Thursday, December 9, 2010

Katie HolmesKATIE Holmes is hating on Anne Hathaway!

The former Dawson’s Creek actress — who’s married to actor Tom Cruise — is apparently furious that the sexy Devil Wears Prada star — whose career is on FIRE at the moment — mocked her in a recent Saturday Night Live skit.

“Katie is feeling really hurt and less than thrilled about Anne,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Katie said she can take a joke but she thinks Anne’s back-pedaling is ridiculous.

“Katie and Tom, who’s terrific at impersonations, have now cooked up a plan to get revenge against Anne.”

Meanwhile, sources say Holmes is feeling lonely in her marriage to Cruise.

“She feels he’s a controlling husband and has driven away her close circle of friends,” dished one insider.

“Katie thought their anniversary was the perfect opportunity to sit down with Tom and spend quality time with him.

“But when Tom told her that he couldn’t fly home, she realized how lonely she was.

“Katie hoped that no matter what happened, even if things weren’t perfect they’d have a friendship but he’s totally ignoring her and focusing on work.

“She was worried that once she stopped going to Scientology gatherings it would cause problems in their relationship and she’s wondering if her fears are now coming true.”



  • http://RickRoss Old OT 7

    I am old OT 7. I was in scientolgoy for 7 years. I know whereof I speak. What is scientology? Simply put, they are a: mind bending, brainwashing, family destroying (and that’s their policy!), financial ruining, First Amendment hating, U.S. government hating (Just like Al Qeada!), criminal enterprise cult with Satanic and Black Magic roots.

    Their most sacred scripture is OT3 which they guard viciously. Members have handed over at least $100,000 by the time they get to this level. You can see it for free:

    Go to: http://www.xenu.net. Scroll down the home page to the bottom where it says, “Always Remember To Laugh.” Click on, “South Park Takes On Scientology.” Let it ramp up and enjoy the show. This is the cults core belief. Why do they keep it super secret? Because if they don’t you up front what they truly believe, you’d be ROTFLYAO (Rolling on the floor laughing your a** off!). After which you’d be walking out the door with all of your back accounts still in tact.

    • http://facebook john j. rodz


    • http://RickRoss Old OT 7

      The clam who replied to my post on OT 3 either has not done it or has and signed a letter stating he will never reveal the contents of it on pain of being thrown out of the cult. Even though the hand written pages of Hubbard laying out what OT3 is all about have circled the planet thousands of times, they still deny it.

      On OT3, you find out that 75 million years ago, Earth was called Teegeeack and was a prison planet. A galactic overlord named Xenu (pronunced Zee-new) was elected to be the “Supreme Ruler” (or rulah as fatso called it) to the Planetary Federation. He had an over population problem as the average population per planet (about 90 of them) was 175 billion. Earth had 250 billion. Of course there’s no record of our world EVER having that many people at one time.

      He called in aliens from all over the federation for tax audits. When they showed up, Xenu had them frozen in alcohol and glycol (“Guaranteed to trap a thetan!” said the Big Con Man. Xenu then flew 13 TRILLION (Hubbards’s words) aliens to Earth and dropped them Volcanoes in Hawaii and the Canary Islands as well as other places. He then dropped H-bombs on them, killing them. But their souls were blown up into the sky by the nuclear wind. But Xenu had build giant “Soul Catchers” in the sky and captured all of the spirits. He then made them watch 36 days of 3-D movies about religion, especially Christ & Christianity to give them a “false reality.” You see, Hubbard said ALL RELIGIONS are from alien thought implants.

      The aliens did not know who they were so they clustered together. About 35,000 years ago, the finally found suitable human bodies to attached themselves to. Every human on Earth has between 2,000 & 3,000 (more if you’re rich) disembodied space aliens (or space cooties, if you like) attached to them. And that, my dear readers is the source of all your negative emotions and problems.

      For between $500 & $1,000 PER HOUR, this cult will help you rid yourself of these space parasites. And it can take years, and years, and years, and…well, you get the idea.

    • http://RickRoss Old OT 7

      BTW, John, your cult claimed, under copyright law, the contents of OT3 in a court case of “The Church of Scientology vs Steven Fishman and Uwe Getez. OT3 was introduced as evidence in the trial. Because of that, it is now public property. Your cult had its members there at the courthouse in L.A. every morning when they opened to take the materials out of the courthouse so NO ONE WOULD SEE THEM!

      BTW, all, L. Con Hubbard said ANYONE who read this galactic information before they were ready (read until they had handed over AT LEAST $100,000) would get pneumonia and die! Seriously, I’m not kidding!

      One of my buddies that worked in Clearwater, Florida, the international HQs, told me that when the St. Petersburg Times came out with an edition that included OT3, they had to go around and steal all the papers from people’s driveways and paper stands so there would not be mass deaths there. They couldn’t get to all of them and yet, surprise, surprise, nobody died! He has since woke up and left the cult. His ex-wife (the remaining spouse is forced to divorce the spouse that defected) and daughters “DISCONNECTED” from him. This cult has a policy that if someone leaves, their remaining family in the cult must sever all ties with that person. Imagine a group so vicious, evil & militant, that they have a policy to destroy families! This one does.

      Hey John, I guess you didn’t drink the Kool-aid in South America, huh? Was it right after that, that you joined the Cult of Scientology? You guys are like evil clowns!

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Get over yourself Katie… I thought Anne discribed you too a TEE…. Thats why Anne is a great actress and you Katie are a big fat whinny baby… Go carry Suri around and Tom too and for crying out loud stop being such a cry baby… Have Tom go get u some cheese with that whine. BIMBO! :)

    • http://RickRoss Old OT 7

      Good on you! Nice post! Well said and 100% TRUE!

    • jasmine

      i agree 100%
      anne is amazing, and she’s doing something useful with her life.
      while katie decides to cry out to everyone.
      there’s no point in tryna make anne look like a dick and make katie look like a god damn victim.
      katie has probs said stuff bout ova ppl before.

  • Creepsville

    “Tom and Katie are planning revenge” on Anne Hathaway ???? That is so “Church of Scientology” to plot to destroy with revenge against anyone with a sense of humor or who disagrees with them. That’s the corporate history, look it up.
    But…hey…. Good-o that Katie is not going to the “gatherings” much. The Church is a scam outfit and not really Scientology anyway. Everything Katie liked about Scientology she can get on her own without the racket that stalks and harasses and infiltrates government like the business calling itself Scientology.

    • http://RickRoss Old OT 7

      Creepsville, I meant my reply post for you but hit the wrong reply. Great post and very well said! And, of course, it is, in fact, 100% TRUE!

      What kind of church has an intelligence division? Destroys families? Forces its members to have abortions? (It’s just a piece of meat, they tell the pregnant Sea Orgers).

      If this cult was a country it would be North Korea.

  • http://RickRoss Old OT 7

    The cult of scientology will go down as one of, if not THE biggest scams of the 20th century, extending into the 21st.

    Google: “Operation Snow White,” “Operation Freak Out,”
    “Lisa McPherson,” “Alister Crowley,” (Known as the great Satanist, Hubbard was a follower).

    BTW, the most infamous member of this cult? Charles Manson. Yep, the architect of the Manson murders was, in fact, a scientologist!

    For true enlightenment regarding this evil, vicious and militant cult, go to:

    http://www.xenu.net http://www.xenutv.com http://www.exscientologykids.net http://www.lermanet.com

    If your child comes home with a little booklet called, “The Way To Happiness,” that is this cult trying to get your child to have a favorable impression of L.Ron Hubbard so they can recruit them later in life. They have infiltrated public schools all over the country. Does that bother you…?

  • http://yahoo.com jennifer gilmore

    Tom and Katie, I live in the little town of Shamrock, TX due to certain situations after college at Texas Tech University. I see the stuff in the magazines and read it and feed on it like everyone else, but I do feel bad for you guys without any privacy, it would drive me crazy. Whatever you are going through is nobody’s business. Sometimes it is nice to live in a small town and just do your thing. I don’t know how you guys handle what you do in your career. I am a Registered Nurse, but am currently not working, just taking care of my kids, and I really like my privacy, I can’t even imagine what you guys go through. People need to leave you guys alone, that is your business and no one elses. Good luck, you guys are good people!!! Love your movies!!!

  • annie

    wow katie, get a grip.
    if ur angry with someone dont go telling everyone, keep it to urself or talk to the person ur angry with/ CHRIST ITS NO THT HARD

  • http://none new Kelly

    That’s just silly if Katie Holmes is really planning revenge on Anne Hathaway in my opinion with an impersonation of her on SNL. Face it that’s just how show business works in Hollywood. Actors and actresses are always reminded of what they first started out rather than what they’re currently doing and always will be. Look I don’t like it. I think it’s rude, sad, and unproductive for them, and the business. But unfortunently that’s how it is. So be mad Katie fine but don’t be vindictive over it. That’s so childish.

  • Julie BubbleGums Lil SIS

    I somehow doubt that she is that angry or that public of her feelings. I think that there are a some reporters who after running the Aniston – Pitt- Jolie trilogy to death needed something else ridiculous to write about. So now comes Katie Holmes mad every article. I would be made too if I read the idiotic reports they write about her. As to the rest of the junk… Quit hating on Katie because she married Top Gun wannabe’s now never will get that chance…LOL… SO just say NO! No I will not look like a whine bag while whining about Katie Holmes……ROFLMAO


    Suddenly Katie Holmes pops into my mind after watching Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars with James Franco…the reason; I can’t help but think there’s a few similiarities between the two actresses & while Anne Hathaway may be a few years younger, Katie Holmes had
    her path set out before her but after Batman seems to have fizzled out. Enter Tom boyface Cruise and the their strange little tot and within a handful of years Katie Holmes is pretty much off the career boosting radar. Too bad. Now she’s trapped in a marriage with a controlling spouse (no doubt he talked her out of doing the Dark Knight)and made to embrace Scientology. It also appears that their daughter is as dishelvelled as Katie always looks and allowed to rule the roost. Although lately I do think Katie has been looking better, ie, the picture above. I believe Katie Holmes is stuck in a no win situation and she’s decided she’s no match to fight it. SAD!! Nicole survived the Tom Cruise Bru ha because she had more years in the business as well as a great deal of hollywood respect. She’s a strong woman and I’m glad for her newfound happiness with Keith Urban. And Penelope Cruse escaped by the hair of her chinny chin chin…smart woman! My point is that pretty much Katie Holmes and Anne Hathaways careers at one time shared the same trajectory until Tom Cruise entered her life. Anne Hathaway almost blew it with that fraud of a boyfriend a few years ago but dusted her feet off and started over. What is it with these actresses…they either marry tatoo’d badboys (Sandra Bullock) frauds, philanderers or control freaks.

  • http://none Kelly Joanne Cannon

    To Julie Bubblegums Lil sis, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’ve written at all. First of all, this is an article about Katie Holmes being angry at Anne Hathaway over her SNL parody of her and Katie’s wanting to do a revenge parody of Anne in return. All I said was I thought it would be childish for Katie to do that and explained how the business treats ALL actors and actresses eventually. How that’s just how it is. Secondly, I’m certainly NOT and never have been jealous of her marriage to Tom Cruise. I don’t even like him anymore, haven’t for a long time now, not since 1990, when already he was starting to become a has-been and believe me, currently, it’s lucky to find anyone on the Internet that says a halfway kind word about him at all.
    Where have you been, honey?

  • http://none Kelly Joanne Cannon

    Furthermore, also Julie Bubblegums Lil Sis, I think you’re wrong about Katie not being so emotional in public. If you look up some of the articles online regarding her emotions over Tom, daughter, Suri, and even her films, sometimes, I think you’ll discover she’s VERY emotional regarding them. I’m not trying to belittle you at all, Julie, and really hope it doesn’t feel that way to you. If it does, I’m sorry and that wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings at all. But you need to research Katie Holmes more is all I’m saying. And I seriously doubt many people are jealous of her and Tom. God, certainly not me, that’s for sure. Of what, discovering that he’s not really my past “sweet sixteen” perfect, dark, and handsome fantasy of long ago? That he’s really a domineering, arrogant, real insecure husband and scientology criminal? Honey, I, my mom, and sister began discovering that years ago after Tom first married Nicole, and after we heard he’d joined the scientology cult.