Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bristol PalinBRISTOL Palin is getting fat!

The 20-year-old mother of one has reportedly gained 15 pounds during her stint on Dancing With the Stars — because she keeps eating junk food.

Bristol started the show at about 120 pounds, but is now around 135.

“Bristol’s been eating tons of fast food,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She used to eat very healthy, but now she says she just doesn’t have time.

“Even though she gets so much exercise on the show, she’s not eating right.”


  • Celestia

    How about telling us the real reason–Bristol is pregnant. Look at her tummy.

  • Carla

    She’s not pregnant, she’s just having fun enjoying life. I think she is doing a great job.

    • garster

      Hey Cory, fat is fat it does’t matter what sex you are.

  • Cory

    How come you don’t comment on Kyle Massey’s weight? Or do you buy into that old sexist double-standard that allows men to look however they want and get a free pass but women are judged harshley for doing the exact same thing?

    • garster

      Hey Cory, fat is fat no matter what.

  • mike

    bristol is not an attractive woman.

    i wish she looked more like sarah

    • garster

      Agreed q:)

  • Lulu

    OMG!! I can’t believe this! LOL!!! Talking about anything to bring this beautiful young lady down! Who cares if she did gain 15 pounds whatever! Grow up man! Exactly the Kyle guys is chuncky but no one will say boo about him because he is not Sarah Palin’s kid.

    • garster

      I think life has brought her down.. Single mom at twenty? No daddy around? Yeah she is a gem!

    • lulu

      ok LULU whowever you are STOP using my name or i will report you to the site!!!! use your own name or invent another!!

  • Marcus

    Sarah Palin’s family (and fans?) are the ones who posted about Bristol being such a good mother, being so beautiful and doing so well on the dancing floor. They are the ones who have made those unbelievable postings, which very few people actually will believe. It is almost like if they make these outrageous statements, maybe some people will start believing it. Kyle is overweight, like Bristol, but he has a lot of energy to put into his dancing efforts. Of all the contestants, he has made the most improvement. Last night Bristol was so heavy that she needed to stand on a chair so that her dancing partner could do a lift. All of the other dancers can lift their partners without utilizing a chair, or a tow truck or a crane.

  • Taylor

    In fairness to Bristle the Pistle, compare each week of her dancing. Whatever the dance assigned, Bristle does the same dance–the two step, waving of the arms, wiggling of the boobs, wiggling the butt. Any differences in choreography is done by her dancing partner. It’s like Bristle has two left feet, no musicality, no originality, no memory, no sense of rhythm and no energy. She seems to think your dancing is judged by what you wear and whether or not you rub faces with your dancing partner. It is like she is stuck in second grade making $30,000 a week–and there is no reason why she should practice more or put more energy into her dancing. There is no way with mama’s influence and her love of money that Bristol won’t get the mirror ball trophy. After all, what Mama wants, Mama gets and part of the agreement is that unless Bristol makes it to the final two, Sarah won’t appear next season on Dancing with the Stars.

    • lrn2spell

      I hope you’re joking with that heinous spelling error.
      I believe what you’re going for is “Bristol the Pistol”.
      Anyway, the Palins are retarded.

  • Gunnar

    Anyone watching the Dancing with the Stars episodes must be idiots if they really think that Bristol Palin is the best dancer. Week after week they get the lowest scores. Week after week she does the same routine and thinks dancing is all about how you shake your booty and wiggle the boobs. And the sad thing is that Mama’s fans are unable to evaluate what is good dancing and what is bad dancing. It certainly doesn’t show that they have good judgment–more like they are sheeples and unable to think for themselves. Maybe this is how she attracts a boy friend but this is not all about burlesque, pole dancing or lap dancing. Apparently that is the only thing her Mama knows about–a way to get quick money. What kind of Dad grins while Mark is touching his daughter in inappropriate places-Todd is a real dud when it comes to being a father. He acts more like a pimp. This is certainly the Family of Greed–nothing is off limits as long as they get paid. Laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Jillian

    Bristol may not be the best dancer but so what? She IS pretty and so what if she gains weight. maybe all you freaks shouldn’t watch the show then. This has NOTHING to do with Sarah. Wierdo’s.

    • stephanie

      I believe it has everything to do with Sarah. She wouldn’t be on the show if not for Sarah and she wouldn’t be in the semi finals if not for Sarah. It’s her name that has won her the votes, not her dancing. I think the people voting for her are just making her a target for jokes and insults, because she has not earned her position.

    • garster

      Number one, I do not watch the show and her about her weight gain over the radio and had to check out how she looks and she is NOT attractive!. I am sure that 135 lb mark is a very conservative number. She is a twenty year old mother single mother without a clue (as if we need more of those) and does not even have a nice figure. The only reason she is on the show is because she is Sarah’s little daughter that has a baby from a trailer park trash husband (as she admits) which means she sleeps around. What good is she? Well she is making more money than all of us right now. Her talent level is zero though..Hollywood what a place to show off the pieces of crap the world has to offer. Move over Paris!

  • martha

    I think Bristol’s eating habits and weight gain are psycologically tied together. She has to on some level be aware of the very negative feelings and thoughts on her presence on DWTS. She’s very young and hasn’t developed the thick skin her mother has and puts on a “It doesn’t matter” face, but being human, it has to matter. Wounded feelings, ego, pride, etc go hand and hand with feel good food for a lot of us. This child is in pain, plain and simple.

  • Jill

    Bristol fat??? WTF!?! I must be a beached whale then! All of you haters know damn well that she looks like the average 20 yr old girl! Come on now! I bet all of the “Bristol Haters” are #1 Anti-Sarah & the Repub. Party & #2 Def. not in the best of shape… Please… If only some of you people could ONLY BE SO LUCKY as to look anything like Bristol! By the way, most men would LOVE the chance to go out with a young woman that looks remotely like Bristol… JERKS!!

    • garster

      Unfortunatley Jill, then you are a beached whale. Do you jiggle when you walk? If so you are obese! I am 41, workout ,eat healthy and still have 23% body fat (which is close to beign considered clinically obese). I am 6’2″ and 173 lbs and have a very attractive body as all of my neighbors (men included) tell me. The only place that is not very defined and toned are my abs, which I am currently working on. Theyy are very flat and shapely, but not ripped. Six pack abs don’t come easy! So if you eat junk food and don’t have a workout regiment, yeah you are probably a fatty boombalatty. You are the reason why the U.S. has such a high obesity rate. yeah look ar Bristol’s face. She has a body fat percentage at leasting the upper 20′s if not 30′s. Stop trying to make yourself look better by saying that others aren’t fat or overweight because it won’t make your body look any better to anyone else. I am just sayin…..

      • silver

        sounds like your entire image and self-esteem is built around your appearance. think about all of the great people throughout history, people who made a real mark on the world, human rights, the arts, people ahead of their time…these people didn’t have the time to be obsessed about how they look and care constantly whether their neighbors thought they were attractive.

        the sad thing about this country isn’t obesity, it’s that in general, the value system is completely out of whack. this young lady’s weight may fluctuate a bit, but it’s your fixation on it that’s healthy…of what consequence to the world is a few pounds? really?

        read a book, create some music, join a movement, learn a new skill, take a class, travel, tutor a child…life is short, don’t waste it obsessing over your physical appearance. do you want your legacy to be that you had ripped abs in your 40s or that you changed someone’s life?

    • garster

      And btw, I will put my body up against anyone in their 20′s. Yeah I look that good, but always push to be better!

  • Chad

    Some of these viewers must have awfully low standards. To say that Bristle the Pistol is beautiful is an outright lie. Same if you think that she is not overweight or if you think that she is a skillful dancer. The only person who could be writing all those superlatives about Bristol has to have the last name of Heath or Palin. Aunt Heath, Parents Chuck and Sally and the entire Palin family will do or say anything if it means that the money continues to roll in. That Trooper in Alaska who is now divorced from Heather is lucky to be away from this family of grifters. This family is like blood suckers and they look for those with less money and less intelligence–and then try to get every penny they have. Sarah Palin goes around telling everyone what a Christian she is but in this week’s interview in People Magazine she admits that she has never been a member of any church. That is why she uses such crude, coarse language, is such a bully and so polarizing, and she is the Master of Deception and Lies.

  • Grace

    What mother calls her daughter Pistol? Or is she bragging because Bristle lets all the guys use their pistol on the Bristle. This must be a crude, hillbilly joke that people in Wasilla say about unwed mothers. Same goes for why Sarah goes around talking about bastards–why would she call her grandson such a disgusting name? Sarah Palin uses such vulgar, crass language in her speeches. Why is she so bitter and angry toward all men? Turn on the news any day and you hear Lady Blah Blah criticizing all the guys in public office and idolizing young, dumb women. There is no way that Mark will want to quit his dancing career and move to Alaska to live with Bristle. Sarah would be competing for his attention and Bristle would be embarrassed by Mama Cougar.

  • Peggy

    When Brandy was voted off Dancing With the Stars, instead of Bristol “Two Left Feet” Palin, the first thing that came to my mind was, mediocrity has its rewards!

  • Chubs

    Bristol the pistol is putting on the gristle. Sorry i had to do it. All the luck to her though.

  • Tommy The Truth

    Hey Hey Hey! Here comes Bristol! Get out of her way, cause she is big, and hungry! Like I said before, it looks like she has ” Hooves” for feet! Poor double chin Fatty! A loser in ” Disguise ” very pathetic, just like her mommy the ” Moron “. You don’t like what I’m sayin? Do something about it! You wanna do something about it? I’ll take on all repukeacans. Bring It! LOL!!! Tommy The Truth

  • jennie thompson

    Dancing with the stars was a good show. their requirements for winning have never before been compromized by unfair tactics. its just a shame that the winner is determined by viewer votes that gave the republican party the chance to use the show as a platform for their political gains. sarah palin is at the bottom of it using her daughter for gain. too bad for the show and bristol. I guess bristol knows all of this but has agreed to it.

  • Steve

    What a fat cow. Whoever thinks she is beautiful is ugly as sin as well. You know what she should do? Start smoking crack and get into porn. I’ll let her blow me after she does a huge hit of good rock. I’ll even do a line off her pussy if she wants.

  • jane

    LOL! She’s always been a porker. Don’t know how much she weighs now, but she was NEVER 120lbs. People @ that weight and average height typically don’t have double chins, y’know.