Jake Gyllenhaal a Closet Gamer!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jake GyllenhaalJAKE Gyllenhaal is a closet gamer!

The hunky actor says he plays Wii Tennis in his spare time.

“I don’t do karaoke or play Rock Band or Guitar Hero but I do play a little Wii Tennis while listening to Whitney Houston,” he said.

“I can’t play Wii Tennis without listening to Whitney Houston actually. I might mention that to Duncan (Source Code director Duncan Jones) as an idea for a movie because that’s right up our alley!”

Jake recently insisted he hasn’t been working out to get attention.

“I really just do it for myself,” he said. “It’s just an incredible thing to exercise but for it to become like a meditative thing rather than just working out is amazing and that’s how it is for me.”


  • Paulina

    You’re sure you didn’t mean a closet case?

    • Adam

      And that.

  • Dimples

    On the working out thing isn’t he part of Lance Armstrong/Matthew Macanahey(however you spell his last name)work out group?There is pictures of the whole group bicycling around LA.

  • jd

    Yes he is definitely in the closet.