Angelina Jolie to Donate to Octo-Mom?

March 30, 2009 by dino

Angelina Jolie is reportedly planning to donate “thousands of dollars” to octo-mom Nadya Suleman.

The Changeling star – who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt – is said to be worried about Suleman and her 14 children and is considering helping the family out financially.

A source tells America’s Star magazine, “Angelina is worried about the best interests of the kids.

“As a mom of six, she knows how chaotic and costly raising a big family can be.”

However, Angelina, 33, does have some misgivings about the gift.

The source adds, “She doesn’t necessarily approve of Nadya, and she doesn’t want to turn the situation into even more of a circus.”


  • Dawn16mich

    I understand where Angelena is coming I have ten other siblings, and the only reason she getting this money is because she had 8 babies at once although she certinly needs the money so I know the conflict between her choices.


    u gotta be kidding that octo-mom chick should have the kids taken away from her,and she should be put into a phych-ward!!!!!!!the lady is obviously a complete and total wack-job!@!!!!she cant keep a publisist or a nanny,so what makes anybody thinks she can keep any kids??? BOOOOOOO!!! TO THE WACK-JOB MOM!!!!

  • sickofthisshit

    octo-mom has no business raising children at all. hey angelina, how about instead of giving that psycho money, you just adopt the kids. and madonna could take a couple and im sure you could pawn some more off to your hollywood doo gooders