Johnny Depp Has a $1m Trailer on ‘Pirates’ Set!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Johnny DeppJOHNNY Depp is a dressing room diva!

The Hollywood hunk forced producers on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie to spend $1m on his personal trailer, according to a new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer claims Depp had his personal decorator design a sort of upscale Moroccan bordello complete with expensive antiques and vintage hand-woven rugs.

“Producers winced as they wrote check after check, but figured pain will turn into box office gain if they keep Johnny happy,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Depp — who raises two children with longtime love Vanessa Paradis — asked for an explicit scene in his and Angelina Jolie‘s new movie The Tourist to be left out of the final cut.

The scene — which shows Johnny and Angelina writhe together in a shower — caused Vanessa distress.

“She put pressure on Johnny and finally he said he wanted the shower scene out,” a source said.

“He told the producers it cheapened the movie and I am assured that his wishes are being honored.”

The Tourist is due for release in America next month.


  • Show Me the Money

    Disney will do just about anything for Johnny. He’s not a dressing room diva – in fact, he’s had these same decorations before.

    • joyeanna chaudiere

      I think that he should have anything he wants. I helps him absorb any person he is portraying. He is a wonderful person and actor. I love for all this that does to help people. I think he remembers the days when he was telemarketing pencils and what a struggle to make any money.

  • Jan Hunsinger

    Johnny makes for his employers far more than he costs them; so even by the most die-hard capitalistic standards, he is more than worth it. Go Johnny Go! Johnny Be Goode!

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  • http://showbizspy alf

    He is a hard worker, and his adored by his fans. Why not have his trailer set up as close as posible to being like home? A relaxed, content and happy actor is beneficial to the producer, director, camera crew and all other staff involved.