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Emma Watson Too Busy For a Breakdown

Posted by Adam

EMMA Watson is too busy to have a breakdown.

The former Harry Potter star says going off the rails is “not on my agenda” as she doesn’t want to end up like all the other child stars who followed a path of self-destruction.

” Sometimes I feel as though everyone’s waiting with baited breath for the three of us from Harry Potter to do something that will perpetuate the child-star stereotype. I don’t know if I’m the least likely person to go off the rails, but I don’t see any need to. It’s not on my agenda. There are too many other things I want to do,” Watson told the British edition of Elle.

“I’m not that much of a lightweight. My dad’s great hobby is wine, so it’s always been part of our family life. For someone so little, I don’t get drunk very easily. It’s quite a good talent. I’m not challenging anyone to a competition though!

“When I’m away from photo shoots, I tend to be very low key. I tend to wear either navy blue or gray or white. So wearing all this bright pink and fluorescent colors is fun. It’s like dress up. I love the ’50s. I love Marilyn Monroe with her big red lips and that incredible cat eye, it’s amazing. The ’60s … Edie Sedgwick, I love.”