Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Care About Money

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CHARLIE Sheen says he now feels relieved to have lost his $2million a week TV deal.

The 46-year-old Platoon star was once the highest paid actor on TV thanks to his role in hit show Two and a Half Men.

But Charlie says losing his job through his wild lifestyle has actually turned out to be a blessing.

“I went from making $2million a week to making $1700 a week on Roman Coppola‘s film and I was never happier,” says Charlie who is about to return to TV in new show Anger Management.

“It isn’t about the money it was about where I’m at and the set vibe.”

Sheen recently insisted he has changed for the better.

“I’m not crazy any more. That was an episode,” he said.

“I think I’m a different person than I was yesterday. Everything is a lot more mellow and focused and much more rooted in reality.”