Kristen Stewart: 'I've Thought About Quitting Twilight'

March 3, 2009 by dino

Kristen Stewart says it would be “so easy” for her not to appear in anymore Twilight films.

The 18-year-old actress – who is due to reprise her role as Bella Swan alongside Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) in Twilight sequel New Moon – says she’d drop out of the popular movie franchise to send hundreds of teenage girls into a “frenzy”.

She explains, “I’ve totally had the thought; it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy by saying I want no part of any future [Twilight] movies.

“It took a long time for me to admit that I was too bogged down by the first book, to admit to these girls that I wasn’t as… I’m just as obsessed as they are; I read it from an entirely different perspective and had to live it for three months.

“Yeah, I have thought, many times. “What could I do?” It’d be so easy.”

Pattinson, 22, recently revealed how he “connected” with Stewart.


  • rovity

    I honestly think they could have gotten a better actress to play Bella. Plus, she has such a bad attitude about it just because it became super popular and that’s horrible. At times in the Twilight, I thought, “Ew!”, but there were some moments where I was like, “Okay..” All in all, I don’t think she is good enough for the roll. I do however think Chris Weitz is going to do a great job and New Moon will be better than Twilight. Even if it was my least favorite book cause it made steam come out of my ears…lol.

  • Cindy

    I think this article pulled quotes from a long time ago when she got angry fanmail from Rob’s fan girls…Somehow this wording sounds familiar. But I mean it would probably be easy for her but she loves the role and that’s why she keep on doing it. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been happy like she was in Tokyo during their premiere. Plus I think everybody needs to understand that she needed a break from everything in order to relax and take in everything and if you ask where are the result well all I have to say is watch footage from Tokyo she looked happy and calm despite the cold.

  • Driguerra

    No Comment!

  • Sarah B

    Oh MY all the fan girls out there need to realize that it is so easy to read things and take it out of contexts (haven’t you ever done that with a friends email or text message). To me it sounds like she is probably just weighing the impact that this role has on so many people! Or she could be joking around! Get off her back she is an actor who plays a part, she is not Bella Swan.

  • JessO

    I’m totally for Kristen in every respect!
    I think as an actress who signed on to do what she thought was an independent cult film, she has done her best to work with the cards she was dealt.

    I can’t even begin to empathise what she must be experiencing. We all know that she isn’t about fame & fortune, which is refreshing to see from a young person who has grown up in the business.

    Are we all really that pathetic to believe everything the media tells us to believe? Like this article for example. The answer is YES, well the majority of us anyway. In having said that, a small minority of intelligent/able people do exist and are aware that the media intentionally shapes our values, beliefs and decisions. They are aware that this article is more than likely, nothing but sensationalised and false. That comments made by the young actress have and usually will be taken out of context to suit the reader and make for a more exciting story.

    Having been to a Twilight cast interview/signing, as a Twilight fan myself, I can safely say that the actress has put up with a lot of sh*t, being ridiculous and thoughtless questions from fans. The young, crazy fans constantly made remarks about her acting ability in this particular role (as if to say they could have done a better job) and were generally disrespectful towards her (because they were jealous it was her and not them). As for comments about Kristen not appreciating the role/Twilight books, it only makes sense that it is total bullsh*t; she wouldn’t have taken the role otherwise.

    All in all I’m a huge fan of Kristen Stewart. I’m supportive of comments made by her (knowing most are false) and appreciate her so called attitude, though I like to think of it as being sassy, strong, opinionated and independent, all are fine qualities.

  • Kelly

    I hate how the media is against her. they take everything she says and twist it up into something negative and everyone automatically think she’s bashing. This comment Kristen gave was back when Twilight just came out when people were sending hate mails to her. If I were getting so much hatred, I would think of quitting too. But she’s strong and she lived through all those hatred and is excited to film New Moon, so I wouldn’t worry too much about her comment. Like she said, she’s obsessed with Twilight just like everyone else is, so of course she wouldn’t quit.

  • ForTheLove

    Sheesh. She said this LAST SUMMER when she was getting hate mail from Robert’s fans. Actually, I assume she still is getting this hate mail especially when you see this kind of venom posted about her on every blog on America.

    The actual interview has Movie Central asking if she’s ever thought about saying she quit Twilight as a JOKE to freak fans out.

    She replies “I’ve totally had the thought; it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy by saying I want no part of any future [Twilight] movies.”

    She’s had the thought of PULLING THE PRANK. Not actually quitting Twilight.

    Give the girl a break.

  • Victoria

    omfg..i am laughing my ass off right because the media just took quotes of her from last july when an interviewer asked her would she quit twilight as in a joke! and she replied in a jokingly way, and this was the exact same thing this article is quoting. The media is really being an ass. and I can’t believe some fans actually believe she would say that.

  • Genevieve

    Oh dear, give this girl a break. I can’t believe people are manipulating her words.

  • Jen

    what’s with the bitchy attitude? She gets her big break movie and now she’s gonna be a diva about it…careful kristen your gonna lose fans with that prissy attitude.

  • Liv

    OMG this is such an old interview! They asked her in a jokingly way, and she answered it as in a joke!
    Gosh, people are so gullable these days.

  • Savannah

    ok, i really really love Kristen and I’ve been trying to defend her so far…but her attitude is really starting to get on my nerves. Like a lot. And that bothers me because she IS Bella, she’s perfect for the part! I just wish she could be more upbeat about it.

  • Anonymous1

    Kristen is a wretched actress and it would make me happy if she actually did quit! She was stale and robotic in her role of Bella and there really wasn’t chemistry between the actors…her performance was lacking and I still am in shock that they asked her back!

  • Cammie
    This so old, taken from this article. It was a JOKE. Wow..the media really has nothing to talk about, but stir up old stuff that’s not even suppose to be serious.

  • Madelina

    It’s from this past interview:
    Poor KSTEW. Ppl really messing with her words.

    Whatever! LOVE YOU KRISTEN!


    Can someone please, please find some duck tape so we don’t have to read or hear any more annoying, rude and overly drama queen comments from Kristen Stewart anymore? I honestly wish she would quit it so we don’t have to hear her whining anymore! She needs to either suck it up or get out of the biz. Personally I think she’s more suited for a career with the DMV.

  • Charlee

    Poor girl! I feel her pain… i do think everyone is blowing it a bit out of the truth….. I think she is gorgous and she is an awsome actress. Thank you Kristen for sticking it out you really fullfill the role of bella i think you and rob really make Twilight what Twilight IS and with out you their is no team EDWARD no ONE could be a better bella than YOU!…. You have MY support!!!

  • ReadItAgin

    Did anyone actually read what she was quoted saying…?

    She is not bashing the Fans or saying she is going to quit the movie or that she even wants to. She is saying that if she had to she could walk away from it, she is also saying the she is just as obsessed with the book as everyone here but she can’t read them and live them at the same time.

    “I’ve totally had the thought”- Kristen Stewart

    No where does she say she wants to quit the films, she says “I’ve totally had the though” and who wouldn’t have the thought when you go from hardly noticed to thousands screaming at you that they both love you and hate you…

    “it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy by saying I want no part of any future [Twilight] movies.” –

    I see it as saying that she is not here for the money she is here for the story and if at some point this just becomes a cash cow she wouldn’t have issues walking away from it despite the fans screaming at her.

    “It took a long time for me to admit that I was too bogged down by the first book, to admit to these girls that I wasn’t as… I’m just as obsessed as they are; I read it from an entirely different perspective and had to live it for three months.”

    I see it as, despite how big a fan we think we are she is just as big of one and that none of use can ever understand what its like to be a fan of the book and then put yourself in that characters prospective and live her life while your making the movie. It took a long time for her to realize where the fans where coming from and to admit she was just as obsessed as all of us and to realize where we are coming from.

    “Yeah, I have thought, many times. “What could I do?” It’d be so easy.” –

    Incomplete thought, you can take this however you want but I don’t see it as anything more then saying she has thought about it, “What could I do?” “It’d be so easy” but what would she do, she is a fan of the movie and the books and doesn’t want to leave.

    So bash her all you want but try and not go directly towards the negative when reading interviews and try to put your self in the shoes of someone who just turned 18 and who before now was doing what she loved for the love of it. She is still doing what she loves for the love of it but now she has thousands of people screaming how they love her or hate her for doing it, it’s a lot to take in and its easy for any of us to say we wouldn’t do that or she should know better but bottom line none of use are living the life so how can we be so sure.

  • Carol A

    I totally agree with comment #52576, theres no need for her to be rude to her fans and honestly if she were to drop out i wouldnt even notice her acting isnt as great as people are making it out to be, as long as the other actors are still on board the movies would just get better…

  • szn

    I saw Twilight before I read the book so I had no idea how Bella was suppose to be. BUT, I read Twilight in one day, and couldn’t see Kristen’s performance as a convincing one. She has no other choice than to at least do New Moon and Eclipse, if ya’ll remember,THEY SIGNED CONTRACTS FOR THOSE TWO. She’s a snot and shows just how immature she really is. Get another BONG Kristen, that’s probably what your nasty attitude is about anyhow. How can the fan’s worship any part of her. She’s suppose to be such a “responsible” girl in the movie, but what about real life? She’s a pot head and a brat. GET OVER YOURSELF KRISTEN, Rob made you the star it certainly wasn’t your performance, with your panting, stuttering self.

  • califan

    As someone already commented, all this “he said she said” stuff is not substantiated. Who knows if she said this. And if she did, maybe it’s out of context. Frankly, I think a lot of fans are more than ready to criticize her because of the green-eyed monster – jealousy!!!! (yes, I am jealous too!) No one can know what she feels like unless they have walked in her shoes. Fame is great but I bet its very hard, too, for both her and Rob. Anyway, she looked pretty dang happy at the Tokyo premiere.So let’s keep our fingers crossed and reserve judgement.

  • MethatsWHO

    That’s what smoking pot does to a peson.

    Some effects may include an altered state of consciousness, euphoria, feelings of well-being, relaxation or stress reduction, lethargy (increased appreciation of humor, music or art, joviality, metacognition and introspection, enhanced recollection (episodic memory), increased sensuality, increased awareness of sensation, increased libido, creative or philosophical thinking, disruption of linear memory, paranoia, agitation or anxiety, experiential augmentation of other psychedelics and increased awareness of patterns and color.

    This truly does basically describe Kristen’s personality, and reactions to others and herself. I agree, this particular article is old, but her attitude remains the same.
    I’ve seen people blogging that she was doe eyeing Rob while in Japan. This look could be explained away as induced arousal due to smoking pot.

  • stacey420

    ya know
    if kristen does not want 2 be part of this then whatever. this series has taken over the world figuratevly.
    i know so many poeple, including myself, that love this novel saga with our hearts and souls. if she does not care, then leave the part for someone who does!
    no offense, but if you cannot deal with the world wide love of this saga, then you do not deserve the love and passion of this series! this series makes girls think of their own lives in perspective, of the love we have in our own lives. i have no where near the love and devotion edward feels for bellain this series. i dream of this sort of love!!! i cry when i read about the meadow, that 1st sleepover, when bella saves edward in volterra, the plane ride back, when edward proposes, when they tell charlie, when bella walks down the aisle, those moments on isle esme, when bella realizes she is pregnant, when bella awakes to the new life, that 1st official night together, when bella lifts her shield for edward. i wish i had it. if she cannot deal with the pressure, then i wish her luck in adventureland and andthing else she takes on!
    i dream for the day robert touches me the way he touches her!!!
    i dream of that sort of love. even though its fake as, i dont care.
    the first time the boy you love touches you, there is no comparisson of the way it feels.

  • saelynne

    Okay, no offense to the fans of Kristen, i mean she is a great actress and all that; but yeah her attitude needs some improvement. Personally, I don’t like her, though I thought she was good in Twilight; but she lacked spontaneity and she was too intense and uptight. I think they should have chosen Alexis Bledel.


    It’s that simple. But she’s staying because she needs the money. She needs exposure. It’s either a top-grossing sequel or an indie film wherein she gets to smoke pot behind the scenes without even thinking if that would make teenage fans go nuts. Her co-stars are even more grateful of the opportunity, while she rants about how it ruins her personal fun and potential to portray a more mature role. Personally, I want her out more than she does herself. After seeing Twilight, I gotta say, she wasn’t the Bella I expected. More of a crack-head Bella what she did and it was so frustrating. Replacing her would be fine. PLEASE! It’s either that or she just wants a raise. Recession?! HELLO?!

  • anonymous blah blah blah

    listn up ppl..stop eatin urselves up alryt..
    all u stupid teenagers .. “omg i lurvv edward he is so cute”..bullshit..
    she is freakin awesome in twilight…only if u wud stop sendin her hate mails..nd lukin down upon her .. giv her a break man!…
    holy f***
    wat da u mean by minds…dats just bein narrow minded…wat a bimbo!..specially dis last person..
    she isnt bein rude wat so ever…anyone ever read any of her articles..full.??..maybe ul get to no just stop tryna strangle her… peace man..
    nd stop complainin abt her bein not gud in da mvoie…no use now..

  • unknown

    Okay, so I really like Kristen Stewart as an actress but I am getting really annoyed with her I’m above this type of attitude. She is against the popular idea of acting and hollywood, but does she have to bash her fans? I mean can’t she appreciate how very liked she could be by knocking the attitude? You don’t have to be “hollywood” to be liked, but you do have to act likable and by demeaning parts or opportunities… well, that’s just not likable…

  • T

    I totally agree with the last comment. I mean i like kristen stewart too, but saying something like that is not neccesary. Also, Twilight has given her a serious career boost. She should’t bash it.

  • W/e

    I think she shouldn’t had said that but still- it’s ok cause she probably won’t drop out i mean: who the hell would drop out of a movie with Robert Pattinson in it?!?!?!?!?!!! I WOULDN’T!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anyone with me?

    Sources? I’m fed up with all this he said, she said. Until i hear it coming out of her mouth i won’t believe a single word of what’s written on the papers

  • anna

    well if you read what she’s said thoroughly, you’d see that although she could’ve dropped out of the movies, she didn’t because she felt an obligation to fulfill the role of bella. she said she’s “just as obsessed” about these books as everyone else. i think considering all the crap she’s had to put up with from the crazy fans, it’s admirable of her to stick it out like she has.

  • Anonymous343

    to discuss this more head over to

  • jb

    those are old quotes…she made those way back last summer after started getting hate mail from rob’s fangirls. can’t say i blame her that she felt that way then. glad she’s decided not to quit now though. these movies need her or they would s*ck.

  • Anonymous

    Taken out of context or not, it is her life, and she doesn’t need to fulfill anyone’s expectations but her own.

  • Annoyed

    Personally I really do not like the energy she is giving off. It sounds like she thinks she is to good for her fans. In my opinion she can go ahed and leave, she didn’t do that great of a job as Bella in the Movie, with her facial spasms when she stuttered it looked ridiculous. Anyways stop acting like your shit don’t stink, and humility is the best treat in a person.

  • Anonymous1

    She should 100% drop out of the Twilight Saga. She did a terrible job as Bella and always has a bad attitude. i mean, come on, she dosnt even like RPatz (Robert Pattinson)i know that there are hundreds of actors that are dying to be Bella and they would do a way better job then Kristen. (do you notice how she never smiles and Bella is always smiling in the books?) She NEEDS to give the role of Bella to someone else that can do 100% better than her!.

  • Anonymous112

    it just seems to me this is exactly like something that would be taken out of context. She was probably joking around, if there’s a video of this interview. Adversarial press. Remember that.

  • Ellabella

    Honestly people, read the whole article, she is just admitting that fame is not always what it’s cracked it be, can you imagine being the it girl all time, she’s a normal teenage girl who was picked for a role that madde her a star practically over night, she likes normal life compared to stardom better, I believe she said what she said cause she likes playing Bella in Twilight but she does not like mobs of fans that interupt her normal life. She even says that she loves Twilight like every other fangirl. So please give it a rest already.

  • lalala

    does this mean that she is obsessed with twilight as much as us all and it took ages to admit it to herself, or she isn’t obsessed with it?

  • Melissa

    Wow i mean she is so snobby she always has something bad to say about us fans. You would think she would be happy with a role that has made her so famous. I peronally didn’t like the pick to play bella in the first place because i dont like Kristens acting, but she should have a little more regard to how she handles things and how she makes snobby comments about the fans of twilight.

  • myopinion

    i think she shouldn’t do the other movies if she doesn’t want to. it seems like she kind of hates her role, and if thats the case she really shouldnt do new moon, or any of the other movies. it could be too much for her. Plus I think it will show in her acting that she doesnt really want to be there

  • ..

    I dont know her in any other movies
    but she couldnt even shed ONE TEAR!
    I dont like how shes saying these negative stuff about her playing bella when it got her a job. why did she become an actress if she didnt want to be popular? or be known atleast.

  • Cheri

    I would love it if a more Bella like person played the character, but Twilight is a work of fiction. All of my props go to Stephanie Meyer and not the stars that pretend to be the beloved characters of Twilight. :)

  • SickOfRobsStalkers

    She said this jokingly. I read somewhere on myspace that they asked her if she’d be willing to “punk” the fangirls by “jokingly” saying she won’t return.

    You people need to chill out.

  • KJ

    I think you’re all taking what she said the wrong way. She’s saying it would be easy to send all the fan girls into a panic by dropping out. They’re twisting it to make it sound like it would be easy for her to drop out. She even says she’s obsessed with the saga. It bugs me how everything she says gets twisted, but whatever Rob says is alright.

  • rachel

    personally didnt like her portryal of bella, but thats just me. i just hope she commits to new moon and gets stops being a diva. most actors and actresses dream of being in something that would make them as big as she is after twilight. she should be thankful.

  • yeah right

    seriously, can any more crap spew out of this girl’s mouth? Who does she think she is, Meryl Streep? Her inflated sense of self is completely delusional considering her idea of acting is pasting on a blank stare and keeping her mouth permanently half-opened. Fan girls freaking out when you leave Twilight? Actually I agree – they’ll be freaking out with joy and glee at the prospect of no longer having to stare at your stuck-up mug for 2 hours.

  • Dee

    OK, to be fair this comment (and pretty much all of the ones similar) were probably taken out of context.

    Even so, Kristin needs to learn to be more professional. Dissing the hit movie that made her a star? Definitely not cool. Dissing her fans? Even worse! Not to mention, when she says things about Twilight not being a “great” movie (which, honestly it wasn’t) its a HUGE slap in the face to everyone who worked on the movie! The producers, director, even her fellow actors have every right to be upset with her about that (then again, as the LEAD actress, she might want to look into herself on how she might improve to help make the movie better).

    Basically, Kristin stuck her foot in her mouth, and is going to pay the appropriate price, which is the backlash of fans for a week or two. Hopefully it can teach her a little lesson on professionalism and maturity

  • so leave why don’t you?

    honestly bitch? I’d take your job any day. no one would notice/care if you left.

  • any

    you are taking a quote of of context. the interviewer asked “Do you ever think about freaking people out and saying “I want no part of any future (Twilight) movies?” stewart’s response Oh, God, yeah. I’ve totally had the thought; it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy. It took a long time for me to admit that I was too bogged down by the first book, to admit to these girls that I wasn’t as … I’m just as obsessed as they are; I read it from an entirely different perspective and had to live it for three months. I can’t start the next book unless I have the job to do, or I’m just gonna drive myself insane — and even this, they don’t get that. They’re like “What? How could you not read the book …?” Yeah, I have thought, many times. “What could I do?” It’d be so easy. … I did this movie called Welcome to the Rileys right after Twilight; I play this street kid, a runaway, a really broken, damaged little kid; she’s a prostitute, stripper, working girl … and I can’t wait to read those blogs; I can’t wait. But a lot of those girls, I think, might be excited about it; It’s a really good story. Not all of them are these sweet innocent little things … in fact, the opposite.
    try doing some real journalism instead of ripping off other articles to try to get people rilled up

  • dramallamaorama

    Rock on KStew! If I had to deal with crazy psycho fangirls too, I would considering dropping the whole series entirely. Self-preservation would have kicked in that that point.

  • Suzy



  • Vita

    Whatever. I think she’s ungrateful! does she not understand that millions of girls would kill to play her part!…plus, what’s that old saying…”don’t bite the hand that feeds you”!

  • Hasrdotkotu

    This is ridiculous! I’ve seen her in other movies and she wasn’t half bad. But in Twilight… I mean, come ON. She stutters and splutters, constantly has an “I’m so bored”/half-dead look on her face (for someone who is supposedly OMG I’M SO IN LOVE she sure doesn’t look it), and her voice contains just as little emotion. And not only that, but she has rather large teeth (which is fine except for the fact that they show her in about eighty million close-ups and she’s always chewing on her lip), and I just plain don’t like her. I wish she WOULD quit, the movies would be a million times better. Or at least put in a little effort and actually ATTEMPT TO ACT, KRISTEN.
    Now, I’m not trying to put her down or attack her as a person or anything, but the fact of the matter is that this is her job. And people who can’t do their job properly get fired.
    And now she’s just making such a big fuss out of the praise everyone is giving her (which I don’t understand)
    If you don’t like it, Kristen, then QUIT. Stop snubbing your fans and give a girl who actually CARES the chance to play this coveted role. Get over yourself.

  • Mel

    She’s a crap actor who stumbles through her lines and has the audacity to insult the book. It pisses me off that I’m making her money by watching the film it’s making me really NOT want to watch New Moon. If I do watch it I’ll only do it once and I’m going to tell all my friends to do the same. Someone else should play bella not her. The Cow.

  • Maddie

    So she speaks her mind. Get over it already. She’s a typical 19 year old, and she just wants to be normal. She’s probably scared as hell cos all these psychotic fans swarm her as soon as she leaves her house. I’d go insane if I was her. Pap’s everywhere, people dissing her constantly… because she isn’t the ‘Bella’ they’d imagined. She’s used to doing indie flicks, and not having many crazy fans. So, imagine how daunting it all must be. I think she’s been a pretty good sport so far. Give the girl a break. She’s only human. I adore the fact that she’s honest about everything. It’s one of her best traits.

  • SHundt

    I honestly don’t blame Kristen for contemplating quitting Twilight. She signed up for the film unaware of how popular the series was, but was instead under the impression it was going to be a nice little indie film, since Catherine Hardwicke was directing. She had to play an intentionally bland character and say horribly cheesy lines. Then she is screamed at, stalked, and harassed for months on end by obsessive fangirls. Of course she’d want out. Both she and Rob are horribly overwhelmed, and she gets all the negative attention.
    Robert Pattinson has said far worse things about the fans, the movie, the novels, and SMeyer herself, and everyone still loves him because he’s *~*Edward*~*. I think people should lay off the double standard and cut the girl at least some slack.

  • Jen

    I have always liked Kristen’s movies, I have always thought she was a good actress, aside from seeing her movies and thinking she was good in them, and knowing her name, i never really watched interviews and stuff with her, and when I saw the trailer on TV for Twilight and saw she was in it, i thought it would be a good movie to see (This was before I really knew about it, or read the books). But Now that Ive seen interviews with her and read interviews she done, see really bugs me with this way she thinks and the attitude. And she is not being smart saying all this sh*T in interviews, and her fans are important, whether she likes them or not. If she keeps going on this way, people are not gonna wanna go see her movies, and then that is not going to be good for her career, and if she didn’t want the fame that comes with being an actress then maybe she should have thought about that before she became an actress, cause seriously, it doesn’t matter what type of films you choose to do, Hollywood movies, or Indie movies, any movie made has the potential to push you right into the spot light, like Twilight has done for her, and like Slum dog as done for some, and if you can handle that possibility, then you shouldn’t have picked acting as your career. I am fed up with her, but she is a good actress, and even though I might not like her right now as a person, I do like her movies, and I probably will still see the movies she does, but I will definitely not have the same respect I once had for her, cause if she doesn’t know how to be respectful, then she doesn’t deserve to get that respect back.

  • Dreamer

    The oscar comment her father made totally annoyed me, but the fan reaction and treatment of Kristen is getting a little bit out of hand now. Do you all really want Kristen to be so unhappy on the set of New moon that it affects the whole movie? This quote is a prime example of how the press have took hold of a fan mood and fed it with old and out of context quotes and blown it all out of proportion . You are all being manipulated by them for hits on their sites. Kristen does not have a warm and outgoing personality, that’s just the way she is but I think she was really trying in Tokyo. Like I said, that oscar quote made me annoyed and it did seem like it was something they discussed together, but all this Kristen hating is getting way more annoying now. For God’s sake stop letting yourselves be manipulated by the press this way.

  • Blessings From Above

    She is so lucky to even have a job. Get over yourself, Kristin!

  • Anonymous1

    Bella may be the star of the book, but in the movie RPatz is the star! She was awful at acting, or whatever it is she thinks she was doing. I would be pleased if they dropped her sorry A$$ and found a new actress to play Bella – maybe a more sophisticated and beautiful girl than Kristen – to high on myself – Stewart. For the record, Kristen would not be missed and her departure would be CELEBRATED!!!!

  • {rob}x

    i can’t believe she even thought about quitting! :O shocker! but i would respect her decision if she did, because in the end, its her choice and life… but i just can’t imagine anyone else playing bella so perfectly!

  • Ungrateful?!

    She sounds so ungrateful. She wouldn’t have half the fanbase/exposure if she wasn’t in these films. There are so many, more talented girls, who would kill for a chance like that.

    And to be fair, if Robert Pattinson left, THAT would send hundreds of teen girls into a frenzy. Not the loss of that arrogant, stuck up, only ok actress.

  • hellloooobitachesssxxlol

    this is compleeetely ridiculous. first up, she cant act for shit. secondly, this is exactly what got you up there with all these stars in the first place, so why the hell she so freaking up herself?? she’s acting like by being in the movie, which she SO doesnt deserve to be, it’s like she’s doing us some favour!!! what a toottaaal biatttch!

  • An

    shes such an idiot… rpattz is suuch much better person thats her..

  • Anonymous

    She should drop out of the movies because she was stinking up the cast! she is not a great actress and she has the worst attitude! good riddence Kristen! you should be more gratfull towards a movie that pulled you out of obscurity and actually made you a household name. If she keeps this up know one is going to want to hire her.

  • LadyLu

    OK. I think, it’s time we came up with a petition to replace KRISTEN. ANY THOUGHTS?

  • AdrieN

    I really hated Kristen as Bella.. I think they could have found a much better actor.. Its not like she protrayed the part extremely well.. If it wasn’t for Robert Pattinson.. then alot of people wouldn’t have even watched the movie..
    Get over yourself Be-yotch!!

  • word

    yo yo diz sum gangsta sheit yeow, like watup yall be bitin like yall be rappin and i be kickin it downtown tunight fo sho fo sho. yo yo yo yall vamps got no blud on no tramps what, my rimes get tight yo

  • Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

    Give me a break.
    She is such an ungrateful person, and she’s a shitty actress.
    She has no emotions, and she just plain sucks.
    Stop freaking bitching, there’s so many people who would kill to be in you’re position, and all you can do it complain.
    Stop bitching and shut the hell up, you stupid cunt.

  • lgjsdgsd

    fine kristen, leave.
    theres obviously much more better girls who would make a better bella.
    if robert left, then yeah maybe there would be a frenzy.

  • Erika

    Didn’t they want Emily Blunt to play Bella? My sister felt that Bella should have been more “fragile” and that Kristen needed to be like that from the book. She is a very independent woman and when that comes up on screen (for any actor/actress) it shows, it changes what we have read in the books. In NM she becomes mature and I hope there are cooking scenes! I do not want to see another diner. :) I believe Chris will do an awesome job and his brother Paul may have a higher chance of directing EC. Also, there better be PLENTY of $$$ or the movie sagas will be in the trash! Kristen was getting $h!t mail from Rob’s FANGirls? Now, I would be pretty P.O. if that happened to me. I hope she is getting much more kinder and loving fan mail. :D

  • Anonymous6898789

    Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. She plays the same stupid, angsty character in everything she does, and she is ungrateful. They could have had someone who is actually GOOD bring this beloved character to life, but instead they chose her, so she should be on her knees praising her higher ups instead of acting like everyone in Hollywood wants her.qeg3c

  • Jill

    My 60 year old mother could have played Bella better than Kristen Stewart. I haven’t seen such poor acting since…I don’t even know. I’ve seen better acting on Flava Flav. I wonder if she even read the books, she certainly didn’t portray Bella well at all. And this haughty attitude is really nasty, she should be grateful for these movies and her (sure to be) short-lived fame.

  • joan

    kristen is a nice person. she’s just a non-conformist.

  • Anonmouse

    True or not, considering all the crap she’s gotten from the Twilight fans I can’t really blame her.

  • BreeKiz

    lolololol. Rob can say as much as he wants how stupid the books/fans are, but Kristen says it and people think she is not ~worthy~ for the role.

  • Meeeee

    seriously where is the source?! it really does sound like someone just pulled this out from somewhere we don’t want to know. this websites from god only knows where. i really agree with the comments about showing a source, cause its now getting redic. they make up these stupid stories and get everyones panties in a bunch, its stupid. we don’t even know KSTEW, who freaking cares. all that concerns me is the movie, if the movies good thats all that matters.

  • EdwardXBella

    then drop out!!
    I don’t watch Twilight because she’s on it…
    I won’t go into a “frenzy” or anything

  • MEh

    god im just so tired of her.. its not like she’s the perfect actress..she sucks as an actress, and she’s also one of the reasons why i didnt like the movie…and now she wants people to kiss ass to her…fukking bitch… :[

  • MEh

    god im just so tired of her.. its not like she’s the perfect actress..she sucks as an actress, and she’s also one of the reasons why i didnt like the movie…and now she wants people to kiss ass to her…fukking bitch… :[

  • Andrea

    She wasn’t a good Bella anyway. She was entirely too awkward. I understand Bella is supposed to be that way…but Kristen was the wrong kind of awkward, Bella should have been that starry eyed, “look at how amazing he is, I’m not good enough” kind of awkward. Not the “I don’t know how to act DUR” kind of awkward. Kristen SHOULD quit, New Moon might be a decent movie without her. In my opinion she ruined Twilight. That’s why I hate the movie. She ruined everything. I personally think, that even though she is already a star and I think they should steer away from star studding the upcoming films, Hayley Williams of Paramore would have made an awesome Bella, without her fire red hair of course. On the Hayley-Robert Myspace Artist on Artist, Robert Pattinson had so much chemistry with her, that just didn’t show through with Kristen. So to sum this up, Kristen was a more than an inadequate choice for Bella.

  • annonnamess

    I dont think the twilight saga would be right without KStew and its not twilight if theres not KStew in it. It would break girls hearts of the love of she series. I think that she should do what she thinks is best for her because it is her life and if shes not enjoying what roles shes playing she should have a say without a bunch of people saying how mean she is!
    im a big fan and i DO hope she continues the role and Bella Swan.

  • Twilightluver

    I think Kristen is a very, very talented actress but seriously im fed up with her being a snob why did she even say that i mean seriously she’s so stupid if she wants to quit Twilight because it is the best thing that has come along for her nad she will never make as much money as she will on the Twilight movies. So if she wants to quit i will still go see the movies but i admitt they won’t be as good without her but i will still like the movies but she is an idiot to say she’s going 2 quit. wow very, very long but true

  • Want to go than go

    Kristen if it is so easy and if you truly want to leave you should leave. I do not believe anyone would miss you really. I believe you are a beautiful girl and you look like Bella. But someone better could clearly fill your shoes.

  • Mary

    She’s extremely annoying. She acts likes she’s better than everyone else but she’s not. She’s an awful actress and never should have been on Twilight (Which I did not enjoy, it was very akward and dry) cringe* now I’ll probably be beaten down by every Twilight lover who reads this, but I’m entitled to my opinion. I personally belive Kirsten should be fired from the cast of Twilight mainly because she was recently caught smoking pot, and should be punished, she obviously has no respect for her fans, many people did not like her as Bella, and she even said “I don’t want to go my whole life as a professional liar” So I feel she has no respect for her job and therfor should not be able to act if shes going to publicly bash all actors.

  • Kristen

    I kinda agree with her,
    but she is a really good actor and without her in twilight there…
    would be no reson to watch it…

  • LyRiC

    okay first off all u dumb ass haters who are posting “hate” comments. How would u kno if this statement that there posting in the magazing are TRUE!!!!! damn don’t belive everything u see on the media and if u don’t like kristen u can go f**k urselfs because ur just being haters and ur JEAlous!! just because of the fact that u will never ever get to hang out with any of the HOTT DUDES in twilight. and specifically Robert!!! okay so i suggest that u stop saying stuff about kristen and sending her hate mail. o and also stoppp being haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FYI KRISTEN IS F**KING AWSOMEEEEE!!!!!!:)

  • someone

    ok i like bella in twilight but not so much kristen stewart.i would like her better if you was more positive about twilight. and she said she would drop out to leave girls in a frenzy. ???