Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Spend a Fortune on Childcare!

April 22, 2011 by Adam

Angelina JolieBRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splashing out $150,000 on a new nanny for their brood.

The couple — who raise six children, Maddox, nine, Pax, seven, Zahara, six, Shiloh, four and two-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne — are looking for a new full-time carer for their kids who will travel between California, New Orleans and France, as well as other film locations around the world.

As well as a degree in education or child development being essential for the role, Brad and Angelina are demanding the nanny should speak at least two different languages, as well as the native tongues of their children.

“It’s a coveted position. Brad and Angelina’s requirements are justified -they only want the best for their kids. The pay packet and lifestyle make it a pretty amazing deal,” a source said.

“Not only have Brad and Angelina got to be able to trust the nanny completely with the kids but the new carer must also respect the family’s privacy.”

Brad’s parents, Bill and Jane, recently moved in to the family’s Chateau Miraval estate in France to help the couple raise their large brood.

“The whole family is going to move there as soon as the renovations are done. At the moment they have six nannies — one for each of the kids — and the plan is to get rid of the helpers and rely on Bill and Jane,” a source said.

“The annex they will live in is an old building which used to be used as a dovecote. It’s big enough to have a sitting room, kitchen and a couple of bedrooms. It will make a lovely little cottage for them.”



  • Halloween Movies

    That’s a very attractive offer. Somebody’s gonna be a star.

    • john j. rodz


  • stranger

    but but but they are such hands-on parents????

    • stranger

      Ad why rely on the grand-parents??? It’s the Child Collector’s wish to have such a large brood, not theirs. Responsability anyone?

  • Me

    So his parents really DID move to France. HMMM makes you wonder what other stories that the Brangeloonies were saying were crazy were true??? You can tell she is at her wits end. Look at her picture from theatre night. She was either strung out or exhausted. Careful what you wish for……

  • http://deleted andy

    you have parents that have only two kids and have a nanny, you have parents that two kids and can’t deal with them, so shut up and move on to next gossip.

  • jilly

    Last Saturday, Brad ALL BY HIMSELF attended the wedding of one of the Studio heads “Brad Grey”. I was wondering where the Glue was! Tom Cruise was with his wife and so was John Travolta and many other Hollywood couples, except Brad. No angeloonie…Maybe she was too busy with the nannies!!!

  • annie

    I have also read that Brad’s parents are NOT moving to France. They have no desire to leave their home, friends and other family members in or around Springfield, MO I believe this story regarding Brad’s parents to be false.

    • jilly

      I totally agree with you. They would never want to live with the bitch and take care of 6 reckless children at their old age. False story for sure.

  • WTF

    How dense can you people on this site be? This story is total BS. I guess the haters will get off on this crap.

  • sami

    so they have help , why do people care one way or another????????

  • Sam

    I know for a fact that they are hands on parents and they already have 4 nannies. I am a nanny myself in LA and France for a Private Family and I will say that the person who gets the job it isnt going to be what its all cracked up to be. People like this keep the nannies for a little time and them let them go. they dont want them to get to close. anyway hope they can find someone who wants to work 24/7… good luck

    • stranger

      Tell me, what is the use of adopting kids and then put them in the care of nannies? That’s what she did with Pax before she went of to film Wanted.
      That doesn’t sound like a very hands-on parent to me. How can you bond with your child whe you keep on collecting at that speed? And it’s so cruel of them to change nannies all the time. But what do you expect?


    The use is to have a powerful sours of young fresh energy.
    Changing the nannies – to avoid the accumulation a lot of inside information in one head.
    And to avoid kids told to nannies MOMMY.
    And to avoid Brad told to nannie: (Oh, what a matter what he tells to them)

    • stranger

      those kids are collateral damage in the hunt for being a tabloid queen. She is such an humanitarian, yet she has no problem promoting violence in her movies. She sees on her photo-trips people suffering from the consequences of war and weapons, she even sheds a (fake) tear or 2, but yet she lets her son play with knives and lets him dress up for halloween as a dead soldier. She even takes him to Iraq like it’s Disneyland, because he loves war. :rolleye:
      She clearly can’t distinguish reality and fiction and that should rise 6 kids??? Please. Child services takes kids away for less reasons.

  • Jen

    Nannies are not a pet where they can carry anywhere they travel. Nannies are human beings!! Just because they have money doesn’t mean that they should take adventage and make their employers do anything they prefer, shame on them for prisoning employees. By the way, $150,000 a year for a nanny is nothing when it comes to a family of 6 children even though the responsibility would be taking care of 1 kid, imagine the crazy environment these nannies have to deal with. Thesedays even middle class families pay $100,000 a year for a nanny.

  • milagros diaz

    Dear Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt i will love to work for you i have degree from celebrity institute i speak spanish and english and will learnd french if i have to for the best. I can work fulltime every day and anytime you need me please call me 302-690-9496 thank you


    They are low class despite the money.

  • http://yahoo Agnes Llenas

    I’m just interested to apply. It’s a challenge and the salary is good. Please consider me for your choice form the Philippines Smartcell#09088671977. thank you . . .

  • Joverlie Monge De La Cruz

    I’m interested to apply. I’m a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife. Please consider to choice a Filipina. I’m a hardworking, honest and I can work a full time anytime. This is my number 09109013986 and my e-mail address Thank you and God Bless.


    Do you want to be involved in to molesting of her children, Joverlie? Jolie doesn’t believe in God.

  • jilly

    Jolie loves Satan. Try to work on that and she might hire you.


    They think previous staff didn’t dream to make some money…

    • jilly

      She will use them and abuse them and damage them then fire them. STAY AWAY FROM THI SATAN LOVER, please!!!!

      • jilly

        I meant “This Satan lover”

  • veronica

    I´m argentinian, but I really like USA, and I´ve got a Visa. I worked there as a nanny some time ago. I have a degree in Engeneering and speak fluently english, portuguese and spanish and I understand italian and french. is it possible to apply for the job anywhere?


    Is it all? No more candidates?

  • jilly

    What I want to know is: Why are these people applying for the nanny job on this site???????? How funny is that? Adam, you should forward these numbers to brangeloonie, what do you think???

  • raci

    I want to work for them too. I can take care of Brad and the children and the bitch can go to middle east and maybe gets hit by a bomb. Please reach me at my home address or my telephone number. ;)


    Not bad idea.
    It would be interesting to teach those kids to find information in the internet about their parents. And they will amaze daddy with new questions: What does it mean WORKING LIPS, or what provides better pleasure – heroin or pervert movie?

  • maddox

    mom said no more blogging

  • maddox

    noone answers when i call , i need a new mom

    • jilly

      maddox you’re back!!! Your mom is a bitch. Don’t ever listen to her and do what you want. What is your bitch mother up to these days, is she in hiding?


    She is very busy making her famous leaps (on the face) bigger. :)


    sorry: lips. Like a fish from radioactive river.

    • jilly

      Funny Garry. :) “TOXIC FISH”, that’s her!

  • maddox

    dad loves jill

    • jilly

      jill loves maddox and his dad too. You should write more often, you are the cutest one on this site, really!

  • Kitt H

    I would love to apply this job. I study master course in educational psychology and speak 3 languages : Vietnamese (Pax’s mother tongue), Korean and English. Please help me contact if this is a real offer. Thank you.

  • abby