Anna Kendrick on Her Sex Scene

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ANNA Kendrick admits having a British director made her love scene with Hollywood hunk Chace Crawford in new movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting all the more awkward.

The pint-sized Oscar nominated actress says romping with former Gossip Girl guy Chace was physically demanding and confusing thanks to director Kirk Jones.

“We had a scene where we are making out on top of a car,” explains Anna.

“It was quite awkward even in rehearsal when we used a table to work it out.

“Kirk was like, ‘Just throw her down on the bonnet and go for it.’ We were like, ‘What’s a bonnet? It’s a hood!’”


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  • Andrew Christianson

    Enchanted by Anna Kendrick. She doesn’t seem to be the Hollyweird type… just a normal young lady. Refreshing. Can’t wait to see more and bigger roles for her.