Alec Baldwin Wants Kids to Look Like New Wife

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ALEC Baldwin doesn’t want his future children to look like him.

The actor says he hopes any children he has with new wife Hilaria take after their mother in the looks department.

“My only dream is they look like her,” he said.

Alec already has a 16-year-old daughter, Ireland, with ex-wife Kim Basinger and he feels very blessed she gets on with his new wife.

“My daughter is as in love with her as everyone else,” he said.

“I’m happier when I’m with her. I’m not as happy when I’m not with her. Let’s face the facts: I got lucky.

“Being married is pretty incredible. To look at a person and say, ‘I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you’ feels wonderful.”


  • Toby

    I love this guy, always have. He’s a class act, with honesty and intergrity, the REAL deal!

    • jilly

      I don’t like it when he bullies the papz and attacks them like a caveman.  He is a little nutts, a good actor but I’m not sure if he could be Mr. Personality.  Love you Toby :)  If I were his new wife, I would’ve been concern about his behavier, sorry!

      • Toby

        I can respect that Jilly!
        What are you saying, you want to be my new wife??…….lol

      • Toby

        He said on Leno, he did not make any contact with that pap.He stared him down, so the guy would just give him some space so he could walk!The camera angle,made it seem like he made contact, but he did not.

      • jilly

        I don’t know if you watch TMZ but after the first one, the second one was near his home and some of his neighbors were telling to photographer to go away and then he approached him and grabbed his arm and pushed him away and told him “YOU MUST HAVE BEEN RAPED BY A PRIEST” and after that sweet comment he called him a “LITTLE GIRL”.  The guy was actually much smaller than Alec and you could see fear in his face.  I just think that these famous people become famous because of these tabloids and papz and beating them up is not such a classy act.  I still love you Toby and have you been married already?  :)

  • MM

    And why does he want s his kids to be bland with brown brown and not like his daughter? Doesn’t he find his only kid attractive?