Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton Ads Might Lose Swimmer His Gold Medals

Saturday, August 18, 2012

MICHAEL Phelps has landed in hot water with the International Olympic Committee after photos of his posing in a bathtub for part of a Louis Vuitton ad campaign were leaked on the Internet.

The hunky swimming champion was photographed for the campaign in a bathing suit and goggles in a bathtub reportedly by photographer Annie Leibovitz. The photos were released during a time when Olympic athletes are banned from participating in marketing campaigns.

The regulation was introduced this year by the Olympic Committee and is known as Rule 40, prohibiting athletes from participating in advertising from July 18 to Aug. 15, which included periods before and after the Olympic Games.

The photo of Phelps in the bathtub next to a Louis Vuitton bag, however, popped up on the Internet in early August

Athletes who break Rule 40 can face sanctions, including financial penalties and disqualification from games, which can mean a loss of medals, as outlined in the Olympic Committee’s guidebook.

The U.S. International Olympic Committee and Louis Vuitton declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Phelps apparently wants his cocktail waitress girlfriend Megan Rossee, 25, to quit her job and join him on tour.

“They are a good fit for each oth­er. She is athletic, loves sports and even played soccer in college,” a source said.

“Michael told her that he wanted to keep their romance quiet until after the Olympics. Now he wants her to quit her job as a cocktail waitress in the L.A. area so she can travel the world with him after the Olympics.

“Michael is done with the posers and scandal-plagued bimbos,” added the source. “He promised Megan that when the Olympics are over he’ll make her a priority. Michael thinks she’s a keeper. She’s gorgeous, smart and, best of all, his mom likes her. The fact that Debbie approves shows how serious this relationship really is. Who knows, Megan could be a future bride!”