Kim Kardashian Comes Off Birth Control?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

KIM Kardashian has gone off birth control and is trying to have a baby with Kanye West.

Sources say the reality star is trying to start a family with the Gold Digger rapper.

“Kim is ready to have babies and talks about it all the time,” a source said.

“Kim is taking “the necessary measures to make it easier to conceive.

“It’s doubtful they will get married, but they are actively trying to have a baby. All their friends and family know.

“Kim has told both her sisters and close friends that they shouldn’t be surprised if she and Kanye elope.”

Meanwhile, Kim has been rapidly shedding the pounds — and her friends and family are adamant it’s down to the fact she enjoyed a lot of intimate time with her rapper boyfriend.

“We jokingly refer to it as the sex diet. When one of us is having regular sex, that tends to’ burn calories and kill the appetite. Losing seven pounds in seven days means being a very naughty girl,” a source said.

“Kanye loves her curves and has told her repeatedly that she shouldn’t get too skinny. He’s always encouraging her just to be happy and healthy and do things for herself and not give in to peer pressure, which is why he doesn’t think she should lose weight.

“Kim was speechless, especially when he told her he missed her love handles. Kanye can’t understand why she has lost weight when she knows it’s not the look he likes. He thinks Kim should be doing everything to please him — not herself.”



  • Sadie

    Those two will probably have one strange looking baby! I hope that it looks like Kim and not ugly Kanye.

  • Iamgman67

    Always said  “Kim will take a dick from anyone”  Baby or no baby, she loves some ones

    dick in her.

  • Roxanne

    last i heard she didnt want to have the baBy herself cause it would ruin her “figure”  what an ass. If anyone should be pregnant, it should be Khloe. Her and Lamar will make GREAT parents, and she wont worry about her body

  • TruthSpeaks

    I don’t even believe this because Kim is so self absorbed about herself/body a baby is the last thing on her mind. Only way she’s have one is to the fact Kanye is super wealthy because he also produced and write majority of his songs/music and does that for other people not forgetting the money he made from touring too. he better listen to his own song “Gold Digger” because that is Kim’s motto!