Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tim GunnTIM Gunn thinks Lady GaGa needs to be “more creative” with her fashion choices!

The Project Runway mentor was left unimpressed with the Poker Face hitmaker when she hit the MTV VMAs in a dress made out of meat slabs.

Gunn said the dress was “a costume of the craziest kind… it’s shock value pure and simple.”

But the fashion statement didn’t surprise the 57-year-old because he has seen similar during the fashion revolution in the 1960s.

“I respect Lady GaGa and her work, but we’ve been here before,” he said.

“So, Lady, it’s been done… be more creative.”



  • betty boop

    Memo to Tim Gunn: EVERYTHING’S BEEN DONE BEFORE especially in fashion. Thought you would know that. Let me tell you friend, Elsa Klensch you are not! You might want to look at your own unoriginal attire before commenting on GAGA. Just sayin.

  • lana

    Maybe her dress might bring eyes on the slaughter houses that abuse animals endlessly just to feed gluttons of meats! If that happens then God Bless Lady gogo!
    Just sayin’ LanaR

  • lana


  • John B

    Just another example of someone keeping his sword sharp and his name on the radar. Gaga is gaga. Gunn is a hired hand. Gaga can be a fool or an interesting SAFE conversation piece like a stuffed object or an art find. Gunn is just keeping his BRAND up. Good thing he isn’t running for an office of any kind of importance, and, yes, eventually he will show signs of being a tired voice. Think it might be happening now, or was that very last year’s news?

  • Aly

    Tim Gunn is the man.

  • http://Showbizspy Patty Fitz

    Sooo stupid. You could have at least put a picture of the stupid dress so we could laugh too.