Robert Pattinson NYSE Bell Ringing Will Take Place 9:30 AM Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson is going to be a busy boy this week!

The actor — who’s slowly reemerging after reports surfaced his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, cheated on him with Rupert Sanders — begins his foray back into public life with a stop at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell.

Pattinson is on call to promote his upcoming film Cosmopolis and will be in the hot seat Monday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He’s also scheduled for a Good Morning America gabfest this week.

At 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Pattinson and his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg will show up on Wall Street to plug the flick, which opens in New York and Los Angeles on Aug. 17 and nationwide the following week.

In the film, Pattinson plays a young financial whiz kid and billionaire asset manager who has a rather epic voyage in a tricked-out stretch limo.

Meanwhile, Rob — who has spent weeks ignoring Kristen’s frantic texts and phone calls after she was caught cheating on him — has finally broken the silence.

“He’s been drunk dialing Kristen,” a source said.

“He’s been drinking like crazy.

“Rob had been avoiding her calls, but now they’re talking … well, they’re barely talking.

“There’s a lot of dead silence on the phone, because there’s not a lot to talk about.”

“His friends are working hard to make sure that he doesn’t go back to her.”



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    Good luck!