Tom Cruise House-Hunting in New York: Actor Eyes up $13 Million Mansion in Rockland County

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TOM Cruise‘s New York house-hunt is going just fine!

The actor — who’s being divorced by wife Katie Holmes — is reportedly looking for a new home in New York because he wants to be closer to his daughter Suri.

He has his eye on a $13 million mansion in Snedens Landing in Rockland County.

Sources say staff at the home where Cruise recently looked was told to “vacate the premises quickly,” without prior notice, when the star dropped by to tour the property with Suri, 6, in tow.

The waterfront estate, which boasts a 13,500-square-foot mansion, is not listed for sale.

Cruise’s new neighbors would include Al Pacino, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Harvey Keitel and Aidan Quinn.

Meanwhile, Tom is allegedly trying to buy his daughter with expensive gifts.

According to Star magazine, when Tom and Suri reunited on July 17 — the first time since Holmes dropped her divorce bombshell — Cruise spent a whopping $170,00 on his daughter.

“They had so much fun together,” a friend of Cruise said. “That child has Tom wrapped around her finger.”

“Daddy won’t make you wait at an airport terminal,” a friend of Holmes said.

“He doesn’t say ‘no’ but mom does. Who would you rather be with if you were 6?”



    Stay away from Rockland!

    • Dee

      Why don’t you want him in Rockland? Just curious.


        Its my home county. Was more joking than anything the area he wants to move to is very private anywhere. I just do not want a Scientology center opening up in Nyack. There are plenty of celebs in that area and people leave them alone.

  • Asauter

    Lets not forget that Helen Hayes started the whole thing about 70 years ago.
    (Or was it her son – Jamie (Bookem Danno) McArther?)

  • Dee

    I am wondering if Tom Cruise is moving to NY so at some point he can file for joint Custody. I read something about being able to do that if both parents live near one another. He gave Katie Holmes custody with no problem. Who knows. But he was the one that did not want to live in New York because of our tax laws. Then again these tabloids come up with such stupid things like he will also set up Church of Scirntology in Manhattan. I doubt it.

  • Katie Serafin

    Sad to see what is happening.  Suri would have had  it all by the time she is 10, What then?   Giving to a child’s every wish makes them Self Centered adults thinking the whole world revolves around them. The money he has to spend is obscene when there is so much starvation in the world.

    • Marcus

      Your doing what to help with starvation or are you just another lazy crybaby who feels its somebody else’s job to handle starvation and poverty.