Tiger Woods: Elin Nordegren Threatens to Take Children Away From Shamed Tiger Woods!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elin NordegrenELIN Nordegren wants to keep her kids away from Tiger Woods!

The sexy Swedish model was left furious when she discovered Woods had hooked up with 22-year-old blonde Alyse Lahti Johnston, who was previously busted on a felony DUI charge.

Sources say Elin does not want Alyse to be around her two kids with Tiger — daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 2.

“Elin was furious when she heard about the DUI,” a source said.

“Elin says if Tiger brings that woman around the kids, she thinks it will be grounds for a breach of their divorce agreement, and she’ll push for complete custody.”

Recent reports claimed Elin was was dumped by her rebound boyfriend because Tiger scared him off!

“Elin is livid that Tiger would interfere in her private life, especially after she believes he recently sneaked into her home while she was gone,” a source said.

“She said, ‘We’re divorced! It’s over! Why won’t he just leave me alone?’”

Elin, 31, had been dating a fellow Rollins College student who was five years her junior.

“They saw each other occasionally, but Elin was a little concerned because of the guy’s age. She said, laughing, ‘What am I now — a cougar?’” the source said.

“Elin said he was told that he’d be under ‘great scrutiny’ if he continued to see her, and it might get ‘uncomfortable’.

“Frankly, I think he was scared silly. He told Elin that he didn’t want to deal with the ‘drama,’ and thought it best that they didn’t continue seeing each other.”



  • harold

    Would these sources be the ones that said Tiger broke into Elin’s house & also said Elin was pregnant. Tiger loves his children he would not be stupid to break that agreement.

    • http://yahoo maggie

      So why did Elin buy a 12 Million dollar so close to Tiger??

  • dave

    OMG! OMG! You have to check this link out!


  • Alexis

    Does poor Elin really think Tiger ever stopped chasing booty at any time before or after the divorce? Or even through the scandal? He was simply more circumspect. He has all his handlers enabling him and procuring flesh constantly. It’s just a pity that he was outed by the media. Nothing really has changed with Tiger Woods and nothing ever will. He will always be a turd.

    • arissan

      Why do his handlers have to enable him? He is no longer married – sorry to disappoint you. Sorry your opinion is irrelevant to him.

    • carmen

      Alexis,I agree with you, well almost. Elin is not poor she is quite rich, actually, $110 million rich!!!
      Tiger will always be a scumbag!!!

  • sat

    Tiger doesn’t want her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo maggie

      You are soooooooooooooo right!!!!

  • Joselyn

    Oh, please, the woman is delusional. Tiger Woods is not the Mafia to be frightened of! The boyfriend dumped her after he was finished with bagging her and got what he set out to do, then skipped out the door leaving the drama behind. A man that really wants to keep any woman will do whatever it takes to hold on to her. 
    Once again, this woman is delusional, with tabloids hunkering all over the place, it wouldn’t be any secret today, if Elin Nordegren was dating someone, so why would Tiger break into her home to find out what?? when all he has to do is wait for the tablid pictures to surface! and its not like the guy couldn’t hire his own private investigator. Something Elin Nordegren could have done herself long ago if she had half a brain. Please! the woman is suffering from delusions of grandeur! but if it helps her self esteem to want to believe her ex is harboring irrational jealousy feelings of jealousy over her after he slept with a never ending barage of women, well go right ahead. Whatever works for her!
    Their divorce is final, Tiger Woods is free to see whoever he wants to see at this point, but Elin is also well within her right to say who she wants her children to be around!