Kim Kardashian Posts Underwater Bikini Pictures on Twitter!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

KIM Kardashian has no shame whatsoever.

The reality star, 31, has posted a revealing picture of herself swimming underwater.

In the picture, Kim shows off her facurmous ves and big booty. She’s wearing a teeny grey snakeskin print bikini.

The curvaceous star uploaded the pictures on Twitter as she enjoyed a rare day by relaxing with her sister Kylie Jenner.

Meanwhile, Kim — who’s currently dating rapper Kanye West — has been rapidly shedding the pounds — and her friends and family are adamant it’s down to the fact she enjoyed a lot of intimate time with her rapper boyfriend.

“We jokingly refer to it as the sex diet. When one of us is having regular sex, that tends to’ burn calories and kill the appetite. Losing seven pounds in seven days means being a very naughty girl,” a source said.

“Kanye loves her curves and has told her repeatedly that she shouldn’t get too skinny. He’s always encouraging her just to be happy and healthy and do things for herself and not give in to peer pressure, which is why he doesn’t think she should lose weight.

“Kim was speechless, especially when he told her he missed her love handles. Kanye can’t understand why she has lost weight when she knows it’s not the look he likes. He thinks Kim should be doing everything to please him — not herself.”


  • Iamgman67

    Wth her giant ass !!!!!!   Please tell me that is pretty

  • allispuller


  • TruthSpeaks

    Even though she’s going out with a famous rapper, Kim is still not satisfy being in the spotlight. She have no real class and if she’s losing weight, than don’t be surprise she lose her very wealthy famous rapper.

    • jilly

      Oh, look who is hating and judging!  You see, your crap stinks too!  Let everyone say what’s on their mind and don’t take it personally.  You don’t like Kim and I don’t like Angie, so what?  Have a nice day!

  • Kreda

    Who Gives a Shit!!! She is by No Means a 10. Big Flabby Ass! She dates anyone ! Mostly african american guys! She’s a Goldigger! Can care less what she doe’s

  • tired of her act

    white trash

  • Lisa

    LOSER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a waste of human life when this is the most important thing in this person’s life.  With everything going on aorund us, the Kardashian’s still are only concerned with themselves and continuing to expose everything.  If ever a couple deserved each other – it’s Kim and Kanye – both are self absorbed, both could care less about anyone else and both are entirely in love with themselves…………………PLEASE stop flooding the airwaves, and the news areas and the mags with this garbage.  I have stopped buying any magazine that has any Kardashian on it or in it……………….has definitely cut down my reading time………………lol

  • jasmine

    Her ass is as huge as her ego.  Kim is the only one that thinks Kim is great.  I have never seen such a self absorbing person in my life.  Something has to be wrong with this fat ass to want attention all the time.

  • tired of her act

    she has daddy issues and her daddy never gave her any attention so now she has to try and get any way she can