Angelina Jolie Lashes Out at Brad Pitt

Saturday, August 18, 2012

ANGELINA Jolie is furious again!

The actress apparently exploded in a fit of rage when she found out fiance Brad Pitt snuck off to a boozy all-night bachelor party with British director pal Guy Ritchie and didn’t return home until dawn.

Brad allegedly partied with Guy at the director’s London pub The Punch Bowl.

“The Punch Bowl is a pretty rowdy place for the Mayfair area, and Brad spent most of his time partying in the back room, slugging down ales with the boys… Brad kept referring to the evening as his bachelor party and his last hurrah before he marries Angelina,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Brad returned home at 6 a.m. Angelina read him the riot act. She told him how worried she’d been and that she wouldn’t tolerate any more wild boozing in the days leading up to their wedding… and she blamed Guy for leading him astray. Brad made the mistake of defending his pal, saying Guy’s one of the finest people he’s ever met and it was his fault for taking advantage of his amazing hospitality.

“Brad later tried to pass off his boozy night by saying he usually drank cans of Budweiser and wasn’t used to the strong English beer! Then he hugged her and said he was just celebrating his good fortune in having her as his bride. But Angelina won’t buy that line until the day he puts a wedding band on her finger!”


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  • Gunny King

    curious that this media was able to get a recording of Angie and Brad in the very room where all this talk took place. Amazing. The first thing a reader should do is ask “how did they get this information?” An employee isn’t going to risk a job and it would be easy to see who that employee might be, family members and friends wouldn’t talk.

    • jilly

      The fact part could be Brad partying all night and coming home at Dawn. The rest is assumption of the writers. I’ll buy it!

  • CT

    Rubbish. Concocted. Story.

  • jilly

    Brad is depressed about Jen’s engagement and you haters could say all you want but he is not happy that she is with someone else. LOL at Brad and his Baby Momma :):):)

  • Vincent

    I agree with Gunny, how did they know such details… it’s funny … But I agree on one thing that he’s very lucky to have Angelina as a wife that’s one chance out of a 6 billion :P … Take a look at their family tree including children on … That was a funny story