Robert Pattinson: 'I Connected With Kristen Stewart'

March 3, 2009 by dino

Robert Pattinson believes he landed his starring role in Twilight because of his connection with costar Kristen Stewart.

The British actor plays vampire Edward Cullen in the smash hit movie franchise.

And Pattinson is adamant it was his inability to be “Prince Charming” during his audition for Twilight that got him his part in the film.

He explains, “I was one of the last people they saw.

“I just went in and I had a connection with Kristen. I think it was because I so expected it to be different to how it turned out and expected the girl who played Bella to be so different to Kristen, that I was so genuinely shocked when she did her performance.

“I just thought it was going to be a real damsel in distress actress. And I couldn’t pretend to be the Prince Charming to some dippy girl! Not that that is how the book is.

“But I thought that was how the film would turn out. And of course Kristen is tough, smart and a good actress, and so it completely changed my opinion and so I ended up playing him as a kind of a wreck. That was how that happened.”

Pattinson and Stewart reprise their roles as Edward and Bella, respectively, in Twilight sequel New Moon, which is due out later this year.

Kristen, 18, recently denied she and Robert were a couple.


  • r{hearts}robpattinson

    i fell in love with rob when he played cedric in harry potter and the goblet of fire, and i had seen him in other things too, so i have been overly obsessed for ages. when i found out he would be playing edward in twilight, i seriously hyperventilated! in the books edward always seemed so perfect and fit, and come to think of it, rob suited the role PERFECTLY! x


  • Mrs. Cullen

    Yeah, actually, I don’t like Rob THAT much… Sure he’s good looking, but as many said, you don’t know him. He could be a major jerk! I, though, am in love with Edward Cullen, the character. He just has so sweet adorable quotes and he is this perfect vision with romance all over!! He’s my husband, though… terribly sorry!! :P

  • cyaCAP

    You can all fantasize all you want about how dreamy and all Rob is but I hate to break your bubble….he has a thing for Kristen if you haven’t figured that one out yet….ha,ha,ha…and they can say they are friends all they want, just look at the body language,,it speaks volumes!!!! No need for words!!!!

  • shocked as hell

    robert pattinson isnt goin to be edward in twilight???? wtf ??

  • taylor

    he is so sweet! and so hot! i cant wait 4 twilight 2 come out on dvd! i luv kristen she is such a great actress. and they would make such a cute couple. i wish they were a couple in real life! & i cant wait 4 new moon!

  • Roberrrt<3

    i love robert with all of my heart<3
    kristen should learn from him.
    even if he doesnt like twilight that much,
    he still gives it his all.
    to make his fans happy (:


  • Erika

    There are movies that he has been in between Goblet of Fire and Twilight. Fans of Rob’s will have 3 movies to see him before NM: How To Be, The Summer House, and Little Ashes! He was in two movies that I can not find anywhere: Bad Mother’s Handbook and Haunting of Airman (sp?). He was in a TV-movie called “The Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King”. So handsome and growing up to his present maturity. I can’t wait for the DVD and his three movies this spring! Thank you Robert!!! Good Luck and take care!

  • Rachie

    I just wanted to say I enjoyed twilight so so much I was upset at first with it coming out in a movie BUT….I changed my mind and RP is a great acter and all but he needs to shave because Edward was clean cut and RP is not that….I mean he is sexy no lie but Edward can not be pictured other then in your mind cause he’s not like anyone you could think to see :]

    But go RP to take on this huge part!! And I liked him when he was in Harry Potter *teehee*

  • robert pattison lover

    OMG I agree with u other robert lovers! I am in love with him like you wouldnt believe! Im obsessed with twilight, robert and edward cullen. If i were to meet robert i would die it would be a dream come true!!!!!!! ahhhh I love him and hope to meet him some day!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3=)=)

  • RP luvr

    Robbie Rob is like SOOOO Hot. I dream about him day and night. I’m in my late 20′s and I feel dirty thinking that he’s sooo hot b/c “Edward” was only 17…however, RP is 22, so GAME ON!!! lol

  • Jenna

    I know that many of u out there claim to be “in love” with RPattz but u need to stop and think—is it him or edward that u want? He brought edwards character to life but do u honestly believe that rob is exactly like him and if he is by chance do u think that u would be the one to make him feel that way? Have any of u even heard his music? He’s a good actor…i like his work but his music is what drew me in and has givin me a little peek at who he kinda is. So… before u go on sayin u love rob shouldn’t u try and understand who he is as a person and not as a fictional character out of a book!!

  • Novanye *

    i seriously am IN LOVE with robert pattinson like you dont even know, never in my entire life have i fallen for someone famous until edward came along i’ve read all the books and i cant wait for twilight to come out on dvd, 19 MORE DAYS :D <3 and for new moon to be in theatres, oooh god i’m hyperventalating no lie ! and when stephenie meyer publishes midnight sun . . . can’t wait to read it ! my only life ambition is to meet robert pattinson <3 god i love him <3

  • C.S.

    I completely understand & believe why millions of us girls REALLY FALL HARD FOR R.P. and not just because of the obvious Wonderfully Handsome Face or the MANY MANY talents he has.. because I CANNOT stop thinking about him and there is no way in Heaven he would love me like that- I’d settle for getting to MEET him one day and having a few laughs -I really love his smile and I hope he’ll always be Happy.

  • Taylor Golub

    Did anyone like him before this movie? I did. I fell in love with him when he played Cedric Diggory in Happy Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

  • Cristin

    you people are crazy. how can you claim to be in love with someone u don’t know… hes a good looking guy. great. but u dont know him. its called acting.. hes not actually like the characters he plays. hello ppl get a life.

  • ashlyn

    i agree with -you people are crazy. how’s- comment. you don’t even know him for crying out loud. i do think he is HOT but he’s not edward. in real life he does not act like that. face is ppl ur in love with a ficino; character that doesn’t exist just like me

  • asg

    ficino; soppost to be fictinol sorry

  • Midori

    Rob is well known for his attractivenes, but I appreciate him for his acting skills and personality. In all his interviews he displays such charm and a little shyness. He has such potential as an actor. I would like to see him in other films. Also, he has a special chemistry with Kristen, which makes his own screen performance with her electrifying.

  • Jemma Cullen

    Ome he is SO sweet!!!! Saying those nice things about her, even though she doesn’t quite deserve them. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Kristen but they don’t seem to be that “tight” of friends. But anyway, he is just so sweet. I love him so much, and he’s cute. I have a billion posters in my room which I’m so happy I have. Even when I heard Randy say Robert’s name I freaked out. And I definately watched the Oscars. But yeah I wish they would be better friends and I wish they were a couple!!!!
    GO ROBSTEN!!!! Rob + Kristen

  • EhleN

    Yes, I am totally psyched for the dvd to come out on video… but my question is do these actors ever get to be teens? I mean they are missing a big part of life. Granted that they are already richer than I will ever be (which is fine by me) but can they say that they have partied with kids their own age? I know they have friends but wouldn’t you go crazy without going roadtripping with them? I know I would.