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Sarah Michelle Gellar ‘In Talks For Buffy Movie’

Posted by Adam

Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar is reportedly in talks to reprise her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer – for a movie.

The 31-year-old actress ended her role as Buffy in 2003 after a seven-year run.

Now the feisty character could be making a return on the big screen.

An insider says, “There is an idea for a script and to pick the story up with Buffy older and maybe even a mother.

“Michelle is busy with movie projects at the moment but she is excited about the idea. Buffy still has a huge fan-base so this is a movie that already has an audience.

“Michelle is a shrewd businesswoman so the chances are this will happen at some point.”

  • TheJosh777

    Yes, we’d better make sure to bring back the whiny, annoying lesbian that only survived for a couple of seasons.

    • aselopretseras

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  • Really?

    Buffy ran seven seasons.
    checking wiki: 30 seconds
    outsmarting hollywood ‘insider’: Timeless

  • Mercy

    Too much time and fan fiction has passed. With the comics Joss had the sense to have two dimensions wiht Angel and Spike in one the four other main characters in the other, because the triangle can’t be resolved and each character has their fans. Buffy alone as a mother would interet very few fans. No Joss, no Spike, no Angel, no Willow, Xander, Giles. Just no.

  • inlo

    great if its true. but it isn’t. SMG has been trying to shed her image as Buffy since before the show even went off the air. she will never do it. and as long as we have little baby’s already crying my ” my favorite story beter happen” or ” my favorite character better…” then maby we shouldn’t bother. If it ever did happen then just remember joss is like a god. he can write anything and make it great. he could turn buffy male, erase every thing that ever took place in the Buffyverse and still make it work.

  • VinceNoir

    I am soooo tired of hearing people say the show tanked after Tara died. The problem here is that correlation doesn’t imply causation.

    Also, just because Tara was gay does not make her the best character in the show. Also, I am gay, and liked Tara. Also, get over it.

    Oh…and yeah, her name is not Michelle, and the freakin’ show was on for 7 years. SEVEN. No Wikipedia required.

  • Blue Gloves

    This sounds like a rip-off of a book that was a rip-off of Buffy…where a mother was secretly a demon hunter when she was younger and now she is a house wife and mother. Something like that Gina Davis movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight. For years I have said that, that book should be the basis for a Buffy movie–maybe someone at Fox was listening?

  • Blue Gloves

    This sounds like a rip-off of a book that was a rip-off of Buffy…where a mother was secretly a demon hunter when she was younger and now she is a house wife and mother. Something like that Gina Davis movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight. For years I have said that, that book should be the basis for a Buffy movie–maybe someone at Fox was listening?

  • buffymegafan

    I think Buffy did actually run for 6 YEARS, 7 SEASONS but over 6 YEARS. the article says 6 years, not seasons.

    Either way it aint gonna happen, not unless SMG is offered ALOT of money.

  • saz

    Actually it ran for 7 seaosn over 8 YEARS if u watch any interview with them where it says about this smg has also said it, and i honestly also believe its bullshit. Shed be the last person to sign up not the first one in talks.
    shed have to be poor and desprate.

  • Veiriti

    I’d love to see Buffy movie with Spike, Angel, Illyria, Willow and the others :)) That would be better than Twilight! Spike and Buffy are my favorite characters on the show. And their love story is still unfinished… Why not Buffy to be a mother? And Spike to be the father of her child? I know Spike is vampire, but he is a vampire with a soul. Angel had a child from Darla (both of them are vampires) Why not Spike and Buffy to have a child? It would be fun – a child of vampire and vampire slayer! ;)))

  • Riley

    Buffy ran for seven years too. I too have the sour smell of BS in my nostrils!

  • AnonymousBuffyFan

    There’s ALWAYS rumors about a BTVS movie. I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen.

    Also, though Tara was more or less my favorite character, I don’t want to see her come back in a movie. Seriously, if she were to come back it would need to be a lengthy plot-line not a subplot in a movie.

    The only reason I’d want a movie is because it would un-canon the crappy comics.

  • SarahMG

    Sorry, I have to leave Buffy in order to do (sniff) “serious” acting. Like TMNT, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo 2, The Grudge, The Return of the Grudge, Son of the Grudge, The Grudge Goes Bananas . . . .


    Wait a second, I call a do-over.

  • Jon

    I dunno some closure would be nice. And let’s face it SMG is the only reason one wasn’t made in the first place, the fame went to her head and she thought she was bigger than the role… tut tut. I didn’t really like Tara that much, more of a xander man and the comics would be great if they weren’t releasing them about 3 a year each being like 5 pages long ¬_¬.

    If it happens it happens but in the mean time, watch Joss’ Latest work. Dollhouse is Brilliant, it’s got the actresses who played faith, and Fred from angel (<3 Fred) WHY DID YOU DIE FRED!!??!?!

  • LILyxxx

    Yay Buffy! I would see this in a second!

  • confused

    The article i am seeing does say seven-year run did they edit it after all your comments? also a btvs movie would never happen. joss is busy doing dollhouse (though i have heard rumors of it ending). And smg wouldn’t do it. plus Aly is having a baby enjoying a new part of her life so she would be out unless its like 2 years down the road. sorry. just stick to the comics and fanfiction for you fix.

  • I wish

    I think I read an interview recently where Joss Whedon said that things with Buffy were pretty much done, forever — no Ripper movie, no Buffy movie, just Dollhouse. I don’t even know how I’d react if they were to resurrect Buffy. It’s too much to hope for. Sigh.

  • buffyfan

    if its true great, if not who cares. a movie would be awesome but if they decide not to then so be it. who cares if the article said 6 years. buffy fans know how long it ran for. anyway it will be awesome! no matter what.

  • Grailwolf

    Not sure how anyone could say that Buffy ran for eight years. It premiered (midseason) on 3/10/97 (10-3-97 for anyone outside the US) and ended on 5/20/03 (20-5-03). I figure that to be 6 years, 2 months, and 10 days. Anyway, it ran for seven seasons, so “seven years” is a perfectly legitimate shorthand way of saying it.

    As for the movie, I’d love to see it. I think Joss could find a way to either fit it in with the “season 8″ continuity or to set it after the comics have wrapped up. And whatever he decided, I’d be in line on opening night.

  • reviah

    It could work but as it has been said it would have to involve the majority if not all the Buffy characters (still existing in the buffyverse that is). It would be interesting to see if they fit Angel into it, but I feel that should be a separate movie seeing as his storyline for Angel was in my opinion a better show. Spike could still work seeing as he’s in both shows but I’m not sure how it would work until the end of Season 6 Angel Comics as **spoiler alert**they are in another dimension.

    Not sure you could go with the spike & buffy baby idea, seeing as you did quote Angel & Darla had a vampiric baby but in the storyline it was part of a mystical prophesy and not a ‘natural’ phenomenon, I’ll leave it there as there’s too much to cover on that point.

    If Joss is writing it, then I can’t see how it would disappoint fans as he loves the Buffy/Angel series as if it is his own children, and he wouldn’t ‘cop-out’ to studio demands. The whole ‘Fox Corp’ issue could be interesting to watch to see what happens.

  • BuffyDeservesAMovie

    Okay. first of all Buffy without Sarah is a waste of time. Second, Joss’s rule is that Buffy cant get pregnanat by a vamp because Joss’s vamps cant have kids. Only Connor was the exception. And Joss never thought that highly of Spike although he was the best bf Buffy had. The Whedon site still says no movie. And Joss is way too busy with current projects to make time for a movie. Although it would be great timing while the iron is still hot! The only way Hollywood would get excited about the idea of a btvs movie is if all the main characters turned gay and had a slumber party.

  • BeKind2Me

    In response to the poster who wrote:
    “Some “insider”, they don’t even know her name! It’s Sarah, not Michelle. :P”

    I totally get why you would say that – because Sarah is her name. But actually, I’ve seen it a few times where she goes by “Michelle” with some of her closer friends. For example – when Freddy Prinze Jr. was on Ellen, Ellen asked, “How’s your wife Michelle?” So after seeing her go by Michelle in a few other interviews, I came to the assumption she must go by that name with friends. (I could be jumping to conclusions…but it’s just an observation) :)

    But I’d LOVE to see a Buffy movie come out. I loved that show. While I think Sarah Michelle Geller was smart to leave when she did – I think it would be fun to be able to jump back into that universe for a bit. Buffy was always such a great show and I’ve really missed it. Fingers crossed for the movie! :)

  • buffers

    do it do it!! i hope it actually happens. have been a fan of buffy/joss whedon for years. is he going to be involved by the way? when it comes out i will be waiting in line anxiously with my buffy tshirt on!

  • Rach

    “And Joss never thought that highly of Spike although he was the best bf Buffy had.”

    This always bugs me when people say this.

    Buffy and Spike never dated. Yes, they were having sex, but they never dated. For them whatever they had was purely platonic. All chemistry, no substance. She started boinking him because she was torn apart when she was ripped from heaven. And she needed to feel something, anything.

    In regaurds to the movie: There has been rumors flying around since before the show even ended. I think it would be nice to have a movie, but I’m not going to hold my breath. But since the reunion a few months ago, when the cast started talking about a movie, the possibility is looking brighter. It should be soon though, SMG is pregnant now, and she isn’t getting any younger. Although I’m comfortable with the way the show ended, I think a movie would give a lot of fans closure. But I won’t be breaking out the ballons and oreos until I get confirmation from the man behind the curtain: Joss himself.

  • Faith♥




  • Vanja

    Buffy the movie?! Yay…Oh thank God! I so want to know who ends up with who…finally!

  • Karoline

    A Buffy movie whould be awesome!
    I would see it, i LOVE buffy xD

  • source
  • sandra

    a buffy movie would be awsome, i miss sarah being buffy, but to make it awsome they have to stay with the same cast and crew

  • Bob

    Rumours aren’t true anyway, but because it bugs me:

    1. Buffy ran for 7 seasons over 6 years, 1997-2003. The first season was a half-length mid-season replacement. They corrected it in this article after the bitching, but saying it ran for six years is accurate.

    2. I seem to recall that SMG goes by Michelle in her private life, not Sarah, according to interviews. Sarah Michelle Gellar is her full professional name, as many of her generation’s actors use 3 names because of union naming rules and repetition of names. Using your middle name is somewhat uncommon these days, but used to be more common – my father, who is not a movie star nor has any reason to need a stage or union name, has gone by his middle name since birth. I recall that SMG’s co-star back in the 90s, Jennifer Love Hewitt, goes by Love in her private life, or at least she claimed she did when she was on Letterman around 10 years ago. And finally, I seem to recall that Buffy going by her middle name, Anne, in the S2 opener was a reference to SMG’s use of her middle name.

  • http://na Kira

    OH YES PLEASE! A B.T.V.S. movie would be awesome…of course you would have to get the original cast all back together to make it great…at least that is what I think. As fro making Buffy a mother…not to sure how I feel on that one just yet. I would like to see it though. I was a big fan and still am a big fan of the show…but my favorite char’s are Dawn and Faith…so that woudl weigh heavily on it for me.

  • Fredrik

    Buffy isn’t over, season 8 is released every month in comic books, and as any Whedonnerd would, I’m subscribing and loving it.
    Wolves at the Gates was probably one of my favorite arcs throughout the whole series, TV included.
    But what I don’t understand is why Whedon waited until AFTER the TV series ended with making Buffy explore her lesbo-side. I mean damn, the drawings are nice and all that, but still, I’d rather see the real Sarah Michelle Gellar make out with another slayer :p
    Anyway, if they made season 8 or just Wolves at the Gates into a movie I’d probably go from being a sarcastic jerk into a happy happy man in an instant.
    I mean have you guys read WatG? It’s a frickin’ must for any Buffy-fan!

  • SadJack

    Truthfully with how the comics are shaping up and by the rumors of Xander being the “Twilight”. It would be a good story stretch for Joss to degrade Xander more by having him knockup Buffy and her being a mother from the only “Trusted-Normal-Human Guy”. Making a death as a bad guy for Xander at the end of the comic season, and creating a way as only Xander could for Buffy to have her normal life. Not only that but has anyone ever thought that the true love kiss could be a false possitive. There is no way to know that Satsu didn’t kiss her first but pulled back and had Xander do the whole sneak in thing after her. Remember he does not take credit for stuff he does for her or has a inferiority complex that says he didn’t do it and it was Satsu’s kiss not his. And also with how Joss is on degrading Xander and belittling his importance, he also makes it to where it opens the unknown good thing for Xander by giving him a child after he dies as the “Twilight”.

    Just a few thoughts for use on the movie.

  • Amanda

    A Buffy movie would be so great they need to finish what happen to Buffy I do not like how they ended the show it was stupid, so making a movie would be a good way to finally end Buffy the way it should of ended with her ending up with angel. people on here need to shut up cause they know if someone makes a Buffy movie they would go see it. Please make the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alison

    A buffy movie would be so awesome and would totally change my life! I was really sad when the television series ended and I want to see what happens next.

  • paulina

    omgggg they should!
    and have our whole cast back.

    and REUNITE SPUFFY!!!!!!

  • lozza

    all i can say when it comes to a possible buffy the vampire slayer movies is BRING ON THE MOVIE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    smg hasn’t been in much since buffy so once she had her baby i say get ya skates on girly the movies is calling you and all original charecters!

  • james

    Omg i want to see buffy movie our a 8th season maybe i know its been years but why end it i dont want to sit there reading a comic i mean no fun in that i want to watch the movie oh and if there is a movie when will it come out well i was like five when buffy started five i want to see more eny way smg haveing a baby so what its going to take a year to look after then its like 2010 i mean time is ticking here come on.

  • sophie

    Has anyone read the book by Nancy Holder ” Queen of the Slayers ” I think that would be a good idear for a BTVS movie.

    For anyone who hasn’t read it its worth reading trust me it starts right from them leaving the hellmouth :)

  • peter

    Pop culture goes full circle, Vampires (and slayers) are big sellers again, so why not get Buffy on the big screen (does that first movie even count )…’s the perfect time….you’d think studios would be dripping at the gills over this one.

    The Buffster with full cast before they get old and wrinkly like david brinkley? It has to be done soon, and the script has to be good Joss- really really good.

    bring it on!!!

    Peter-Kalorama Australia

  • Lance

    She has to make money somewhere because ever since she left that character her acting career has gone downhill.Sometimes you have to go back to the well cause it’s the only role that she has done in the last 15 years that was any good.She should kiss Joss Whedons ass and pray to the god of skinny,punk actresses that Joss will attach himself the the movie and find the forgivness in his heart to write the role for her,after she has badmouthed the fans and the show itself for the last 6 years.

  • Brandon

    Forget Sarah coming back in for a sequel. Why cant we all realize that Ashley Tisdale looks similar to Sarah Michelle Gellar

  • beccy

    außerdem wäre dann die frage wer ist der vater des kindes??…spike und angel sind vampiere..!!

  • Anonymous

    Your all wrong it was 1997 to 2003. I might add this i will be proved wrong by somebody. I think Buffy was going to shown in 1996 fall or something but was put back 1997 as a season filler in america.
    If they did a film I would like Buffy to be older and had child. The child was vampire slayer her mother but in training and i really do not think Buffy would keep it secert from her husband or partner if she was married.

  • Kelley

    It might not work but, I don’t care.
    I want more Buffy and as far as I’m concerned, Joss can pull off anything.
    People say it’s been too long, there’s all this comic confusion blah blah.. It doesn’t matter.
    The truth is Buffy fans are loyal and Joss is a mastermind. If anybody could work their way around it… it would be him. And if there were any fan base that would support this kind of movie, it would be the ones from the Buffyverse.

  • buffyfan

    Did you all just jump on google or wiki and dearch how long it ran for? Have any of you actually watched buffy? ha!


    The only way this movie will work is if they have Joss and the series cast. I would not see it otherwise. I heard that they were looking at asking hayden panettiere or Hilary Duff to play Buffy. Haha! grose.

  • http://Wimessenger ian jonew

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. they should make a new film or season, IT would be great is Alison Hannigan and Nicholes Brendon and Anthony Stwert Head and the rest of them…. I sssssoooooooooooooooo hope Geller brings the “Buffster” back, i misss it sooooo much. It may be from the past but its a f***ing blast. And Geller is great… infact shes the best actress in the world.

  • http://Wimessenger ian jonew

    Hay buffy fans,i hope it comes back to the screens, Josss Whendon if you ever read thisplease bring the worlds best program back. I know it might be hard but… u can’t let the fans…ur fans down. And Sarah i hope ur baby is as sucssesful as uu

  • Kim

    Awah, I’d watch that film. The last series was definately the worst. (7) With the 20,000 slayers.. No.. One slayer buffy.. Maybe two Faith.. But Kendra and then all the ‘potential slayers’ went too far. Spike and Angel Better be in the movie or it will loose a lot of viewers. :)

  • Gracie

    I love the buffy tv show and a movie would be amazing i certainly would go with and “older buffy”

  • buffyfanforlife

    Hello did you guys not read the article they said possibly be a mom not definite. Also if they do a movie of course you need sarah michelle that’s a given but they probably will look into calling back the others its just starting off anyway who knows if it will take off. Plus she may have met another vampire who knows whats gonna happen.

  • fluffy

    They should bring Buffy back and of course only SMG can play her. Joss Whedon may be a great writer but without Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy this movie will be shit and not make as much money.

  • Morningfawn

    dude if they come out with a movie it will only be a hit to ppl who liked all 7 seasons. though some of them were kinda ify i liked most of them but there are alot of ppl out there who laugh at this sort of thing, i say F!ck the big screen take it straight to DVD, im not sure if i’ll watch it if there isn’t Spike in it or at least Angel, if she’s gonna be a mother she should be a mother with one of those vampires, i mean hello thats how the first season started out with a tiny bit of what they call “forbbiden” love. no one wanted to see her just kicking ass they wanted to see the loving sexy side as well. if she were a mother of anything she would be the mother of ass kicking for sure. but if she comes back and makes a movie no less then at least draw from past seasons. i say Spike he was way hotter then Angel and they had a more secret love affair, it was rougher as well. VERY filled with passion. but yea if this movie comes out then i’ll at least watch the trailor to see if it’s any good or not. hopfully it is but if it isn’t im gonna be very disappointed in Buffy and the person who wrote it! like i said spike was hot stuff!

  • Brian

    it wont happen its a stupid idea nobody will accept that the show is done, finished! making a movie wouldnt work. The whole cast is much older and are done with buffy and angel, they were great shows, dont reck them!

    In my opinion if dollhouse is stoped for Joss’s next show, Eliza Dushku should take back her role as Faith in her own show. I love faith.
    Think about it?

  • Sarah

    A movie isn’t enough, I want the series back! But if a movie is all I can get then so be it. I’ll have to live with that. What I’d give to see SMG in character again, new lines, new everything. Along with all the other characters of course. James needs to stop acting in Smallville and go back to the character he plays best. The day they announce the return of Buffy is the day I die happy ever after.

  • http://aaaa Naneee

    Bár úgy lenne !!!!

  • Susan Roberts

    Buffy is a great show and so is Angel! The fan base is Enormous! And if they can bring back Sex in the City for a movie and now for a sequel…..Then Joss better get busy because if they think the numbers were big for movies like that, wait until Buffy hits the screen! All I can say is they will be laughing all the way to the BANK!
    Where can I buy a ticket?

  • Wes

    As much as I want it to happen it never will.

    R.I.P Buffy

  • amanda goeppner

    SCREW ALL OF YOU DOWNERS!!! Buffy being reopened is like a dream come true. Listen to yourselves! I KNOW that at one point in your lives you buzzed for the next new Buffy episode, drooled over the new comics and begged your mom for that Buffy t-shirt you saw online while your eyes were glued to the screen of a buffy episode. So shut it!!!!

  • BLS

    I would love to have a BTVS sequel in a big screen or TV movie, as long as Spike is in it. Spike was the best creation of Joss Whedon, and his character gave life and meaning to the show. I finally want the Spuffy reunion that I have been waiting and dreaming of for years. Joss left us hanging on the Byffy/Spike love story. I want to see Spike again, and for him to finally get the happiness he deserves, and with the woman he loves.

  • Jamie

    Eww to Buffy/Spike. Sorry, but a man that tries to rape you does not DESERVE YOU whatsoever. Spike was great in seasons 2 and 3, but he started to decline in season 4 and they RUINED him in season 5. Then, he just became lame, annoying and pathetic. SMG has actually been working pretty steadily since the show ran, but she does independent film work now which is why you don’t hear about it as much and it seems like she hasn’t been working. But she HAS. Like someone else said, BTVS ran for 7 seasons, but 6 years if you do the math.

  • katrine

    i think SMG will not do it.., but really hoping she will..

    oh, and thers this news that there will be a buffy movie but not about the buffy tv but the lame buffy movie. it will star different casts., no willow,angel and spike. LAME!!!

  • Lexi Lowe

    Another series of Buffy this rocks i love buffy i could watch it all day n sometimes i do n my sisters get annoyed but i cant help it the dang movie is so addicting especially with SMG and DB in it they are a hot couple n should be together for a long time my sisters dont reakky care for buffy but they totally agree with me all i know is that i hope there is more buffy movies n i hope SMG ids still the slayer………OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT…..u guys making n starring in it please make it happen please ur fans are begging

  • Teresa

    let sarah michelle gellar be buffy and bring angel in the movie too but let david Boreanaz play Angel of course :D I would love to see them act together again!! BUFFY AND ANGEL FOREVER!!

  • richard

    like to see a buffy movie
    faith is so sexy she was
    great in it they all where

  • Diana

    We would love to see a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.  However, only with the cast form the TV series and with Joss Whedon to be involved with the project.  Hopefully it will happen soon.  There must be a way to continue the series with new stories that do not rely only from the comic books. 

  • Dakotacm3


  • hopeful fan

    Please do it a tilogy of Buffy movies and I know people say the vamps aged but prosthetics and digital enhancments make the best series ever with joss and cast with a veiw to a watcher season with xander or faith and a chance to bring back the lost charactors of cordy Anya Tara in a reality subplot of somekind hopefully will see a brilliant origional cast movies with all the cool special effects and enhancments and of course the brilliance the series had back:-)

  • Thirteen

    smg is probably considering making a buffy movie only because her career is has gone down. making buffy a mother would be lame.Another problem about making a movie would be the whole (AngelxBuffyxSpike) i think buffy is done and should be left alone.

  • zlurekim

    buffy isnt done. theres still the season 8 comics

  • Kristen

    so while i would LOVE a BTVS movie mainly because i LOVE BTVS while the show has ended the story hasn’t, season 8 while not on television lives on in the comic book realm so what would they do? just make the comic book into a movie? or completely dismiss everything that has developed in the whedonverse?

  • Trenton

    this is tooooo good to be true. I call bullshit.

  • Carrie

    This is…ugh.

    Really, Buffy’s over. Now, an Angel/Spike movie? Sweet deal.

  • Eliza

    Some “insider”, they don’t even know her name! It’s Sarah, not Michelle. :P

  • Bek

    A Buffy movie would be freakin’ awesome, but, you’re forgetting about the OTHER main cast. Buffy wasn’t just all SMG.
    If anyone was in talks for a BtVS movie, it’d be Joss. Sure, SMG would be needed for Buffy, but, there’d need to be a script first, and I highly doubt Joss Whedon would do something as drastic as making Buffy a mother.

    So, therefore, I’m calling this on the Bullshit side of the fence too.

  • Nick Abriola

    Not going to happen. Ever. :(

  • gorn

    Waste of time if they don’t bring back Tara. The whole show tanked after they killed her off …

  • BLS

    I would love to see a sequel to BTVS in a big screen, or TV, movie. Spike definately has to be in it since he was Whedon’s best creation, and gave the show life and meaning. I would love to see Spike back, and to see the Spuffy reunion that I have been waiting and dreaming of for years. Joss left us hanging, and wanting, in reference to Buffy and Spike’s love story. Spike needs the hapinness he finally deserves, and to be with the woman he loves (Buffy). Spike is the best!!!!

  • James

    i dont feel like he left us hanging, if you watch the last episode she says she was always wishing she wasnt the slayer. over all seven seasons she seems to search for happiness and right at the end of the last episode she just smiles like shes done it and now shes a normal girl. these season 8 comice are silly and should of never been made and movie would also ruin buffys goal, or happiness.joss ended the series, not left us hanging.