Robert Pattinson’s Low-Key Shopping Spree

Monday, March 5, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson isn’t one to flash the cash!

The actor — who earned $25 million last year — recently went shopping in New York, but shunned expensive items in favor of affordable finds and vintage clothes.

A sales clerk at Assembly, who helped the star shop in NYC on March 1, told Hollywood Life that Rob  was “friendly” while he shopped.

“He mentioned that stores in LA are very expensive. He shopped for about an hour, looking exclusively at the men’s clothing, while a car waited for him outside,” said the clerk.

“I didn’t realize it was him at first.”

Rob recently revealed he is to concentrate on acting despite his lifelong dream of making it as a recording artist.

“With movies, I can handle the criticism because you can always blame it on someone else,” explains Rob.

“But with music, as soon as you put something out there everyone judges it. If you’re an actor and you’ve made some money and stuff, you’re basically only putting an album out for people to judge it.

“I don’t necessarily want people to judge it or care. The day it comes out I know I’m going to be on the internet looking at stuff and I’ll probably shoot myself. So I don’t know if it’s worth shooting myself over.”


  • RPatzgirl

    CJ if your lurking, can you tell us what you found out in toronto when you went there about Rob? What did  you see to make you change your mind about him? Was he making out with some dude or something??

  • munchkin

    in this day and age its cool to be thrifty about everything,so dont knock it,maybe you all just think all celebs should spend fortunes on everything to please your own self opinions of them all,and its just wrong to have such thoughts no matter how much they each make,it shows smarts,it shows they are human too,they arent up in the air about the money they make.

    • Toby

      I agree.

  • Liltwis

    why would anyone think its weird to shop at a cheaper store in california,thats dumb,it is not like the stars have to shop only at the most ritzy stores there are. in fact they could even shop on the runways all day long if they wanted to,but they get real and find it comforting to be just like the rest of us and you all say weird stuff about it,what a bunch of over-opinionated jerks you are!lay off let the man shop whereever he wants too for gods sake,he is human,regardless of popular wonder he wants to quit the world of celebrities. you people just dont know when to quit,there is life befor stardum and after stardum,believe it or not!!!!!!!!!!! sweetie you can come home and shop at any old goodwill if you want to,we wont say anything bad about you.

  • Anonymous

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  • guest

    Assembly New York is not a cheap store…

  • Nadiel

    Wow, I use to come here all the time just to laugh with the regulars. Queen, Court Jester,  and the rest, made this site fun.  Sad to see them go, hope all you ladie are doing well and happy. 

  • Bbav754

    I have been really waiting for Rob to do his music, it’s sad to think that he would not do it because of people not likeing it, Go for it Rob, I’ll listen and so will so many others to. Hugs Guene

  • DanniLea

    Another website that reported on this story too said that EACH ITEM he bought cost less than $200! That’s not a cheap price in my book.  Gimme the $25 jeans and stuff if ya wanna do cheap!

  • Seriously

    Soooo, no Bel Ami in the US till theyy finish shoving Twilight down our throats.  I was so looking forward to seeing this movie.  Now who knows when we here in the States will see it, studios are so worried about the Twinuts reaction that’s why they won’t release it till the final nail is in Twilights coffin.  Then finally Rob can ditch, the Twinut fans, the showmance he has with Kristen, and let his true talent shine.  Also notice they are attaching the Hunger Game to BD2, why?

    • Toby

      Kristen is Roberts girlfriend.
      These Twinuts as you refer to,are kids who are taken, enamoured, and facinated with that franchise.The storyline, and settings are unique, and creative for them, so why not let them have their fun.Bel Ami will be here soon enough. I also enjoy the Twi movies, as well as a lot of other older people…It gave moviegoers , a nice refreshing change…