Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Romance — Just a Rumor!

May 28, 2010 by Adam

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartROBERT Pattinson‘s romance with Kristen Stewart was just a rumor after all!

That’s if this latest report is to be believed!

According to Fox News, the hunky British Twilight actor has been telling colleagues on the set of his new movie Water for Elephants — in which he plays a veterinarian who joins the circus, and also stars Reese Witherspoon — that he’s single.

“Rob is not dating anyone. There are no plans for Kristin Stewart to visit the set and he tells everyone he is single,” blabbed one insider.

“Rob is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, he reads the internet and pays attention to what people are saying. He is sharp and aware of everything.

“He’ll do the Eclipse premieres and then focus 100 percent on Reese and Water for Elephants. It’s like entering a whole new world for him.”

Sources also revealed that R-Patz, 24, has been flirting up a storm with his 34-year-old Oscar-winning costar.

“Rob worked with Reese seven years ago on Vanity Fair. He had a tiny part and he joked with Reese that, of course, she didn’t remember him from their time together then,” a source said.

“They joke a lot and Rob has her blushing and laughing all the time. He’s very charming.

“He went on about how she is this beautiful, super-famous Academy Award winner, and Reese loved it.

“She was flattered and giggling while he teased. It’s cute and it makes for a great movie set. Everyone is excited because they fit so well together.”

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  • Ashleigh

    so sick of this crap- oh wait- the movie is only a month away….. ahem..

  • Kristen Sweet

    Wait! There was a rumor these two were dating?

    • Kim

      Kristen you made me laugh when I really need to right now. thanks

  • Tormented Angel

    Ah, just give the boy a break, he’s sowing his oats lol.
    Hmm but I wonder if Kristen is going to fade away into the shadows now since more people are focusing on him instead of her? The outcome will be very interesting. At least he appreciates his fans more than her.

    • D

      LOL – Yes he does. Although, that wouldn’t take much I don’t think. :)

    • saucy wallflower

      of course she won’t fade into the shadows, she’s an immature, whiny, talentless pain in the butt but she’s not completely stupid. just look at that ipod stunt that she pulled in during that interview. can you say desperate cry for attention? she will keep dropping subtle “hints” and continue to randomly show up places where Rob is in order to keep her name in the spotlight right next to his.

      i must say that while i giggled with glee over this article, i am suspicious of it’s authenticity. i believe Rob is getting along very well with Reese, and i believe that they have great chemistry because Rob could have chemistry with a rock, but i’m not 100% sold on that he’s openly telling everyone on set that he’s single. to me, that part just doesn’t make sense. why now, after he’s been asked numerous times in the past year would he finally reveal that? if he really wanted to set the record straight he would have and could have done that 1,000 times over already.

      • lilbit

        But he did do it, vanity fair springs to mind, the hungarian interview as well, he always says just good friends but no one believes him. Or they say the interview is two months old and they are now etc. Things changed during the New Moon promo with a move to don’t ask, maybe because he was sick of answering the same question and not being believed, maybe PR stepped in to milk it for what it was worth, maybe the situation had changed at that point I dunno and don’t care.

        But he has answered that Q to the press so many times over the past year. It will be interesting to see what the press junkets do during Eclipse and how PR is handled then.

    • gerlene

      just live him alone coz its his own life he can do what ever he wanted just enjoy ur life!!!!!!!!!

  • D

    LMAO Kristen. I thought I might have heard something about that somewhere…just can’t for the life of me remember..huh.
    It is so good to hear that he is happy and in good spirits and finally learning what it is like to have actors with true thespian abilities as co-stars! Good for Robert. I hope he continues to separate himself far, far, away from that trainwreck of that which not be named.
    Have a great night ladies! :)

    • Kim

      You too D.

      I agree I do see a distancing from a certain British actor from his “rumored” American girlfriend/costar/friend. Especially after her flawed interview.

  • Kim

    Good night to all. I e-mailed all the regulars about what is going on in my life (yes I have one). I will hopefully talk with you all tomorrow.

    Someone please let me know which board we will be on tomorrow. thanks

    • open book!

      Hi Kim,

      I hope u are o.k. I like reading your post u are always very sagacious. I hope u get well soon!

  • moushumi

    hahahahahah…:D ata asoley akta mojar gujob..!

    HI Ashleigh ! its nice to meet u. m MOU.m here after a long break. cz was buzy wid may MBA xam n new job. m a big fan of Rob. very poor boy….i love him! i m continuously reading n reading all those rumours whatever they r true or not. but atleast these rumours make me lough or sometimes give me a long breathout…!

  • Kristen Sweet

    So glad I put a giggle in your bellies tonight ladies! :)

  • Sandyeddiag

    This is Wonderful news…I just knew Robert was smarter than to be with that natural disaster…Yea Robert!!! I am glad…Now I can look at Robert for the good looking, super smart, talented person he is.

    • Katie

      What kind of natural disaster is the Shrew?A hurricane,tornado,or a severe thunderstorm? Or is she all three rolled into one. :lol:

      • lilbit

        Too funny :lol:

      • eagles125

        Miss one a volcano spewing ash every where

  • Lisa

    Suppose to be dating who? KS who? Well it did not take the cast of WFE to make us believe Rob is single. I think KS should change her pictures from a year ago :lol:

    • Katie

      Lisa-I fond a picture of her from the LA premiere of New Moon.You should see it.She looks like a deer caught in headlights.

  • Gabbie

    You are a bunch of sicko’s, get help quick!

  • open book!

    It’s always a bore to hear an actor complain. Heard it all before, it’s the lights, costumes, hair and make-up hurting my performance. It’s never lack of talent!

    Real artist, amazing talented actors, rarely complain and spend there time working getting prepared for whatever is thrown there way. They are versatile scholars, respectful, humble and successful in almost any roll they play. If u want to be successful surround yourself with successful people. It looks like R gets it!

    K is a novice by comparison!

  • FritoLay

    Amen open book!

  • Autumn

    i told you hes like leo and jude he isnt going to settle for one girl hes 24 and a huge movie star would you settle for one guy/girl if you were that big of a star???

  • Katie

    yeah! Go Team Robsie or Team Robeese!

  • Heather

    He is dating someone but its not Kristen!

    • Katie

      Heather-Did you hear that?I think you broke the hearts of about of diehard fans.Congratulations and a well job done!

      • Heather

        Mine intention was not to break anyone’s heart just to spread the word…and that word is the truth. LOL.

      • kayli

        Heather too true – althoug knowing he is with Rosie certainly hasn’t broken my heart ;-)

    • gerlene

      good for himaybe he’s dating me? who knows!lol

  • kayli


    Finally a story of sense, and one that is believable. Anyone in their right mind would have distanced themselves from KS a long time ago.

    I think Rob has finally realised she was about to be the kiss of death for his career. Any career he chose – not just acting.

  • http://robandkris cheryl hymer

    guys get over your selves and leave kristen alone she has never done nothing to any of u and also her and rob are probable dating they just dont want to anounce it i cant blame them and also rob would not go around saying that he is single especially avoiding the questions for over 2 years people get over already kristen is very pretty and u can tell they are into each other by the way they look at each other so back the f**k off.

    • Kayli

      Actually she has now done something ‘personal’ to me when she compared being papped to raped. A 20 year old woman-child who has been in this business for as long as she has should know how to work the press.

  • Kristen’s pimply buttcheeks

    oh yah, he reads the internet and these ridiculous sites. muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • missy

    Why does some people hate Kristen so much! My opinion and only my opinion why read or comment on someone you dislike?? What I like about Kristen is, she is sooo much like the character Bella; she is her own person, she doesn’t see herself as beautiful as she is and she never thinks she is better than anyone else. I have seen the segment on the net where she stopped her car to sign photographs for the fans. Recently there was a beautiful article about someone who saw R/K are the Ritz Resort and his comment was that he knew love when he saw it and that he didn’t know who the couple til someone else told him, but he did know that they were definitely in love. It is a relationship that they want to keep private, would anyone want the details of their love life seen on the internet? of course not!! And Rob is charming and would it be better to make friends on the work set than enemies. I will never understand people, is everyone else’s life so bad that they must try and destroy someone like Rob or and especially Kristen!!! And these articles can hurt people, rumors can damage lives and tear people apart!!! I’m sorry but and it’s only my opinion, I love Kristen and her movies, looking forward to E. then BD; wish her the best in her life, and w/ her private relationships. WHOEVER SHE IS SEEING!!

    • FritoLay

      Have you seen the interview where she states “what the f@ck is inner beauty?” Just curious…

    • Kayli

      Missy – have you even read Twilight. Since when was Kristen like Bella AT ALL. The only similarities displayed so far is the clumsiness displayed by her and even that can be put down to too much/too little pot smoking, and getting the shivers.

      The ‘beautiful’ article you refer to was a bunch of lies – how do we know? Because both of them were seen elsewhere at the time that it happened and the ONLY time they’ve been seen together since LAX photo’s, they were with bigwigs/management peeps in a meeting. For a couple Soooooo in love, they don’t make much of the time they can spend together do they?

      Go back to believing your Edward/Bella dream and stop thiking they are one and the same as KS/RP. They ARE NOT.

  • hola

    please robert pattinson hook up with emilie de ravin and everybody will leave you alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seila

    yeah!!! i think he should date her that will be great for him

  • Autumn


  • Witchita

    Today is ur Sunday bitches!!! Believe in the RobReese Romance today..Tommorow ya all will be back to your pathetic lives..TRUST ME..The truth will give u Suicidal Tendencies!! LMAO!!!

  • Red

    I think he is dating emilie de ravin not kristen and of course not reese. if he confirmed that all this crazy rumours will stop, people will leave him alone and he will be happy.

  • robfan

    i wish he date Emilie. i love This actress. they would be so cute together. she is gorgeous, beautiful, protective about her private life, down to earth and very smart woman .she is millions times better than kstew

  • jocelyn

    rob might be smart but mean.i kno were all happy that he’s single trust me i’m happy too but i kinda more loving in jacob! but if you were kristen then how would you feel.

    • open book!

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Very nice name. However it’s not “mean,” I think the word u are looking for is “shrewd,” u need that to be successful in HW.

  • Brittany


  • Gabbie

    These two questions are for Miss goodie-goodie Kayli! Are you so conceited that you think you are a perfect human been with with no flaws, and what gives you the right to trash others? Everything that the gossipers write about Kristen and Robert is a lie. You hounds are so curious because they are so private that you speculate and report lies. You people are so vile that you make me throw up! Get a fucking life and don’t judge others when you are not perfect and you are not in their shoes. You are so crazy jealous of Kristen and the fact that she is Robert’s love interest that you can’t stand it. Bitch!

    • Kayli

      No I don’t think I’m perfect at all, where did it say I thought I was? Because I stressed an opinion and followed it up with fact, thereby blowing the Robsten thing out of the water? LMAO. I’m also a ‘being’ not a ‘been’. I have as much right to trash those, who trash me and my friends on these boards. The end of your post says it all. You called me a bitch with one post. It took a whole stream of posts that were calling me a bitch to respond in the same manner the other day. Oh and yet again the jealousy thing is given as the reason. Please give me another, that one has got very boring.
      BTW it’s the gossip sites that say that Robsten is real. It’s a bona fide news outlet that reported Rob as being single. Who do you believe?

      Just one more thing to quote yourself:

      “Everything that the gossipers write about Kristen and Robert is a lie”

      You just admitted that there never has been and never will be a relationship between Edward and Bella – OOOPs meant to say Robert and Kristen.

      Next time would you like me to the list the flaws I KNOW I have, because everyone has hidden ones too. Oh forgot I can’t do that because there is a campaign to stop us regulars talking about our private lives, so I’ll leave it as I have a few flaws, the fact I know about them makes me worker harder to get over them.

    • Bev

      Gabbie, If you think we are vile don’t go to any other gossip board you’ll have your head down the toilet for the rest of the day, mind you with the way you express yourself you may just fit in and be just right for each other.
      There isn’t one person on this board that’s ever declared they think they’re perfect in fact complete opposite, we all seem to know our faults, how about you?
      And who would have guest it, on a gossip board, people who are curious and speculate, don’t figure. Doe! (that’s right isn’t it we have to name a female animal at the end of each comment?)

  • Kristin (the honest one)

    Brittany the good speller! What a gem you are! Do something constructive instead of destroying people’s lives. Your family must be so proud of you!

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    Robert is telling everyone he’s single because the guy’s trying to get laid. They’re a farce, anyhoo.

  • Chris

    Oh for chrissake, Rob didn’t go around telling people he’s single. He’s waaaay too discreet for that. Don’t you know that tabloid sites print trash?

    Some of you people who hate Kristen are psychotic. If you hate her so much, then why do you obsessively spend your time talking about her on the internet?

  • syd

    @kayli…ok i see. so you are telling all of us that kristen would just go to budapest to be with her “friend” for her 20th birthday?? ROB AND KRISTEN ARE DATING!! this reese and him being single is just crap!! rob isnt going to flirt with someone 10 yrs older than him! there are pics of him and kristen together in london on new years AND she went to visit him for her 20th birthday. they are dating so get over yourselves and stop being jealous of beautiful kristen and leave her alone with hot sexy rob :p

    • Kayli

      How do you know they are really dating?

      Now I don’t know for certain that they are not, I formed my opinion base on what I see.

      You however don’t seem to separate fiction from reality.

      She was in Budapest with her management team – if she were there for personal reasons she would not need them. It is known that she was over there to go through the changes that were needed as part of the Eclipse Re-shoots, and by the tight deadlines and the fact that this was the only time it could be done she was flown out there.

      For a loving couple they haven’t spent any time together in the few weeks since he arrived in the US to shoot WFE and before she jetted off for her promo work. Other than for official meetings and work related stuff.

      The one thing I do know, from someone in his circle, is that he would have no problems flirting with someone 10 years older, he’d probably go higher in age if that person caught his attention. Though I don’t believe every rumour I hear and wouldn’t read anything into this one either.

      As for you – Rob and Kristen weren’t in London of New Years. It was actually the Isle of White. Not even the UK mainland. Speak to anyone who saw them and you will also know that they never once gave anyone the impression that they were more than just friends. Of course you’ll defend this by saying it’s because they want to be private. But I’m talking people in the circle of friends that were there. Not the public who spotted them.

    • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

      Next you’ll be telling us all to “get a life and a cat”!
      You’ve already stated that we’re jealous of Shrew. The only thing you’ve really forgotten is the foul language of a true Shrew fan.

  • anonymous

    It’s true. It really is just a rumor. Trust me I know.

  • syd

    who cares if it was london or the isle of wight?!! they were together! ANDDD they did not reshoot eclipse in budapest, it was in canada. they are dating. and kristen never was with him during vacations when she was with michael. stop denying it and they way they look at each other is loveee. plus,i happen to know people who have seeen them and say they are soo in love. thank you. all the pics and sightings have been enough proof. and how do you know they havent been together while hes shooting WTE? they are very sneaky…DUHH

  • syd
    • Kayli

      Oh honey, that’s just a blog attahced to a website that wants Robsten to be true. It’s amazing how they don’t use the same investigative ways to debunk the ‘they are together’ stories.

      But as you believe it, i’ll use the same quote they do about the fact they were a couple.

      “it has NEVER been confirmed”

      • Twilight Diaries Girl

        OMFG! I’m not sure why the crackwhore K-Stew hasn’t been deported from my country Australia yet so please someone in our immigration service do it I’m begging you to but please let her Twilight Saga co-star Taylor Lautner stay & why don’t Summit Entertainment the studio behind the franchise simply send Ashley Greene or maybe Elizabeth Reaser to promote the upcoming Twilight Saga: Eclipse say in the next week as that will make the fans here much happier & more willing to go to see the movie & I’m sure unlike their co-star they certianly won’t be caught on camera (see kstew411 for still images) giving the fans the rude finger with both hands whilst smoking a cigarette & I’m sure they (the studio) can do with the serious damage control too & please Kayli from one regular here on Showbiz Spy to another pretty please with a cherry on the top consider putting back the UK at the end of your name it’s so cute & I really do miss it & I fully agree with you on the subject of so called Robsten simply not being true too. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Kayli

    You have read and seen only what you want to see which is completely the MO of those that don’t want to believe that they just MIGHT NOT BE TOGETHER. At least I admit that there’s a possibility that they are/have been (seeing as you can’t believe everything that you read).

    I said she was there to go through changes needed for the re-shoot (ie rehearse – just like she’d done with Taylor a few days prior), not to actually do the re-shoots. That is why she was with her management team. She wouldn’t have taken them with her if she was there for personal reasons.

    Are you referring to all the photoshopped stuff available to the Robsten believers, the facebook post about the Ritz(completely blown away as it turned out to be someone living in a fantasy world, not to mention Rob and Kristen were photographed in TWO different locations separately), the twitter stuff (most of the time contradicts each other because they can be in more than one location at exactlt the same time).

    I believe what is said ‘from the horses mouth’, not the pictures that have been taken as part of a PR campaign. Watch this space over the next few months. You might notice something. Rob KNOWS that Kristens recent behaviour is harming him too, and is pulling away from that stunt to save his own career.

  • JustSoYouKnow

    Kristen is bisexual. She is wild. She is nasty. She is not charming, not innocent, not kind, not educated or feminine.

    Rob is single. However, he is very close to a beautiful brunette. She is charming, educated, warm, witty, sweet, refined, talented, beautiful, charitable, religious, classy and cared for him when he was broke and sleeping on his agent’s couch. She recently showed her ring off to Angie Harmon at a charity event. She was beaming and full of a the love glow. I posted a story and a prediction about her ending up with Rob and it was removed from the internet and the page I posted it on.

    Kristen is a skank and a nasty and troubled dipstick..

    All you Robsten believers don’t understand that opposites do attract but common values and disposition are vital for a good relationship. Kristen and Rob fought like brother and sister because they started as friends. Later when they could have been together, in Italy, it did not take long for Rob to realize that there was nothing but friendship for her. They have nothing in common and she is a punk and a wild brat.

    He caught her with another woman and it all fizzled out. Rob is selective and wants steak not hamburger. Kristen is burnt leftovers. Nobody wants her. Michael, Dakota, Nikki, Taylor nor Rob.

    Rob is single but serious over someone. He is no longer the silly giggling boyish shy guy. He is growing up and as he stated in Japan, he would “quite like to be a young dad”. After 2011, the truth will come out.

    Two predictions:
    that the lucky lady who will end up with Rob has the last name is Routh.

    Kristen ends up like Lindsey Lohan….and alone.

  • syd

    @justsoyouknow WOW can you be any more ignorant???
    robsten exists and you guys just hate to admit it. WHY, tell me, do they not answer anyone when asked about their relationship, when they used to just deny it?? and rob IS dating a brunette by the name of KRISTEN STEWART you idiot. hes not engaged to anyone.
    AND kristen went to visit rob in budapest on her BIRTHDAY (im sure she wouldnt have gone that far on her bday to just rehearse with rob if they were just friends. she wouldve done something else special for her bday…duhhhh)so stop denying it, and if you dont want to admit they are together, then get the heck outta here. :p

    • Kayli

      Syd – sucks to be you doesn’t it?

      Kristen has now said to the Australian press that she and Rob were only ever friends – shocking considering she has spent the last year neither confirming nor denying they were together.

      Yes she went to Budapest on her BIRTHDAY – sometimes in real life sh*t happens and you actually have to WORK on that day of all days. Goodness me, even famous people have to work on special holidays. When you are CONTRACTED to a film, you have to go with it, whether you agree or not. Otherwise you can be sued for breach of contract. With the Eclipse re-shoots, no-one was expecting to have to do them that late in the day, and what with Rob filming Bel Ami there was a limited time to fit it in.

      I have a question for you – if they were together in a romantic capacity WHY did Kristen not stay in London with Rob for those extra few days. Despite what was posted by Robsten fans she actually went straight back to the US after the Budapest thing – whereas Rob went back home for a few more days? You see, being in a relationship with someone, especially when you don’t see them often for work commitments, when you get that opportunity, you milk it for ALL you can.

      As I said before – watch this space. Things are about to get interesting.

      Just to answer your other question:

      WHY did they not answer the questions? – well they didn’t admit or deny it either did they. They were/are contracted by Summit, the Summit PR people – just like any other film with romance – promotes that relationships are real between co-stars (for an example non-Robsten do a search on any couple co-starring and you will see articles saying the co-stars are seeing each other off set too).

    • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

      Syd-I back up every word said by Kayli. People have to work on their birthday. Last year on Robs birthday, he was actually filming the Volturri fight scene (May 13th if you’d like to know the date), and the cast and crew surprised him with a cake saying “Happy Birthday Robert”.
      It’s on the UK extra’s DVD for New Moon if you don’t believe me!

      • BS

        Kristen was not at his birthday party in Italy. How close can she be to him? All the videos of her off set show a very manly tough girl with attitude. The cast avoids her and only Taylor came over at the LA New Moon premier to ask how she was. She and Rob were not even talking at the end of Eclipse. At the start of New Moon tour they were told to behave and fuel the rumors as she had just made the “I’m a lesbian” and f everyone remarks.

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        I don’t think the volturri fight scenes were filmed in Italy, only the outside plazza scenes and Alice driving through the Italian countryside in a Ferrari. The actual indoor fighting scenes were filmed in Vancouver. I just know from the UK extras DVD (I bought the 2 disc edition) that the crew had a cake made for his birthday to make up for doing the fight scene on that day.

  • BS

    No girl in love would look as she did during Eclipse. There are pics of her with her hair greased back and reading glasses on out with her and Nikki. The way she looked at Kings of Leon was so butch and sloppy. If you are with someone you are crazy about supposedly, who could have anyone, you look your best in public. She stopped trying after New Moon because he told her that they would never be more than friends. Watch how they interact at Teen Choice and even after the Oprah show. They are friends. He found someone else while she was still with Nikki and Michael.

    Look at this pic of Taylor and her looking way closer and more intimate than she ever looked with Rob off set. Why do the gossip rags not go off on them “hooking up”?

    • BS

      meant to say photos of her out with Rob and Nikki looking really BAD. No girl goes out of their way to look bad around a guy they are interested in. She did over and over while filming Eclipse. She did not care as she knew he was not interested in her.

    • JO

      BS you are BS

  • Cheryle

    If you are not married you are single, Being nice, flirting, holding hands or even having sex with someone doesn’t make a relationship. Robert is on the path to becoming a great actor, Kristing in on the way to no where because all she does is whine and complain about being famous, she should be careful what she wishes for because the fans may quit caring about anything she does. Why Summitt allows her to behave so nadly is beyond me, Rob will be around long after Kristen fades into the background. Soon she will be on Dancing with the Stars with all the other has beens.

    • JO

      Kristen has a much better chance of a long career than Robert.She is much more versatile than he is. He is not right for action films because of not being coordinated and athletic. That leaves him at a disadvantage. She is loved by all her directors and fellow actors. Robert’s talent is still to be discovered. I hope he can find his niche.

      • Kayli

        Yes she has a long career in playing the part of an eye-fluttering, stuttering, head shaking emo teen. Ooops that isn’t going to last long then is it.

  • http://showbiz mima

    i think u guz should like go onu(K & R)

  • syd

    hahah you guys are hilarious! you know…i cant wait until pics of rob and kristen surface of them making out and i can just see you guys making excuses like “ooh noo they are just rehearsing for breaking dawn”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you know, its kinda funny how EVERY person who denies robsten only hate kristen. if he was with someone else, you guys would be like :no hes really dating them”

    but since you guys just hate kristen, you refuse to believe they are together. soo just go on believing what u want cuz i cant wait until they confirm their realtionship

    • Ashleigh

      whats funny is that these pics of them ‘making out’ havent surfaced yet they are supposed to be already going out a year and a half—- right ok….. lol why do you think they are dating or any kissing pics will surface now???

      also i dont hate kristen at all- im neutral most of the time about her- but dont talk as if you know for certain ‘robsten’ are true when you dont, they are just as likely not to be dating as they are….

      btw not all kristen-haters are like that cos of rob – they dislike her for her bitchy ungrateful attitude- and not cos we all love rob and are jealous….

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