Robert Pattinson: 'Pretending to be American Was Easy'

March 3, 2009 by dino

Robert Pattinson insists putting on an American accent for his role in Twilight was easy – because he grew up watching American movies.

The British actor – who plays Edward Cullen in the smash hit movie franchise – says he has had plenty of practice in sounding like he’s from America.

Robert explains, “All of my favourite actors are American and I grew up watching American movies.

“It’s weird I used to do a New Jersey accent in every audition in America, because I liked it. It’s completely bizarre and everybody would ask: ‘Where are you from?’  And I would say, ‘Oh, I’m from London!’”

However, Robert – who reprises his role as Cullen in Twilight sequel New Moon, which is due out later this year – isn’t sure if being British helped him portray a vampire.

He adds, “I don’t know if being British helps!

“It’s weird because there were a lot of British people up for this part. The author’s [Stephenie Meyer] choice was an English guy which was really strange.

“She wanted all English guys to play Americans. I think there is something about this myth in America of British people being classy.”


  • Andrea

    …British men are hot and their accents, oh yeah!

  • elliieeeee

    ooooooh, he’s very attractive ;D
    i love him <33
    his a PERFECT role for edward :D
    only like 3cm shorter than how edward was discribed in the book apparently, i heard stephenie meyeer say that (:

  • Kerry from Ireland

    well, i LOVE the english accent and i know ppl who r frm London and they have the most amazing accent that makes them sooooo sexy!!! its weird because ppll from England find the Irish accent sexy and ppl from Ireland find the english accent sexy!!lol. bt yea his british charm adds to the sexiness of Edward quite well, dnt ya think??lol. im so glad i live so close to England because its like a £15 trip for a return ticket to London and wen ur ther its incredibley WOW because ther r soooo many fit guys who have that amazing English accent!!lol

  • Amanda ;D

    oh im from new jersey!!!!
    please come
    we all love you ;D

  • Didoo

    God! he is so handsome!!! And ya English accent is definitelly the sexiest! Personally i’m French and English accent is better than ours!