Miley Cyrus Hating on Emma Roberts!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

MILEY Cyrus is getting jealous!

The teen star has apparently warned beau Liam Hemsworth‘s Empire costar Emma Roberts to keep away from her man.

“Miley’s become super-protective since she and Liam got engaged,” said an insider.

“She’s worried that while he’s off making movies with hot women, he’ll be tempted to cheat.

“And it didn’t help that Emma showed up on set declaring that she is sin­gle and ready to mingle.

“Miley doesn’t want Liam socializing with a loose cannon like Emma.

“She thinks the girl is bad news. Not only did she tell Liam it had to stop, she even confront­ed Emma, reminding her that Liam is off the market. Miley more or less said, ‘Hands off my man!’

“Emma couldn’t care less what Miley thinks,” added the source.

“She makes fun of Miley behind her back, saying she’s just a washed-up tween star. Emma feels she has nothing to lose, so she’s pushing it as far as she can with Liam. And he’s definitely enjoying the attention.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed that Miley has been “begging” Liam to come home for long weekends when he starts shooting the Hunger Games sequel.

“Liam will be off shooting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire starting in August and Miley isn’t happy about it at all. She’s been begging him to try and rearrange his schedule so he can at least come home on long weekends and fly back and forth, but the filming is going to be really intense,” an insider said.

Liam — who portrays Gale Hawthorne in the movie franchise — understands Miley is upset, but has told her she will need to be the one traveling during the shoot.

“Liam is always so intense when he’s working,” the source added. “It’s not going to be fun at all for Miley.”[imagebrowser id=1088]


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  • gin

    she should just keep her cool……act like a insecure little lady after they got married.

    • Dfgad

      do you really believe the bullshit people write? dont believe everything people say on here. the media is gross and always makes up bulshit like this

  • Chrlheller

    Umm… The New York Daily News says that Emma Roberts is dating Evan Peters currently. And that was 1 day ago. I’m pretty sure this story is bull.

  • Sean

    Horse Shit !

  • tom christ wilde sp

    BULLLLLLLLLLLLLL SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT !!!  i know miley …. i think we fans know miley more dan dese reportrs

  • TruthSpeaks

     This story is pure BS and sound like someone been watching the Bold and the Beautiful soap. The guy two women fighting over name is Liam just like Miley’s fiance and one woman is blonde and supposed to be goodie two shoes but she gets in some scandals (Miley) the other is dark hair feisty who father is famous just like Emma’s dad is. Emma’s famous aunt is Julia Roberts and she was wild when she was young and break off many engagements/relationships. Emma is dating someone now so don’t see how she’s single.

  • Boof

    Whoever wrote this crap should have their balls shoved up their ass!

  • Rebecca

    you both are Best Couple ,wishing forever your love