Keira Knightley: 'I Have Awful Skin'

February 28, 2009 by dino

Keira Knightley has got “really awful” skin.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actress insists she’s not the perfect British beauty that some believe she is – and says she only looks good after she has slapped on some make-up.

She reveals, “I do not have good skin.

“In fact, I’ve got really awful skin! I go to a really good dermatologist. And what you see on the screen is about four hours of make-up.”

Knightley, 23 – who is currently dating British actor Rupert Friend – recently revealed she likes her men to wear good shoes.

She said, “I go for someone who is a little brooding and somebody you can have a good conversation with, a good fight with, who will always keep you guessing and make you laugh. And he has to have good shoes.”