. This way, Angie doesn’t have to worry about Brad going to his ex’s home all alone!

“Angie is being very mature about the situation. Obviously her feathers were ruffled when Brad first broached the topic, but fortunately he was able to make her feel comfortable with the visit.”

But the source adds, “Angie told Brad she’d rather he didn’t bring the other kids. She just thinks it’s too weird. She doesn’t want Jen playing house with her family!”


  • Mammy

    They have ALL moved on! Everyone should let them live their lives. It doesn’t hurt Jen being friends with them if they don’t mind. It was wrong what Brad and Angie did, ( It takes two) BUT, if Jen can forgive them, THATS GREAT! We need to love each other more.

  • Pootteetoot

    Hey it’s been almost 4 years…..get over it for pete’s sake…..Jen needs to go on and lead her own life……why would she want to stay with a man that loved another anyway?…..why the babies involvement?…….why not just Angie, Brad and Jen meet?……

  • Please

    She doesn’t want Jen playing house with her family? You mean like she played house with Jen’s husband?

  • jan

    this is another rubbish story like jen meeting shilo. i am sure jen has no interest in the twins as they will never be in her life. if brad wants to clear the air why don.t he and jolie meet jen and john. the twins will not be at the oscars. jen has moved on i think pitt should too

  • giraffe

    why is it always Jen that get the flack?? Its obvious that its stu-Pitt’s idea and what better way than pimping the kids again.

    The JoliePitts are really the pitts. Please cant someone tell them to get a life – real one.

  • Octoberone

    I thought it was strange that Jennifer throws herself a b-day party. And why would she need to meet Brad’s children. No Matter who suggested it. Strange!!! I’m all for getting along, but that’s kind of strange.

  • Anonymous 1

    NO WAY! Move on Jen, move on Brad. Speaking of stalking, maybe Jen stalking. Brad has already cleared the air. Don’t look back, he might regret it.

  • jamalihess

    what a bunch of crap!!! both familys do not care
    one bit about each other!!! get off of it, you
    slimes, looking to sell papers!!!

  • Delilah

    Jen doesn’t have any interest in Brad’s children or anyone else’s kids unless she can use them for publicity.

  • Ros

    I think Jennifer needs to let go. He’s gone, girl. Move on!