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Kanye West Mocked Because of Kim Kardashian

Posted by Adam

KANYE West‘s friends having been giving him grief about his appearance on girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The rapper apparently shocked his pals when he agreed to star on the program — so they’ve mocked him ever since.

“His pals aren’t letting him forget it,” a source said.

“I’m told when the episode aired even Jay-Z sent him a text from New York simply saying ‘WTF?’”

Recent reports claimed Kanye hates Kim wearing hair extensions.

“Kanye has told Kim that he doesn’t like the hair extensions, he thinks she is beautiful without out them,” a source said.

“Kim’s natural hair is past her shoulders, and Kanye has told Kim she is a natural beauty and doesn’t need to do anything to alter her looks.

“Kim is following is advice, and as the cameras are still filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, viewers will see a much different looking Kim this fall on the show.”

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  • Former Viewer of DWTS

    He’s already being treated with a ??? because of his statements. Now Kim??? Kim loves only Kim and the camera.

  • Yomper45

    really,what with everything else going on around the world,and the poor state of the worlds economy’s,do you inbreds think this is news?? I don’t expect anything less from sky tbh. In four words really sums it up. ‘Who gives a shit’

  • dj


  • Anonymous

    Vote for who is worse? Paris or Kim?