Katy Perry ‘Addicted to John Mayer’

Monday, September 17, 2012

KATY Perry‘s friends fear she is “addicted” to lover John Mayer.

The pair got back together just two weeks after Katy dumped John — but she reportedly had a change of heart and went groveling back to him.

“After they split, Katy had a change of heart and started bombarding John with phone calls, texts and e-mails, begging him to get back together,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Katy has been drowning her sorrows in a sea of booze and partying. It’s inconceivable that she would take John back, but she’s very vulnerable right now.

“Katy has spectacularly bad taste in men, and to her John is the coolest guy around. But the next time he crushes her heart – which is bound to happen soon – it could have devastating consequences for her, both personally and professionally.”



  • joywashere

    his soulmate was addicted to him too, for over 20 years, little does katy know ,i been claiming to be his soulmate and have proof,of seeing things, feeling things and hearing things from john, i blogged 2 years worth of proof on 3 pages , plus know alot from past years and cannot get emails to him to even tell him…coz everybody is busy calling me crazy, they are unspiritual and dont believe me, i told them to read up on twin flame soulmates to understand what i am going through, but , the ones calling me crazy are the fans that see me trying to contact him via his tumblr comments.. so my guess is they dont want john to be with anybody,, if i am soo crazy why was i smart enough to blog everything and come up with proof??? AND IF… he has seen my emails , then he is ignoring and has no respect for human hearts to even give me a few minutes of his time, to sort out the matter. i can be found on his tumblr making comments trying to get his attention, page name….. babybluezzz