Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Getting a Bible From Jane Pitt

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ANGELINA Jolie is gonna be even more riled up!

According to reports, Brad Pitt‘s mom, Jane Pitt, has purchased a Bible as a wedding gift to her son and future daughter-in-law.

Jane has never declared a faith, and has even taught Buddhism to her son Maddox.

“It was a special wedding gift,” Kris Burnett, the salesperson who sold Jane the Bible, told In Touch Weekly.

“We prayed with Brad’s mom and sister over the Bible, asking the Lord to lead the way in Brad and Angelina’s life.”

The Bible, purchased at Mardel Christian & Education, cost about $130 and had the name “Angelina” embossed on the cover.

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed that Jolie was left furious when her eldest child — Pax, 8 — started spouting the expletive-laden lyrics of a Rihanna song about impromptu sex.

So she’s decided to ban the Umbrella hitmaker from their stereos.

“Pax was singing the lyrics to ‘Birthday Cake’ and laughing hysterically at the curse words,” a source said.

“Angelina wants to keep her kids innocent, so she put parental blocks on the music ASAP.

“She keeps an eye on the sites they browse and their Spotify playlists.

“Angie grew up pretty fast, and she wants her kids to avoid that same mistake.”



  • jilly

    Jane, don’t wait for the wedding, just give it to her now.  I wish they capture that moment on the camera so we can all see it!  OMG!!!!

    • Morbidygloom

      I’m sure Angelina loves the bible. I’m sure she’s more open minded than most Christianity-obssessed American having travels a lot around the world. The Bible will be well-cherished.

  • Toby

    “The body of Brad”:  Amen
    “The body of Brad”:   Amen
    “The body of Brad”:   Amen

    • jilly

      Throw some Holy Water on him while you’re at it Jane, don’t forget angie, she need a little more.  HAHAHA

      • Toby

        “And now, a reading fron the Holy scriptures, according to Brad”……………………

      • jilly

        Brad is a fool, that’s all I can say.  A fool stuck between his Christian family and the Satan.  It’s got to be tough, good luck with the wedding.  Is a Priest going to do the ceremony or……….

      • Toby

        No, his Agent is!

      • jilly

        Wow, that could be very true!  IF the wedding takes place, i promise there won’t be a Priest present.   Jolie can take one look at the Priest and turn into flames, hahaha

      • Musicismylife34

        Jilly, I 100% aggree with you!!  Anyone who doesn’t SEE Satan in Angelina’s eyes is blind as a bat! The eyes are the windows to the soul and from the 1st moment I looked into Angelina’s eyes I saw Satan…..and now ‘as Satan does’ he has lured Brad into his deceptiveness and lies.. Now his soul will be lost into eternal damnation as is hers and (unless his Mum steps up to the plate) the children will be lost too, they have all reached the age of accountability which means they have all reached the age where they can know and understand the love of God and his sacrifice but with parents like Brad and especially Angelina, those kids are already doomed. Pray for Brad’s Mum and Dad that THEY will be the shining light of truth into the kids’ lives.. I hope they don’t have any more kids bcos the blood of these children are already on their hands they don’t need more to be held in judgement about….

      • jilly

        You are a wise person, musicmylife34!  Just pray for those children because they need that.

  • Muzzy

    Why are liberal left wing nuts attacking a woman for her Christianity and beliefs?  In the United States ppl are FREE to believe, and express their opinion.. Do you honestly think Brad Pitt and Angelina are going to side with quacks that are attacking one of their family members? Despite their difference of opinions, Im sure the LOVE is there, as in most families.. Let it be…….

    • CL.GARRY

      Yeah, there is a LOVE there:
      mother loves son,
      Brad loves Star status,
      Jolie loves his a$$,
      and her girlfriends,
      and heroin,
      and vodka,
      and everything, but NOT the Bible for sure.

    • jilly

      Nobody is attacking Jane Pitt.  We are just dying for the moment that she presents her CHRISTIAN/SATANIST future daughter in law with the Bible!  I really wish that they do it in front of a camera so we can all enjoy that CHRISTIAN moment.


    Thanks Jane

    • CL.GARRY

      Jolie can’t stop reading…

      • CL.GARRY

        O, Bible, yeah !..

  • Nina

    Thanks Jane Pitt for the special gift of all gifts to World’s Power Couple.  Hope Brad and Angie finds the Bible useful in their daily lives and for their children.  May God bless Brad and Angelina Pitt.

    • jilly

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for the joke of the day Nina. 

  • Lisa

    Uh – Jolie is teaching Buddhism…? Right… Shouldn’t she learn to practice it first?
    Secondly, she and her boyfriend are two of the worst examples for children in existence. She’s never disallowed her kids inappropriate behavior in the past. Rhiahhna lyrics are the least of the negative influences those kids experience in their daily lives. It’s more plausible that the mother was monitoring the kid’s online activities because she was worried that he would come across some of her own unsavory escapades!

    • jilly

      She can’t control them for ever.  Maddox is almost 11 and soon to be a teenager.  I bet he’s seen mommy dearest “HALL OF SHAME ALBUM” already.  Poor kids, they’re the ones who need the Bible.

  • Lily

    People are so stupid. If you weren’t so consumed with hate and bothered to pay attention to interviews,  people would know that of the two Brad would be the one to be upset not Angelina. Brad has said numerous times that he doesn’t believe in religion while Angelina has her kids tutored about several faiths since three of their kids come from non-Christian countries. She has never said she had a problem with religion whereas Brad has said many times he did.

    • CL.GARRY

      If Brad really said he doesn’t believe – he is a spiritual kid. Life will teach him he is not right in this point. The lesson will be not very sweet.