Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Enrolled in New School For Rich Kids!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

KATIE Holmes is sending her daughter Suri to a pricey new school.

Costing $40,000 a year, the brand new $40,000 a year Avenues “world” school has campuses dotted around the globe.

The school — aimed at the children of the jetsetting elite — is to open 20 campuses on five continents, enabling students to switch between schools without disrupting their education.

Suri, 6, will be based at the school’s flagship New York campus, just a few blocks from the luxury apartment she shares with mom Katie, who’s divorcing Tom Cruise.

“Katie has eagerly been telling Suri all about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and different activities Avenues offers. Suri’s really excited about it.”

The imposing school building will have a rooftop playground, along with a main gym that includes full-size basketball and volleyball courts.

Recent reports claimed Holmes thought Cruise was turning their daughter Suri into a monster.

The actress didn’t like the fact Tom let the adorable 6-year-old have whatever she wanted, or his lack of discipline.

“Tom would let Suri do whatever she wanted,” a source told Us Weekly.

“Katie saw that Suri was growing into a monster. She wants to really become a parent and start teaching her strong discipline. Suri’s life is going to change.

“She wants to really become a parent and start teaching her strong discipline. Suri’s life is going to change.

“Tom bought her whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it.

“Suri knows her fashion labels. She will lay out her clothes and say, ‘This is Dolce & Gabbana,’ or ‘this is Stella McCartney for Gap.’ She’s seriously like a little stylist.

“She has been brought up to be in charge of everything so she is used to getting her own way.

“Katie is getting Suri to bed by about 8 P.M. on most nights — she’s trying to put her on a regular schedule. Tom just used to let her stay up all night watching Scientology kids’ videos!

“Katie’s plan is to get Suri to make her own bed, put away her clothes and help clean up her room.

“There has been some resistance. But Suri adores her mom. So, little by little, she’s starting to listen.

“Katie is taking things very slowly.

“She’s not used to sharing or playing with other kids, so going to school will be a big change for her. Katie wants her to get used to that. She just wants her to be a normal kid.”