Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Engagement Imminent?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could very well be getting married soon!

According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Kristen went shopping at Neil Lane in West Hollywood with a friend in early June.

Sources say Kristen headed straight for the engagement rings!

“She was trying on gold rings with various colored diamonds — nothing traditional,”  a source said.

“Kristen loves Rob, and she’s finally ready — an engagement is a logical next step.

“In the past year, they’ve really heated up — moving in together, traveling together, introducing each other to friends.”

Recent reports claimed Rob and Kristen have been looking online at houses they could raise their future family.

“Rob and Kristen love looking at property websites,” a source said.

“They always look at big, sprawling houses, saying they’d love in one with an army of children. It’s so cute!

“Because they spend so much time apart, they usually send each other links and discuss the properties over email.”[imagebrowser id=1102]



  • Julierelihan

    RPatz, you do not deserve Kristen Stewart, please go away.

    • Damkay

      Who are you to talk about who deserves Kristen or not…thats so rich coming from you.they love each other and so thats all that counts and i see them being together for a long time……..Besides this story is fake,theyre not engaged yet,neither are they planning babies.just rumours as usual

      • Jonnys

        That means like most of hollywood they will be split up within five years, you talk as if you know these people,

  • tracey riley

    good for robert and kristen :-D x

  • Momto3

    As much as beautiful as this sounds and knowing that they really do love each other, I can’t see Kristen ready to walk down the aisle at 21 and then have it end a year later like most celebs do. so I think that these sources, must not be close friends if they are sharing personal info, to the press

    • toby tuba

      Ya think? lol!

  • unknowed

    robert .p and kristen.s BELONG together no one stand in there way plz
    eg. julierelihan
    (stupid b****)

    • toby tuba

      you need to learn how to spell before you call someone else stupid! lol!

  • Guest

    You always know when the next Twilight movie is getting ready to hit the theaters.  Their PR people put out the same lie everytime.  This is to get the twifans in the seat, so they can believe the hype that these two are together.  They’ve been almost getting engaged, married, having a baby since Twilight began 4yrs ago.  After this final movie they will come out with a supposed breakup, and of course it will be done in away to make Robert look bad and Kristen look good.  Same old BS, no one is buying this except the Twifans, who believe they are Bella and Edward. lol

    • toby tuba

      well guest looks like we are on the same page! so over the BIG  FAKE ROMANCE!

  • toby tuba

    pattinson is gay. as his side kick kristen. no babies…no  engagement….no wedding kiddies.   really ? really?  not in this lifetime LOL!