Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — Not Speaking

Sunday, July 29, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren’t on speaking terms, People magazine reports.

After news hit that Kristen had cheated on Rob with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Pattinson, 26, and Stewart, 22,both left the Los Angeles home they shared pre-scandal and are living separately elsewhere

And they’re now avoiding each other.

However, People notes that the duo will likely be reunited soon — they’re scheduled as co-presenters at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sept. 6, followed by their massive promotional tour for the final film in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, due out Nov. 16.

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed Rob told Kristen that she “completely humiliated” him by cheating.

“Rob is devastated and deeply hurt,” a source said.

“They spoke on the phone and he said ‘You’ve completely humiliated me’. All the trust has gone.

“Robert wanted the world to know that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that she had made a fool of him publicly.

“He still can’t fathom why she cheated. Kristen is begging for another chance. Robert is undecided.”



  • roselovesbooks

    kristen what were you thinking? cheating on your bf is bad enough, but with a married man with 2 kids? and then to go public with the apology? if you wanted to break it off with robert then you should have without this mess

    • Vicky

      I agree with you. Rob should move on. He deserves so much more.

  • Traceyscott2010


    • Lesliemelgoza176

      FORGIVENESS YOU SHOULDNT FORGIVE SOMEONE THAT FUCKEN CHEATS ON YOU. For a relationship you also need trust theres no trust with a relationship with kristen.  Theres many people out there they problaby arent even ment for eachother.

  • Jack Dunne

    There’s plenty more fish in the sea. Dry your eyes mate. I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts. But you’ve got to walk away now.

  • Johnny

    shes an idiot , and rubert the bear look like roger rabbit / bugs bunny……..Whats up doc….she should stay with her , shed have a good diet of carrots… so funny , I know people , i know.

  • TeamTwilight<3

    The thing is, he must love her so to move on would be hard, to have another chance would mean less heart break. I now she did wrong but everyone deserves a second chance, it up to rob and what his heart can take.

    • Guest

      Rob owes her nothing.  She’ll get a second chance, just with someone else.  It’s over, move on, nothing to see here anymore.

  • Kimmy

    Omg! I can’t believe people are still hoping for these two to get back together, and are expecting Robert to forgive Kristen Stewart. Give me a break! Anyone who cheats should never be forgiven. It’s the most disrespectful think your partner can do. It shows how deep their feelings go for you. I believe Rob can do better and DESERVES better. If Rob was the one who cheated on Kristen, then I would be saying Kristen could do better. But this isn’t how it turned out. Kristen is 22 years old. She’s saying and clearly not in love with Robert if she was willing to cheat.

    • Guest

      Finally, a sane person amongst all the rubbish.  If only people would put aside their childish fantasty of Edward and Bella they would realise that Kristen has killed the relationship.  It is dead.  There is no way Rob is going back.  He may love her but he’ll move on and find someone else to love.  There is no such thing as a soul mate.  Plenty of people love more than one person in their life.  It’s immature to think otherwise.  Good luck Rob.  You deserve a whole lot better.

      • Lesliemelgoza176

        This is why people that work together in movies shouldnt date and Robert does deserve better.

  • ME

    He can’t be that committed to a loving, serious relationship if he won’t even talk to her now. If you are so deeply in love you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and plan to propose marriage then you don’t run off no matter how humiliated you are. You talk it through and you talk it through again, and again, and again, and again. You work at it. Then, after all that, if you still feel that the infidelity is unacceptable, then you break up amicably. That’s how an adult relationship should work. Perhaps he isn’t ready.  If he really loves her..I mean truly loves her…he will have to start talking to her because not having the person you love the most in your life is just beyond comprehension if the love is that strong.

    • Anonymous

      Forgiveness takes time, this all just came out into the open and I’d imagine it’d be far more embarrassing than anything we’ve experienced, it’s all over the place, people harassing you for details, the pictures right there in your face. 

      You really have to consider, can you ever trust that person again? will they do it again? It could happen again. It’s not easy to simply forgive someone for infidelity and move on, it’s always in the back of your head and sometimes it’s easier to move on and find someone else. If not, milk it a bit and make sure she feels bad, she deserves to.

      • Guest

        Given the amount of time they have to spend apart I doubt he will ever be able to trust her.  I think in a relationship that involves actors who are often in intimate scenes with other actors that trust in the private relationship is very very important.  Any suggestion that a partner cannot be trusted will be like a poison.  Everytime she has to kiss someone else in a scene he will be thinking, is this fake, is this real, does she want that person.  There is no way he can continue with her.  Doesn’t matter what the fans want, he has to save face or kill his career.

    • moi

      who knows if this story is true.  The only thing that anyone knows for sure is that Rob is seclusion trying to deal with this.  No one who is writing this stuff has seen him – he has not officially said anything himself.  How would anyone know if they are talking, texting or whatever…this story is only quoting “insiders” no one specific. Probably made up stuff and assumptions. Poor Rob.  Dealing with something like this would be painful for anyone but Rob is having to deal with the story and pics all over the internet and in magazines and even on the national news for God’s sake.  I wish him the best. Love him.  Hopefully he might eventually be able to forgive her.  The trust will be hard to get back i imagine.  

    • Vdriscoll1281

       Finally a comment  that makes sense. It should be done and it should be done privately.

      • Guest

        Yes, he should privately tell her to get the hell out of his life.

      • Guest

        he should and he deserves someone better thats not a skank

    • Guest

      No you don’t.  You protect yourself until you have the strength to face what this person has done to you.  Rob is not married to Kristen so he doesn’t have to work at anything.  Not very many relationships end amicably when cheating is involved.  What you are describing is a relationship where there are some minor differences to be worked through, not a sitation where one partner cheats on another with a married man.  I doubt he loves her all that much anymore.  It won’t be long and he’ll be breathing a sigh of relief that he escaped her.

    • Kate

      If SHE truly loved him then she would never have cheated.  It’s very simple.

    • kristenslutTY


    • Nina

       All of u are crazy. A relationship just can’t work after cheating. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • a person

    it has nothing to do with us the public let them sort it out them self if they want to get back together they will and if they don’t they wont. its not like they actually slept together everyone is just say they were kissing. even i have done worse then that i cheated on my boyfriend one time with a girl and we done everything and me and him are still best friends now just let them work it out like normal people. if they weren’t famous no one would give two fucks. this whole thing is pissing me off big time now    

    • Guest

      Why, because you don’t like what you’re hearing.  How proud you are of your cheating.  No wonder you support a homewrecker like Kristen.

      • Lesliemelgoza176

        Cheaters dont deserve second chances

  • Amsmith41

     She’s a full of herself slut, and not a good actress to boot!  Hope Rob moves on.  He can do so much better!

    • Lesliemelgoza176

      she is a slut. I just hope he wont fall for her lies.  

  • Rtblazers

    all robert p needs to do is have time alone. Spend it with his friends! enjoy it. Let kristen miss you. Let her come to you. not too her. if kristen really truly loves robert p. Let her come to you. rob p . needs to know if kristen truly cares for him. I had a gf for 3 years now. She cheated on me. we just got away from each other. then she knew who she really cared about it was me. She came for me and where as happy as ever!. what rob is doing is right by leaving her and getting away from all the critics and stuff and showing his true feelings on how he really feels. let kristen get her brain thinking again. let her be alone. she feel sad and start realizing she missing someone. who actually cared about her , which was robert p.

    all i can say in the end. all you can do is forgive. like how god forgives you for all your sins. rob p. should forgive kristen for her sins but she has to prove it too him she will change ! and show him who means to her more in life.

    thats how me and my gf are together and going strong!

  • 7ShadesofRed

    I just read an article stating Rob want specific details of the affair from Rupert Sanders. WHAT???? WHY??? If this article is true and Rob and Kristen really are a couple, I have some advice for Rob. Look, Baby, you really don’t want to know the details of the affair. If you think you’re hurt now, wait till you hear what really went down (no pun intended!!!) Seriously, the person you need to be discussing details with, is the person you were involved with: Kristen. One thing I’ve learned, regarding realtionships is, there are only two people who need to work through whatever. Talking to an outsider, ie, part of the triangle only causes more confusion. I can speak to this, because, I’ve been there. It’s not a pleasant thing. If you truly love Kristen, and your relay is worth saving, do it. If not, move on Baby. You got it going on with yo sexy self, and a lot of life to live!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      I doubt Rob can trust a word that comes out of Kriste’s mouth so it says volumes that the person he trusts to tell him the truth is Rupert.

  • Boshra

    I just want Kristen be happy… I hope they come back together again..

    • Guest

      Yeah, stuff Rob.  As long as Kristen is happy then to hell with the poor victim in all this.  How selfish are you?

    • Lesliemelgoza176

      you want kristen to be happy what about Robert he did nothing wrong and hes the one in pain she brought all of thins on her self.

  • Meganrcrisp

    rob please get back with kristen she knows she has done wrong and she is deeply sorry so please give her a second chance everyone deserves a second chance. So i think Rob you should get back together with Kristen and sort it out because i think you both will be heart broken forever if you don’t get back together and plus you both love each other like mad and back on all you two have been through you don’t want to end it now. So please please please please please get back together with her for all the fans sake and for Kristen sake and most importantly for your sake rob you know you love her so much and if you do love her so much you would give her a second chance and work it out and get married. if you both love each other so much and you are perfect together and Rob if you read this find it in your heart to forgive her and give Kristen another chance cuz you are both great together and you both love each other like mad. So Rob please please please please please please all what i have said into account and forgive Kristen for your sake.

    • Yuyu

      This epitomizes the idiocy of Robsten fans. Did you read that to yourself before pressing submit? You want a man to stay with a woman who cheated on him, for the sake of fans? Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    • Lesliemelgoza176

      she doesnt love him thats why she cheated and she she thinks shes to good for him.

  • Alys Eadon

    I feel so sorry for Rob. And I can’t believe Kirsten would do thatt. But I believe that they are just riught for each other and I really hope they get back together. I truly believe they are made for each other and can pull through this!

    • lindy

      if they are made for each other she would love him and guess wat she cheated on him thats so not love. You just want to see Edward and Bella.

  • a person

    love is ment for trust and only wanting to be with that one person.

  • jilly

    So what we got from all of these is that “Guest’s” name is Leslie Melgoza, yaayyyyy!!!  I do agree with you Leslie Melgoza!

  • Isabella Hatake :3

    i hope they get back together

  • Sampadapatil

    should give a chance! 

  • Kallie

    Kristen how could you ?????? you cheated on rob!!!! :(