Amy Winehouse Replaced Drugs With Booze

Monday, August 8, 2011

AMY Winehouse had “replaced drugs with alcohol” prior to her death.

The Rehab singer — who was found dead in her home in Camden, north London, on July 23 at the age of 27 — “lost track of days” after drinking herself into oblivion at her flat because she was “bored” and couldn’t go out anywhere for fear the paparazzi would stalk her.

“The problem was that she replaced drugs with alcohol. White wine was her main drink and sometimes she would wake up and drink,” said Kristian Marr, a close friend of the late singer. “It meant she lost track of days — for Amy there was no day or night, no Monday or Friday.

“Three months ago I popped round to her house one afternoon, found her asleep on the kitchen floor and had to help her to bed. I was worried about Amy’s drinking but at the same time relieved that drugs were no longer part of the equation.’

“She’d be at home on her own bored and having a drink because she couldn’t go out anywhere without the world staring at her.”

While the cause of her death is not yet known, Kristian — a musician who had known the star for seven years — explained Amy thought drugs were a “dead end” and “old school”.

“The crazy thing is that recently I hadn’t been nearly as worried about her as I once had been. I knew what she sounded and looked like when she was in a bad way and I had honestly seen no sign of that for the past couple of years,” he added.

“Amy thought that drugs were a dead end and she spoke of them with disdain — they were ‘old school … in the past’.”


  • OST

    That is so sad, sometimes people forget alcohol can be just as dangerous

  • lucretia light

    It’s a medical fact that more people die from sudden alcohol withdrawal than from abruptly stopping hard drug use. Anyway you look at it, it’s a tragedy.