Kim Kardashian Buys $100,000 Toilet!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

KIM Kardashian has splashed out $100,000 on a self-flushing toilet.

The 31-year-old reality star — who’s currently dating Kanye West — is so concerned people who use the facilities in her home will not flush, she has purchased a toilet which does it itself, meaning she does not have to worry.

“Kim is terrified of people using her potty and forgetting to flush and loves that she’ll be the first girl on the block with a toilet pricier than most houses!” a source said.

Meanwhile, Kardashian allegedly had a three-way sex romp when she was 20.

According to Star magazine, veteran porn actor Julian St. Jox claims he had sexual relations with Kim.

The tryst, Jox says, took place at the Wyndham hotel in Culver City.

“It was around 11:30 p.m. when Kim showed up with a black male,” the porn actor said.

Kim, now 31, was married to music producer Damon Thomas at the time.

“As soon as Kim walked in, everyone was looking,” Jox said. “She wasn’t known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face.

“She was wearing a tight miniskirt and tank top and designer shoes and bag. From afar she looked gorgeous. She had a great body and seemed bright … [she] something special about her: a je ne sais quoi.

“She knew what she was doing. She was very responsive to me.”


  • jilly

    That ASS needs a million dollar toilet to carry the weight!