Friday, February 11, 2011

John Travolta, Kelly PrestonJOHN Travolta is one horny devil!

The married actor — who’s widely rumored to be gay — allegedly tried to seduce a male waiter during a recent night out with his wife Kelly Preston.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, “When John learned his studly server was an aspiring actor, he asked what projects he’d worked on, who represented him, etc. – and then flashed that award-winning smily and asked, ‘Could you give me your phone number? I might be able to help you out’.”

The report says the waiter handed Travolta a pen and they chatted a good 10 minutes as the star jotted his info and promised to phone.

“The waiter told me it really bothered him that Kelly never even looked up at him — not once!” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Kelly — with whom the actor raises two children — has demanded that Travolta tells her the truth about his sexuality.

Kelly made her demands after John was recently outed as gay by his longtime pal, Carrie Fisher.

“A distraught Kelly is begging him, ‘John, just tell me the truth’,” a source close to the couple told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Having another child was their way of holding their marriage together after the tragic death of their son Jett.

“But now these revelations from Carrie have brought back Kelly’s worst fears, so she’s begging John to tell her once and for all whether he’s gay or not.

“John has always worried that coming out would affect his image and cost him parts. Privately, he’s been telling pople to believe what they want to believe.”[imagebrowser id=321]



  • Kitty

    John Travolta looks like a great dad, it shouldn’t matter if he’s gay or not. We’ll still love him. Great Celebrity Blog!

    • moggy

      It does make a difference if hes not admitting to his wife because she wants to know and he’s in that crazy cult

      • Carol

        Anyone who believes something written in the National Enquirer is a loser.

    • mc

      it matters if kelly doesn’t know…i thought she did!

      • mc

        and carol, newsflash: the enquirer has broken quite a few stories before anyone, including john edward’s baby

  • Tim

    L Ron Hubbard will be very disappointed that John Travolta is gay. Hubbard’s son was gay and he committed suicide. Hopefully Travolta doesn’t do the same.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    This story is a waste of time without a nude photo of the ‘waiter’.

    • moggy

      wow george clooney to, that’s why he’s still not married

    • Leo

      Right on sister!

    • Carol

      LOL!! You go, girl!!

  • In LA

    Everyone in this town knows for a fact that John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and George Clooney all play for the same team, it’s the rest of the world that wonders.

    • Carol

      John, Tom and George play on the same team???
      I wanna be that teams physical therapist!!!!

      Bow chica bow wow!!

    • Jessie

      Yep, along with Dumbledore. They all bat for the outies :-)

  • Fariborz


  • Rob

    Can these tabloids find something else to do instead to ruining or trying to ruin a wonder relationship between two wonderful people. Even if he is gay and comes out down the road let him tell whom he wants instead of these tabloids saying a bunch of b.s. The waiter wants to be an actor, now that he is being interviewed by the tabloids I am sure he thinks he is getting a leg up. Piss on the waiter and the National Enq.

    • Njms

      OMG !!! This paper fills peoples minds with TRASH !!

      • Rob

        Ditto Njms!!!! I would love to know what kind of a life these reporters live so we can all write about it or we can just make up some trash about them and post it. Seems there making millions making up shit about people.

  • kay

    y’all actually believe this $H*T??? C’mon, it’s the damn National Enquirer!!! Get a life people & stop reading $H*T that ISN’T TRUE

  • KM

    Who really cares whether he is gay or not? Except for his wife, of course. And if she doesn’t know by now after how many years of marriage…..then she is pretty dumb!

  • Aisha

    This story is so ridiculous! It sounded to me like Travolta just wanted to help an aspiring young actor get a foot in the stage door. Nothing more.

  • http://facebook virginia bitterman

    I love John and Kelly. The mags are in business to sell this rubbish and most people like to read it but anyone with half a brain knows its trash.

  • Jaja

    She is such a ‘dope’ for staying with him…doesn’t she have ANY self-pride???? What the hell is the matter with her????

    • Lori

      TO JAJA:


  • scruffy

    If John is Gay that’s his problem. If he destroys Kelly’s life with him, it’s his problem. She’s gorgeous. If he doesn’t want her, there’s plenty of other eligible men out there whio would love to *&^%$ her.

  • mag man

    No Please ! Vinney Barbarino can not be Gay …
    Bi-sexaual NOT gay !

  • Marsha

    Gay or not, he’ll still be the actor I had the teenage hots for and that’s no job for an average person!

  • Carol

    Carrie Fisher and the National Enquirer… now those are two believable news icons.

  • soni

    Yeah, because The Enquirer is such a reliable, top-notch reporting news magazine!(heavy sarcasm drip) Come on people, consider the source before you jump on the bandwagon!! Honestly!(*rolls eyes)

  • Pamela Farmer

    Why don’t you people and I use the term loosely, you
    scumbug National Enquirer leave those people alone?!!!!
    What they do or don’t do is none of your business or anyone elses. They have been through enough tragedy and publicity to last a lifetime so leave them alone.

  • Mancie

    John Travolta seems like one of the sweetest guys in the
    World. Great Actor and a Great Family Man.
    Who’d believe a sleazy rag like the National Enquirer and
    and an unknown waiter. I hate how these scum papers try
    and ruin people’s lives. Gay or Not…It’s his life & give
    his wife some credit. After all these years…She loves him
    and has his children. The National Enquirer < < PIGS

  • Anita

    All I can say is…CONSIDER THE SOURCE!…National Enquirer….uhhhhh…a waste of paqper and ink!

  • http://yahoo laura

    The Enquirer is full of it. How many times have we all read stories in the enquirer and they turn out not to be true?

  • theoutcaste

    All these years I had no idea there was a question of him being gay. If he actually is gay and not cheating on his wife while maintaining a straight lifestyle,then leave him the hell alone. He obviously has chosen to live the way he does.

  • billy

    Travolta is gayer than Christmas morning, but he’s still Vinny barbarino and Danny Zucco so who cares !

  • Giovanni

    I think he’s bi.

  • Fred

    These Hollywood people are often Bi. I wonder why?

  • http://showbizspy maran

    What a bunch of garbage! I don’t believe it unless it comes out of John Travolta’s mouth. Leave the guy and his family in peace!

  • Biscuit

    You all mean to tell me he has to tell her if he is gay??? Cant she tell on her own..anyone can have a kid…
    maybe they need to pray about it..hahahahah

  • Sam Kidd

    It dosen’t really matter.They all have so much money; no one wants to rock the boat.Leave’em alone.Let them live their lives.Go watch a movie and thank them for that.. They have made plenty for you to choose from.

  • Pam Algonquin

    There are no valid sources for any of this crap!!! The National Enquirer is nothing but a vicious rag mag. Leave the man ALONE and let him live in peace!

  • NJ Mom

    Travolta owes an explanation to nobody but his wife and family. He’s a sick, troubled man. The death of Diana Hyland may have driven him to sick sexuality, as Travolta’s sickness caused him to seek revenge against God.

    This is why he joined the looney-tune Scientologists. At this point, Preston may very well know he’s gay. Their little baby may not have even been conceived the conventional way if Kelly is concerned about “where else” her husband has been.

    What a sad and sick existence Travolta leads and his wife turns a blind eye to.

    • Stinkerbell

      and you know this how?? Through the Enquirer? Come back to reality.

  • Stinkerbell

    Leave the man alone. Whom among us should really care if he is gay or not? There are so many hatemongers and homophobes in this world, it is getting disgusting. He asked a waiter (shocker…an aspiring actor waiting tables) his info and said he could try to help him. Nowhere does it say Travolta grabbed the man’s crotch or stuck his tongue down the man’s throat. He chatted with him. Oh, and the source is the National Enquirer…Yeah, carries a lot of weight there!

  • diana

    Usually the National Enquirer is right. Unfortunatly. I don’t care that he is or isn’t gay….just someone needs to proof read the articles. They mis-spelled people in the last line of this article.

  • lori

    Yes the Enquirer is known to be good reporting, they are one of the very few magazines you can believe.
    Anyway–John was been photographed kissing another man right on the mouth and it wasn’t for a film !
    He’s GAY. He has the look too, why is it so hard for some people to believe ?!
    I think both John AND Kelly are nuts in general {not because of being gay}, because they refused to admit Jet was autistic and they did not give him the correct meds ,and he died. Idiot Kelly was saying he had “kawasoki syndrome” or some crap. He DIED because their stupid scientology beliefs are against the idea of autism. They chose their SCIENCE FICTION “RELIGION” OVER THE HEALTH OF THEIR OWN CHILD. They both are STUPID.

    • Barbara

      What are you talking about? Autism isn’t a life-threatening disease, and there are no “correct meds” that could save a child from dying of autism. Autism is a syndrome that affects the way a person sees and reacts with the world. Jet may or may not have been autistic, but that doesn’t change the fact that he also had a serious disease that killed him.

  • Alexandra

    If I were John and Kelly I would not even take the time to read, that stuff. They are very bright people and will continue to be self directed with their own decisions. Their lives and what happens between them is what really counts. I only wish I could be their friend. I think there is a lot of mixed upi people out there and a loy of them are very jealous. It also sounds to me as though this is someone writing this stuff because they are upset with them, about something they did not get from them. The world needs more people who smile and try to be happy with what they have, instead of what they do not have! I think the both of you are great, from what I have seen over the years. Keep up the great work!!! XOXO, Alexandra

  • http://none christine

    john was a patient of my fathers many years ago.
    i have to say based on being a cult of scientology and having his son
    cremated a day or two after Jet died, john is more than strange and i
    know he played a major role in Jet’s death. Kelly is a moron.
    Shame on these irresponsible CULT members. they shouldnt be allowed
    to care for children. i think Jet was in some way sacrificed.
    yes john does have the look of being a homosexual. john hates God and serves the devil. trouble will always abound. sure i used to love him back in the day. he was absolutely funny and lovable in kotter but he looks so diffrent and generally speaking not well. ANYONE twisted and wicked enough to be a scientologist, yea probably has other deviant characteristics. WHY wasnt his son buried as would be expected??? children are BURIED not cremated. why no post mortem? borders on criminal type behavior. this world is coming to an end. better read your bibles people and serve the true God

    • annon

      to answer your question you JUDGEMENTAL, IDIOTIC, MORON…JUST because someone has a loved one cremated does NOT mean they are evil or had something to do with it. MAYBE they thought that was RIGHT for them and THEIR family..we will all have to make SURE to ask YOU what to do in the future.

  • Gwyn

    Should we really trust a news website that allows an article to be published with a misspelling like pople? What is this “Ernest in the Army”?

  • Karen

    Everyone know Travolta has boyfriends. The problems is he’s not honest with his wife. Yes it is there problem, but why the double standard. Tiger Woods got crucified in the media because he cheated on his wife with skanky women. Why should everyone not view this as the same thing. Cheating is cheating

  • Gypsy

    Okay, read my lips: IT…DOES…NOT…MATTER! Carrie Fisher, “longtime pal” of Travolta’s notwithstanding, had no right to “out” him. That decision should have been entirely left up to HIM. What part of PRIVATE LIFE do you people not get???

  • Joey

    John Travolta is a man who has gained the whole world..yet is in danger of loosing his soul~ We should pray for the lost!

  • CathyC

    I think Kelly already knows and has known right from the beginning. Scientology pairs up gay male celebs with celeb wives so they can appear straight. It’s part of the cults method of dealing with homosexuality. I think she knows he’s gay and knows how to live with it. He’s a good family man, makes money and always flies his plane home, so she’s accepted it.

  • DiscoJuice

    Saturday Night Fever & Stayin Alive Vinny (not from Jersey Shore) gay come on him no way! Thats my main man dancing around and prancin. Married to Kelly Preston dam shes hot i dont my maybe hes bi or maybe the national enquirer is homophobic to guys can exchange numbers without the idea that there going to have sex come on.

  • LA

    Everyone knows he’s bi, so what, who cares?

  • Carriandina

    Carrie Fisher is not well. She is cruel and I would never befriend someone who makes a living being mean in her remembrances. She backs out by claiming she is mentally ill. I concur. Poor thing.

  • the other alexandra

    hi. was that your way of complementation?

  • ivana

    It happened to me and thank god I don’t have HIV. I was with a great, gorgeous guy for years and we broke up when I found out he had sex with one of my bffs, Diane. Later, he told me about relations with men. I said, let’s go hand-in-hand for the AIDS test. He is still a great man in my book. My book is Lolita.

  • lmichelle

    John Travolta is a sweetie(no pun intended). The rumors have been around for years. Obviously there’s some truth in them. But what makes everyone think Kelly is so naive. She has the best marriage. Some women choose to marry gay men. They make the best husbands. He’s not abusive, there will be no paternity suits, etc. If it ain’t broke…

  • Brook

    Who cares if he is he is an amazing actor and anyone that wouldnt want him in their movie for him “being gay” is stupid. Ive loves him since Grease and will still love him as an actor if he is gay. Who cares what your into if you get the job done and do it right. He has proved it many of times. I might be young but he still is one of the best actors ever to live.

  • tiredpat

    Sounds like he just wanted to help the waiter.There ws sexual overtures made!

  • tiredpat

    meant to say there was no sexual overtures made.Sounds like he just wanted to help a fellow actor get started……..NO GAY ACTION HERE!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, yes.  Years ago I met someone whose brother had a “fling” with John.  And, I believed it from the details I heard.  John was also in some trouble in a hotel in my city where he put the moves on a masseuse.  Rumors or truth?  

  • Loangye

    worked with him

  • Loangye

    I seen it with my own eyes  ,,,,it would be best if he just comes out of the cloest and stop being a predator. No more needs to be said.!

  • Mountford27

    Great actor on and of the screen, if this be so. Lots of Hollywood in the closet also bunch of them in Washington DC, mostly Democrats, they gobble your money and your tool.

    • Rick

       umm where the hell have you been? most of the homo’s that have come out in DC have been these so called, religious ultra conservative Republicans, and if you dont see that, then you’re totally F#cked in the head man

  • Shaia68

    Nonsense, they are both gay. 

  • Gerihewitt

    Apparently all the BISEXUAL people in the USA work in the porn film industry and all the closet gay people work in the mainstream film industry.