Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Still on Speaking Terms

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes are still on speaking terms.

According to People magazine, the couple — whose marriage came to an end earlier this year — share daughter Suri, 6, together and have worked out a “civilized routine”.

“They are talking,” a source said.

“They are both going to do what’s best for Suri.”

Meanwhile, sources say Katie is happier than ever.

“Katie is a new woman, she feels refreshed, free of Tom and doesn’t have a worry in the world,” an insider revealed.

“When before she used to fret if she was ever single, now she’s happy to be alone. Katie’s enjoying her independence and is working on herself right now.

“She’s been enjoying the company of her family a lot more, something she couldn’t really do when she was married to Tom. He controlled who she saw and he often wasn’t so approving of her family.

“Tom also influenced what movies she appeared in, so she was unable to steer her career in the way she wanted to. Now, she has full control over what she wants to do and that freedom is exciting for her.

“Scientology was a huge fear for Katie too. She was raised a devout Catholic and never committed herself to it fully. It always concerned her that they would expose private details of their relationship, and she was scared personal moments would become public knowledge.

“It was a relief for her to be finally rid of Tom, but she was filled with some guilt over the way she did it. When she first met Tom, he whisked her off her feet and she was head over heels in love with him. But soon his controlling nature took all the fun out of their relationship.

“Tom had absolutely no clue that Katie had been planning an escape route for almost a year, but she felt it was the safest way for her and Suri to break free.”



  • Dee

    If they are on speaking terms then how come they don’t see one another when handing daughter over to one another? Also says in article says Katie hired a confidence coach. Would a person really talk at lengjth to a person that destroyed their confidence. Maybe they say a few words but only about daughter. I just read she is petrified to step foot in L A

    All these tabloid reports are full of it. How do they know what is being said. Plus Katie would be out of her mind to trust Tom since he is controlling and probably wants to get Suri to live with him. I think he it’s up a nice front but is mentally unstable and gets away with it x
    Since he is rich and number one actor. Control freaks are insecure. I get this feeling he has a bad temper and can be scary. He probably works on his victims until they think they can’t live without him like Scientology operates. He needs some serious help ffrom a shrink.

  • TruthSpeaks

    They don’t have to see each other face to face all the time they can communicate via cell phone or skype too. The way I see it the whole point is neither Tom or Katie going to act out irrationally in public like some of those celebrity couples who divorced like Christine Brinkley who got shut down by a judge and Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife Kim Basinger. TomKat may not be together but they’re acting like how parents supposed to civilize.

  • jilly

    They are not on speaking terms at all,  Katie knows better.  That girl actually is a lot smarter than everyone thought!

  • Elmo

    Tom cruise:
    Awesome actor
    Horrible parent