Lady GaGa Considered Permanent Face Implants

April 22, 2011 by Adam

Lady GaGaLADY GaGa considered having permanent face implants.

The Judas singer has been sporting raised bumps which give an angular appearance to her face and shoulders in photos for her new album Born This Way, but her boyfriend wasn’t supportive of her idea of making the changes permanent.

“I did look into having them done permanently but decided against it. Mostly because of my boyfriend, if you want the truth,” GaGa told NME.

GaGa is currently dating bar manager and musician Carl Luc, whom she first got together with in 2005, but they split when she first found fame, though they reunited last year.

The Bad Romance hitmaker’s modified look has been compared to French artist Orlan, who has modified her face as artwork a number of times through plastic surgery.

Upon hearing of Orlan and seeing pictures of her for the first time, GaGa said, “It’s quite beautiful. That’s weird. It’s very fabulous, I’m going to be inspired by her now.”


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    Born This Way?
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